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Link Roundup – Friday, February 19 2016

What’s happening this week? Hey, everyone! Welcome to another edition of our weekly Link Roundup. Let’s get started! Why You Need to Be Careful When Hiring an SEO, According to Google Google representatives gave a warning this week that the wrong SEO company can do more harm than good – something that most online marketing companies have been warning people of for years. How to Spice Up Your Next Content Marketing Campaign This collection of tips from SEMrush’s weekly #semrushchat on Twitter gives lots of great tips for how to shake things up with your content marketing to be a bit more effective. 28 Powerful Tips on How to Write Cold Emails That Will Actually Get a Response If you’re planning to start a new email campaign soon, you need to check out this great guide to writing marketing emails from CognitiveSEO. 5 Link-Building Techniques You’ve Been Neglecting Link-Building can […]

The Definitive Guide to Repurposing Blog Content

The Definitive Guide to Repurposing Blog Content
How repurposing blog content can move you forward Content is one of the most important aspects of any online marketing campaign. If you’ve been faithfully blogging and doing your best to create great content, you’ll know that some posts don’t seem to get any traction while others can take off and keep driving traffic to your site months or years after they’ve been published. It can be very difficult to guess how a particular blog post is going to perform ahead of time. But once you know that a piece is a hit, it’s a shame to just let it sit in your archives. Time is a precious resource for anyone who is trying to market a small business, so why waste time developing brand new content when you can get more use out of content that you already know your audience loves? When you repurpose successful blog content you […]

Link Roundup – Friday, February 5 2016

Link Roundup
What’s been happening this week? Another week, another Link Roundup. There were some really great articles posted this week, so let’s jump right in. How to Use Smart Content to Take Advertisements to the Next Level HubSpot published this article with tips to ensure your content is working to serve your marketing campaigns. How to Create Kickass Content for Your Brand’s Audience And Seer Interactive published this great piece about how to make sure your content is working to serve your particular audience. How People are Really Using Snapchat Your humble Link Wrangler is well over the age of 25, so like most people in my demographic I struggle with understanding Snapchat. Fortunately, the kind souls at NewCred have put together an infographic to help explain some of its mysteries. 10 Stats That Will Make You Rethink Marketing to Millennials And speaking of young people, WordStream put together a guide […]

How Retargeting Works

how retargeting works
A LinkNow Media Guide to Retargeting Campaigns for Small Businesses Many small business owners are doing everything they can to get noticed online; they invest in a professionally designed website and SEO, they blog actively, and engage with their followers on social media. These are all very important aspects of every online marketing campaign, but sometimes your business needs an extra boost. That’s where retargeting can be a big help. Some people think it’s creepy, but retargeting is an advertising method used by nearly every large company that has a presence on the Internet. However, very few small businesses are using this resource. And when it comes to online marketing, any time you don’t make use of an available tool, you’re just leaving money on the table for one of your competitors who is using it. Let’s talk about how you can use retargeting to your advantage. What is retargeting? […]

Link Roundup – Friday, January 29 2015

Link Roundup
The Week in Online Marketing It was a busy week in the online marketing world, with a lot of great articles getting published. A lot of the posts that resonated with us and our friends on social media this week were about content. Let’s check them out! Why You Won’t Recognize SEO in Five Years This great post from HubSpot goes into how the changing ways that we search are changing SEO. Intent Marketing: The Life-Changing Magic of Giving People What They Want WordStream put together a good guide to ensuring that your content is meeting the needs of the people who are searching for it. The Key to Winning in 2016: Invest in Content According to the folks at SEMrush, content is still the key to succeeding in online marketing. Search Update Impact On SEO & Content Strategies: Staying Ahead With A Focus On Quality The search experts at […]