What is website ADA compliance?

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Just like the ADA requires physical spaces to be accessible to people with disabilities, it also requires online spaces like websites to be accessible.

Since your site is commercial in nature, it must be ADA compliant, or you risk costly litigation.

How Does AudioEye Work?

AudioEye is an industry leader when it comes to ADA compliance online.

AudioEye offers cutting-edge, AI-assisted technologies, monitoring to ensure continuous compliance, and advanced legal support.

It’s the best platform available to help make your site accessible and ADA compliant.

We’re proud to be partnered with AudioEye to offer this software to our clients.

Read more about AudioEye and ADA Compliance here.

What Will Having an ADA Compliant Website Mean for My Business?

Having an ADA compliant website means your business is at a much lower risk of lawsuits and fines. Being proactive now could save you thousands later.

You’ll also benefit from reaching more potential customers online. Up to 25% of your site’s users may be experiencing issues related to its accessibility. By making your site more accessible, you’re opening the door to more prospects.

Your site will become more visible on Google and other search engines. Google values sites that are accessible and has rewarded them with improved rankings.

You’re doing your part to make the online landscape more accessible. People with disabilities will benefit from a more accessible internet.

The Benefits of AudioEye’s Accessibility Software

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