Is Your Website Secure?

  When you run a business, your website is an extension of your identity. Maintaining a strong digital presence is crucial for commercial operations looking to get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. However, just as your brick-and-mortar location needs to be secured against potential threats, so does your website. Cyber crimes are an unfortunate reality of digital spaces, and when your website is compromised, it can jeopardize your and your clients’ data. Asking the question, “Is your website secure?” is a complicated query. Knowing the answer can make the difference between thriving, impressive commercial growth and a potentially harmful breach. In this blog, we’ll discuss the complex terrain of cybersecurity and explore some tips for bolstering your own website’s security. What Is Website Security? Before exploring some tips for improving your website’s security, it’s important to clarify what it is and why it matters. As a concept, website security refers […]

Josh Wilson

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About Josh Wilson: Josh is a content writer who strives to create SEO-optimized copy that excites readers. With experience as a freelancer and editor and a background in creative writing, he specializes in long-form and custom content. Josh is always looking to push the limits of language and provide clients with personalized content that helps drive traffic and customers to their business. With a Master’s in Information Studies, Josh is also an archivist and research specialist passionate about satisfying diverse information-seeking needs. As part of LinkNow’s Content team, he leverages his academic background and research expertise to support clients and write powerful copy. In his spare time, Josh is an avid reader, home cook, and Leeds United supporter.

5 Ways for Your Website to Build Trust With Customers and Search Engines

  Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and that holds true to the one between your website and its visitors. Think back to the last time you made an online purchase or visited a website. What made you trust that particular website? Was it the design, the content, or something else? In this blog post, we’ll share five effective ways for your website to build trust with both your customers and search engines. 1.      Ensure High-Quality Content High-quality content is the bedrock of trust. When visitors find your content valuable, accurate, and engaging, they’re more likely to trust your site and return for more. Tips for Creating Valuable Content There are a few key elements to keep in mind when creating high-quality content for your website: •Research thoroughly: Ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date. This involves checking facts and citing credible sources. •Write clearly: Use simple language […]

Dillon Yang

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About Dillon Yang: Dillon is a content writer with a deep passion for all things related to SEO and digital marketing. He is dedicated to creating engaging and informative content that not only captures his clients' unique brand voice but also helps them to improve their online presence. In his free time, Dillon enjoys staying active in the gym, gaming, and visiting coffee shops.

LinkNow Tech Support Frequently Asked Questions

LinkNow Tech Support Frequently Asked Questions

We get it—the fast-paced life of running a small business doesn’t always leave time for staying up-to-date on the technical side of web design, domain hosting, and email servers. That said, many business owners still strive to stay informed about all aspects of their business. Here at LinkNow, we’ve worked with thousands of small business owners over the years, helping them build solid online footprints while also offering professional education, insight, and advice along the way. In this blog post, we’ll be examining some of our most commonly received tech support questions and breaking things down in easily digestible language, so keep reading if this sounds valuable to you! What Is a Domain? A website’s domain is the unique address users type in to find it on the internet. Domains consist of two main parts: the name and the extension. Domain names are the personalized web addresses users type into […]

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Tyson is a content writer and SEO specialist with over half a decade of industry experience. He is an expert on digital marketing and is passionate about providing his clients with powerful content that boosts traffic and engagement. When away from his desk, Tyson enjoys home cooking, comic books, and live music.