Elevate Your Brand’s Voice with Professional Content Writing

Your business is more than just a set of service offerings and a company address. Your company has a unique story and identity that makes you stand out from other businesses occupying a similar space—but putting that uniqueness into words can be a significant challenge for many small business owners.

Here at LinkNow, our Content Writers turn your basic company information into a compelling brand narrative, helping you build strong connections with people searching the Internet for the services or products you offer.

What makes you excel at the work you do? What makes you passionate about providing your services to your clientele? We work to answer these questions for prospective customers, telling your company’s story to the world and helping you establish a steady stream of inbound business.   

Some examples of the information we might include in your content include:

  • The pain points your services or products solve for your customers.
  • Your company’s qualifications or certifications to perform your work.
  • What sets your company apart from its competitors.
  • What customers can expect from your services.
  • The specific benefits or advantages of working with your company.

A Data-Driven Content Creation Process for Higher Rankings

From conception to integration, every piece of content our team produces follows a step-by-step process geared toward creating a comprehensively researched piece of writing that’s optimized for search engine crawlers and higher rankings.

Working hand-in-hand with our Organic Marketing and Website Coordinator departments, the Content Team pulls from data-based content briefs that help us weave keywords and phrases your customers frequently search for throughout your website, helping you stay fresh and relevant in search engine rankings.

Industry and Keyword Research to Match Searcher Intent

Before putting pen to paper—or cursor to blank document—our Content Writers perform a thorough research process to ensure industry-specific, in-demand content. Using cutting-edge online tools to mine for high-volume keywords and topics, our Content Writers build SEO-optimized scaffoldings for new pieces of content that will attract customers and hold their attention.

Abiding by industry best practices for keyword usage, heading styles, page topics, and body text, we craft web page outlines that make full use of SEO science to indicate they match searcher intent and meet the needs of search engine users.

Our work creates the best user experience for your clients and makes your website visible in search engines to connect your brand with the people who are seeking the solutions you offer.

Creative Content Writing to Amplify Your Brand

Equipped with an arsenal of relevant and authoritative information on your business’ services and specializations, our Content Writers flesh out the details of this scaffolding in line with your brand identity, adding information and creative word usage that capture interest and prolong browsing sessions.

Whether writing on the proper installation process for new shingle roofing or detailing the benefits of regular pressure washing, our Content Writers leverage their research abilities to speak with topical authority on your services and products.

Meticulous Content Editing to Hold Searcher Interest

Once a piece of content has been completed, our Content Editors go through it with a fine-tooth comb, detangling grammatical snares and smoothing out awkward word usage. Our experienced and detail-oriented Content Editors have a razor-sharp focus that helps them detect any anomalies or inconsistencies, resulting in high-quality content you can be proud to have on your website.

Choose a Marketing Package with the SEO Content You Want

As a LinkNow client, you have the flexibility to select from a wide range of website packages and traffic solutions for the services you feel are most beneficial for your company. Whichever bundle of services you choose, you’ll always receive detailed and SEO-optimized content prepared with care by our team.

Some of our marketing solutions will have our Content Team writing fresh content customized to your website every month, including our Complete Traffic Package and Enterprise Traffic Package.

Other packages include upfront evergreen content that never gets old, like our Ready to Go Website Package, which comes with a minimum of five web pages and the option to add as many more as you would like.

Ignite Your Content Marketing with LinkNow’s Content Team

Let our Content Writers and Editors put what makes your business unique into words. From landing pages to blogs, we combine our research skills and creative intent to ensure your brand is synonymous with authority and quality. 

Are you ready to start telling your business’s story?