How Does it Work?

It’s as simple as entering your customers’ contact information!

Your customers will receive emails and text messages asking them to leave you a review.

The messages contain links to your business profiles on platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, etc. The format makes it effortless to leave you a review.

With this tool, it’s significantly easier for you to ask for reviews AND for your customers to leave you reviews. Your response rate will be much, much higher.

More reviews will bring you more customers and help you grow your business!

Why are Reviews so Important?

93% of customers check online reviews before choosing a business to purchase a product or service from.

Reviews are also a major ranking factor for Google and other search engines. If you don’t have good reviews, some potential customers may never find your business at all.

Bad reviews can also prevent customers from contacting you. 94% of consumers have said they’ve decided not to work with a business because of bad reviews.

Positive Reviews can Transform Your Business

72% of customers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

When someone finds you online, they need to know they can trust your business before booking you. Reviews help tremendously. With great reviews, you’ll book more jobs!

Customers will even spend up to 31% more when a business has excellent reviews. When you have great reviews, you can charge more for your services, and customers will gladly pay.

Good reviews can drastically improve your bottom line!

Some of the results from our system!

Clinic in Hughston

“LinkNow’s review generating software boosts local search rankings, helps patients trust our practice and converts more searches into actual leads. It has saved us hours of managing our online reputation on our own and boosted our numbers significantly.”

Clicks to phone calls +2,390%
Website traffic +1,678%

Moving Company

“LinkNow helps us be found online and control our reputation. For a large company like ours, it makes it so easy to manage the entire customer experience.”

Clicks to phone calls +681%
Website traffic +409%

Landscaping Company

“Linknow has been an integral part of us reducing our customer cancels by over 50% this year because of the reviews that were generated compared to our competitors.”

Clicks to phone calls +50%
Website traffic +198%

Our Plans

Advanced Review Generation

Review Generation By SMS

Review Generation By Email

Upload Contacts 1 By 1

Upload Contacts In Bulk

Default Review Generating Templates

Editable Templates

Request Reviews By Email & Other Platforms

Allow Employees To Generate Reviews

Full Reporting

1 Page Review Profile


Benefits of The LinkNow Review Tool

  • Easy to ask for reviews
  • Higher review response rate
  • More positive reviews
  • Get found by more customers
  • More phone call and email leads
  • Book more jobs
  • Better bottom line

Get Started with LinkNow’s Review Generation Tool Today

Are you ready to get great reviews for your business?

Let’s add this tool to your monthly service! It’s even bundled with some our higher-level marketing programs

Schedule an appointment with your account executive. We’ll show you how easy it is to get great reviews!

Compatible with many review sites!

Our review generating software gathers your business reviews everyday from 150+ sites. Whenever a new review is generated on any of these sites where you have a profile, we track it!

Before & After Using Our Software

Electrician in Collegeville, PA

Before LinkNow 1 Review
With LinkNow 162 Reviews

General Construction In Grapevine, TX

Before LinkNow 1 Review
With LinkNow 117 Reviews

HVAC om Hayward, CA

Before LinkNow 2 Review
With LinkNow 163 Reviews

Contractor in Eastchester, NY

Before LinkNow 11 Reviews
With LinkNow 542 Reviews

Plumber in East Brunswick, NJ

Before LinkNow 9 Reviews
With LinkNow 363 Reviews

Usage Limitations

Please note the following daily and monthly limits:

  • -Daily Review Requests by Email: Up To 200 per day
  • -Daily Review Requests by SMS: Up To 20 per day
  • -Monthly Review Requests by SMS: Up To 80 per month