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Full Campaign Setup

Your campaign will be built based on our proven recipe for success. You’ll have compelling, dynamic ads that highlight your unique selling points and benefits of your services. Your targeted audience will be carefully selected based on their interest for your services.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

You’ll have Facebook Ads Certified campaign manager dedicated to making your program successful. Your campaign manager will know your account in and out and make optimizations.

Conversion Pages

Custom pages optimized for one thing: turning traffic into leads. LinkNow’s special conversion pages highlight your selling points, emphasize the benefits of your service, show off client testimonials, and encompass a convincing call to action.

Lead Tracking

With comprehensive lead tracking, you’ll see exactly how many phone calls and email leads your Facebook Ads are generating. You’ll see which ads, ad formats, and audiences are driving the highest number of leads.

Continuous Optimization

We never stop improving your ads. We continuously test out new ads, ad formats, and target audiences to find what works the best.

Monthly Reporting

You’ll receive your Facebook Ads report every 30 days. This will outline how your campaign is performing. You’ll see where your budget is going and what’s driving the best results. You’ll also see how your campaign is improving each month and scenarios for scaling up.

Facebook Ad Consultation with an Expert
– Generating the Business You Want

Your ads will generate the type of leads and customers you want. You’ll begin with a consultation with an experienced Facebook Ads specialist. We’ll discuss which services you specialize in and the areas you’re targeting. We’ll learn what sets you apart from your competitors and how we can sell your services. We’ll uncover your unique selling points and value proposition. This is where we collect the information we need to make your campaign a success. It also helps us align our efforts with your short- and long-term business goals.

Research and Planning
– Finding the Recipe for Facebook Ad Success

The foundation of your successful Facebook Ads campaign is thoughtful planning and extensive competitor research. We find out at what works in your industry to give your campaign the recipe it needs to succeed before we even start.

Expert Facebook Ad Campaign Building and Ad Creation
– Targeting the Right Audience and Creating Dynamic, Captivating Ads

Your ads will be in the Facebook feeds of people interested in your services. Facebook Ads offer extremely precise targeting. We select your audience based on their location, age, interests, and more. We’ll find the perfect mix to generate the highest number of quality leads and drive the best possible ROI.

The Perfect Content and Facebook Ad Format Mix to Sell Your Services
– Telling Your Business’ Story

Your ads will capture the attention of your potential customers. Whether it’s through images, videos, or carousels, we’ll find the right content-format combination. We’ll catch your prospects’ eye and entice them to engage with your business. We’re experts at selling services through media, and we want to do it for your business.

We Use Data to Optimize Your Facebook Ads Campaign
– Perfecting Your Ads to Drive the Highest Possible ROI

Your Facebook Ads campaign will start off with a bang and get better as you go. We use data about which ads are performing and the audience that’s responding to constantly refine your program. We take what’s already working for you and give it a BOOST!

Scaling Up Success
– More Business and Better Bang for your Buck

You’ve got the winning Facebook Ad formula. Now it’s time to get even more leads at a lower cost per lead. We can give accurate predictions and scenarios for scaling up your budget to build on what’s working. You’ll get more leads overall at a lower cost per lead. Sounds good, right?


Ad and Conversion Page Creation

We create the prefect ads to attract potential customers. We also create custom conversion pages to turn interested prospects into phone call and email leads.


Audience Targeting

We find the right audience for your ads. We show your ads to people who are in your service area and interested in your services.


Ads in Your Audience’s Facebook Feeds

Your prospects see your ads while scrolling Facebook & Instagram.


Potential Customers Contact You

Potential customers who see your ads and are interested in your services will phone or email you.