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The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing for Small Businesses

The Longest Journey Begins With A Single Step You are reading LinkNow Media’s multi-part guide to small business online marketing. Our goal is to create a resource for small business owners that gives them everything they need to market their businesses online, all in one place. From web design to SEO to email campaigns, we want to give our readers the tools to succeed. If you find this post useful, check out our blog archives for more in depth discussions of various online marketing topics. Part 1: Your Website and On-Page SEO Part 2: Domain Authority and How to Build It Part 3: Citations and Local Search Part 4: How to Build an Awesome Small Business Blog Part 5: How to Create a Huge Social Media Presence for Your Small Business Part 6: Why Email Campaigns are Important Part 7: PPC (Yeah, You Know Me) Part 1: Your Website and […]

Link Roundup – Friday, March 4 2016

Link Roundup
The Week in Online Marketing Let’s dive right in to this week’s link roundup. Here are the posts we found most valuable this week. In Business Communication, You Don’t Need an App for That There is a mad rush in the online marketing world to create an app to handle every possible scenario. SEMrush argues that you don’t always need an app for everything. The Importance of Second-Tier Links The SEO experts at @sengineland explain why it’s important to build links to your site even if they’re not helping you improve your search ranking. So Many Tactics, So Little Time: How to Prioritize Your Content Marketing To-Do List Feeling overwhelmed by content marketing? Copyblogger lays out the best way to get started and the most important things to focus on. The 6 Step Playbook for Handling Social Media Complaints Are complaints about your business on Twitter or Facebook keeping you […]

Discover the top 7 problems facing your landscaping business

top 7 problems facing your landscaping business
Finding and retaining top personnel Attracting and keeping hard working talent has always been an issue in most industries, but many landscaping contractors have identified personnel problems as one of the most pressing issues facing them today. While the economy has been slowly improving in many areas, costs for many contractors have been increasing, which has kept wages relatively flat. As a result, landscaping contractors are forced to spend much of their time focused on recruitment and training rather than building their businesses. Many contractors have identified attracting qualified applicants to be the real tripping point in their recruitment process, but some have found success by advertising for the jobs online on their own websites as well as on recruitment sites. Once you have employees, it can be complicated to hold on to them. But finding a little extra in the budget to pay quality workers what they’re worth can […]

Link Roundup – Friday, February 26 2016

Link Roundup
What happened this week This has been a busy week here at LinkNow Media HQ, so let’s just dive into it! Landing Pages for Lead Generation: 8 Conversion-Driving Tips   If you want to make sure that your landing pages are doing everything they can to generate leads for you, you should check out this great post from WordStream.   How to Find Your Brand’s Disruptive Opportunity As always, Moz is here with some great insight into how you can find a disruptive opportunity in your industry.   Getting to Know the Ghost: The Complete Guide to Snapchat   We’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out Snapchat recently, but this excellent post from Buffer is by far the best we’ve found. We finally learned how to use Snapchat lenses!   That’s it for this week. Let us know what you think of the articles we’ve shared by leaving […]

7 Simple Things You Can Do Online to Stand Out From the Crowd

7 Simple Things You Can Do To Stand Out Online
Once you have these things down, you’ll be ahead of 99% of other online businesses Everyone knows by now that the Internet is the final frontier of marketing, and nearly every business is online trying to stake their claim. There is so much content being produced by so many websites every day that it can be hard to attract the kind of attention that you want. However, the vast majority of businesses trying to market themselves online are just winging it. It’s still more than possible for someone starting out now to make a name for themselves online. All you need to do is take those few extra steps that other business owners are too busy or disorganized to get a handle on. Once you’ve made yourself visible, there’s no limit to how much your company can grow. First, take care of the boring stuff (web design, SEO, email campaigns) […]