Kevin PludeJunipine Construction & Remodeling Inc.
Wow, junipines website looks great! Thanks! It looks really great! You have done marvelous!
Richard BarnesAmerican Supreme Logistics LLC
Ty for taking the time to help me make our website perfect. GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU
David BecerraDavid Becerra Insurance Agency Inc.
Great! and thank you for your prompt response, you guys do an excellent Job.
Tiffany WilsonCheck and Balance Accounting Firm, LLC
Perfect! I appreciate everything. I emailed it to my Sage representatives to let them see it before it went live and they said it is Super Professional and love it !! They have already asked me to do more business collaborations with them. See Thomas, the extra $79 already paid off!!
Dwight RhuleGlobal Performance
Thank you for the tremendous job and effort you have made re the webpage. Really appreciate the timeliness of these changes. Re the appearance of the catchy phrase, this was done on a another platform to give it the shiny appearance. So if that can copied to other pages, be my guest. I leave the designing excellence and experience to you. Kudos!
Victor BugariuDiversified Asset Management LLC
No worries, sorry to have called so many times. I thank you for getting back to me. You all did a great job. We really appreciate how fast you were able to make the changes for us. Have a blessed weekend.
Kathleen J. KearnsBravo Safe & Lock Co
Good Afternoon, Thank you so much for all your assistance with our website. You did a fantastic job.
Christopher L. AguirreCoast to Coast Fleet Maintenance
Mario, I was talking with one of your colleagues and I was assured you were not thinned skinned and could that my abrasive personality. This e-mail is to solely say "thank you for a job very well done!!!" I will send an e-mail with pics to include, and again "WELL DONE!!"
Shawn Marando Copkido, The Solution To Excessive Force
To whom it may concern, I wanted to bring to your attention how pleased I am with the services rendered by one of your web site designers. It has been just over two weeks that I contracted services through Link Now Media. In just 5 days of being in the hands of Shayne Scherer, my site is basically completed and I am extremely happy with what he had created for me. Whoever was responsible for hiring him onto your team of web site designers, I commend you and thank you for doing such a fine job. He is definitely an asset to your team and company. I give praise and complaints where appropriate and in this case, it was well worth the time in taking a few minutes to share my satisfaction with you, and commend Shayne for his performance. Please feel free to use any portion of this letter of appreciation where needed in your marketing. Please also extend my appreciation to Shayne for a job very well done.
Jarral HowardITW Electrical Contractors PLLC
I absolutely love the page. Very good job, Sir. I'm actually going to get my artist to create an Inspired to Wire with the diamonds on both sides for me. I will get this to you in .psd like before unless you would like it in another file. In the meantime I am going to use this email to list minor edits to be made that I have noticed. Again, great great job. I am really impressed with my website and that's hard to do. :-)
Rod Samuel-StevensCanLawn Inc.
Everything looks great Gio. Thanks so much for all your hard work on my site. I'm really pleased with how the site has turned out.
Marnie StillmanAm-Mar Corporation
Has anyone told you today how completely awesome you are?...well I am telling you now!
Regina BahrBahr Plumbing Services, LLC
The website looks Awesome! Thank you so much for your patience and changes! Let it go live! Can’t wait!
David VanderFlik Sr.AAALimoGroup.Limo LLC
So far I am pretty happy with my LinkNow website, Tom Shapiro has done an outstanding job for me and I appreciate his promptness regarding making corrections and changes per my requests.
Karl Kala RoyAZ Live 365
To whom it may concern! I felt I really needed to write this letter to inform you of the work that your designer Miguel is doing on my site! I have been up and down with this site for years, as before it was First Class Entertainment Group and Now it is AZLive365! and with Miguel's help is turning out to be absolutely Awesome!!!!!!! It is definitely way better than I could imagine. I feel really comfortable working with Miguel in making changes to the site, and I feel it is just only going to get better. Thanks to you all, for helping a small businessman with very little budget do big things!!!!!
Jake LutzowJL Property Services, LLC
Nice work Gio! It looks great, We appreciate the fast turnaround. From here on out it should be some minor tweaks and reorganizing the gallery pictures. One question, what size picture / resolution is best for the website pages?
Stella MathewsAtlantic Star Landscape Architecture/Living Roofs
Hi Gio, I love the picture of the fountain that you have chosen! Very beautiful, and relative to landscape architecture in Savannah. I have attached the doc file of the home page information that I edited. I will be in touch again asap with additional pages. I apologize in the delay in getting these completed. I have a very full schedule right now, but please know that I am working on them when I have time. Thank you very much for all of your help and hard work!!
Kevin IwuleSunshine International of Savannah Inc.
Hi John, I want to let you know that I am truly happy with the new and improved website you just produced. Thanks a lot.
Sabine Schulte3 H Teachings
Thank you sooooo much Gustavo. You are amazing!!!!!!! I have to leave the house now, but get back to you shortly!! Makes me happy working with you.....and Derek!
Rene B Mares IIITchefuncte River Properties
You're terrific, Thomas! Really appreciate the way you are handling this. Very professional and thorough. Thanks again, Thomas!
Tina SewellSpa Bliss
I love, love, love what you did with the logo, it's exactly my vision ????. This is such a process that requires a detail eye, nearing completion getting excited to go live.
Felipe GonzalezQualitas Insurance Agency LLC
Awesome, sir, I appreciate it. It's looking really good I am liking everything we adding to it so far and everyone in the agency is pretty content as well. I appreciate it, sir, great job :) Thank you very much.
Dr. Clay A. HenryClay A. Henry: Author and Blogger
I am very pleased with the overhauled site. You have done an outstanding revision; much better than the original.
Margo ArvizuJaguar Electric LLC
I want to thank you for the services of Gaudy through LinkNow Media. His eye for color, website design and aesthetic value are indescribable. Although I envisioned my landing page to reflect more of a past template I submitted, Gaudy produced a landing page that suit my needs more effectively and with an attractive appeal that I was aiming for. With his expertise and or assistance, Gaudy modified my ideas for my home page in a unique and elegant manner (in which it surpassed my expectations). I hope he is recognized for his work, because his workmanship and work ethics are extremely valuable. Gauderic is wonderful to work with and has the best customer service skills I have witnessed with the combination of talent! I wish your company well and definitely see Gaudy as a valuable asset to your company. I hope again he is acknowledged for his pleasant customer service skills and thank LinkNow Media for any other collaborative group efforts he may have appointed. Thank you LinkNow Media for hiring such valuable team players for creating, coordinating, and exhibiting such excellent PR skills in representing your company! I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO COMMEND YOU ON ALL YOUR CREATIVE WORK.
Vincent KingKing Insurance Group LLC
Thank you and all [logo designs] are awesome. I really like option 1. I think it's different and you utilized all of the things you had to work with to where it's still a clean professional look.
Trevor SmithT&T Roofing LLC
Wow! Color and logo make a huge difference! ... Thank you so much for your prompt attention. I now look forward to working with you in the new year. Regards and many thanks.
Pamela E ThompsonBuilding Bridges To Better Lives
Yvon!!! Kudos to you. Great job on the design. It looks and feels really great to me: warm, interesting, inviting, informative.
Jeff BobbJeff Bobb Home Improvements, LLC
I was helped today by Jordan setting up a email account. This was the best experience I ever had with any tech help by far with any company. You are lucky to have someone like that representing your company. I'm the worst when it comes to doing things with a computer. He made feel like I knew what I was doing which I still don't know how he did it.
Tammy GreenspanInsurSolution
Adina I just wanted to let you know everyone at Linknow Media has been amazing helping me with my account InsurSolution. The two that stand out the most and my number one guy is Derek Page. Derek took the time to review my FB and Twitter. Even though I set-up this months ago and paid for the FB and Twitter set-up I have never had the time to work with anyone which was my fault. Finally, in the past week I have had the time I needed. Derek called me and I am sure he didn’t know what he was getting into; I don’t know computers at all. He was so very patient and explained and helped me make changes and he even logged in with me. He explain that he would watch me as I would learn better to remember; he was there if I made a mistake and I made many. He is a very BIG asset to Linknow Media. My number two guy is Glenn Sacony ... we speak every two weeks as I have had question and he again always makes the time and explains with patience. Mike ? (I think from London) I have spoken to a few times and we are getting things remaining going on the last items; google blast and icons for my signature area. I just wanted you to know without Derek and Glenn I could never have done this alone. So I just wanted to let you know. Again, thank you…
Sandy GarberAge & Accessibility Home Solutions, LLC
Thanks again. The website went live tonight and I'm really happy with the outcome. Thanks for your good work, excellent customer service skills and patience. Please forward this to your supervisor with our utmost appreciation!
Maria JohnsonWinning Image Fitness
Thank you Stephanie. I absolutely love what you have done with the website! That is the look I was aiming for. Classy, rich color, and more of the burgundy.
Timothy Anson PickeringTim Pickering & Associates
Thank you so much for all of your work so far, Bravo!!
James TaylorJames J Taylor CPA
All in all I am extremely satisfied with the product you have produced. You have done extremely well, since we are so far removed from each other. Thank you very much.
David ToberThe Oakton Group LLC
I am ecstatic! Absolutely blown away, and I haven't even finished looking at everything. If my hand and forearm weren't in pain and in this bulky cast, I would blow kisses toward Montreal to you. I am over the moon about our website. So is David. It's eye candy! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pascal!
Paulette EllisonChristian Child Care Agency, LLC
We have had the pleasure of interacting with Derek over the past few weeks and we find him to be a pleasant and courteous individual to work with. He is very informative and offers excellent suggestions with regards to changes we would like made to the website. We appreciate all his help and he is a great asset to have on your team. Thank you both for the work you guys put into creating the website/logo that we are comfortable and happy with. It was a pleasure consulting with you both on the direction of what we would like the site to look like. Your inputs and suggestions were very helpful and appreciated. We look forward to continuing working with you. Have a wonderful day.
Bobbi TaylorTaylor Maid Cleaning Services
Yvon, You're awesome! Thank you for getting all the changes done so quickly...I'm impressed! I agree with the color changes you've made to the pages...looks MUCH better and the phone number is great too.
Dianne Ahto KHE Construction Corp.
Please know that I am very pleased with my brand new account manager, Miguel Esquirol. A situation arose that needed immediate addressing and Miguel handled it quite professionally. It just so happens that the account he manages for me, KHE Construction Corporation, will experience higher hits to our website because a house we built will be featured in a New Jersey Magazine. The magazine comes out in the next few days if not tomorrow. Some of the images I asked Miguel to post had the names of the children listed in the captions - which of course, is totally unacceptable. It was an oversight on my part and Miguel and I worked via phone quickly and efficiently to remove the names. We quickly spoke about how to proceed via the normal communication channels and ended the call. I appreciate the fact that he was available to me via phone immediately due to this crisis. It gives me great peace of mind going forward.
Geoff HawkHawk Construction, Inc.
[I wanted] to comment on the excellent experience I have had. From sales, to payment and enrollment and contracts, to welcome, go live, design and changes I have had the best experience. And let me tell you there is a lot of people out there offering websites that are the opposite. LinkNow does it right.
Russ MelbyeContinental Adjusters, Inc
It seems we, as managers, generally hear about bad service and lack of attention to detail. The reason for this email is the exact opposite. I asked Miguel for your names and emails and feel compelled to write you an email based on Miguel’s efforts. I was concerned when Gio stopped working on our website, but Miguel immediately took care of that concern. He has been outstanding and should be commended for his professionalism, quick response(s) to our requests, and attention to detail. In short, he listens and then properly executes. He has done LinkNow Media proud and I will not hesitate to recommend your company (which I’ve already done twice). We have used several suggestions he’s made to improve the look and feel of our website; which we greatly appreciate. We’ve been very impressed with him. Please don’t let this email go unnoticed. We are done with the website other a deliverable I owe Miguel (our updated corporate video URL/YouTube), which I should have next week. Thank you and have a good weekend.
Jim SmithThe Music Smith
I can't thank you enough, truly a great job.
Mandy OsbornHavenscapes Landscape Design
My new website : Havenscapes Landscape Design went live only a few moments ago. I loved the template that LinkNow originally sent me, but virtually all of the content had to be changed out in order to accurately represent what I do in my corner of the world. John Lilly led me through the process methodically and patiently! I am not the most tech savvy person on the planet, but John kept communication lines open and sent me clear instructions as needed. He even picked up the phone and called me on several occasions just to make sure I was on track. I think what I value most is that John shows a sensitivity to my values as a designer. He has quite an eye for design himself and helped me with color, font, text, and he did his best to enhance the quality of the photos I sent him for the website. The end product represents my business beautifully! Thank you so much for your service to my upstart business. I am excited to announce the Launch of my website!
Viridiana RosasEverest Janitorial Services
I want to thank you for the beautiful website design that you created for me. I like it's clean and modern look.
Sabine Schulte3 H Teachings
Thank you! I feel like you really do work for/with the best interest of my students! Love it! Thanks Chelsea! You are wonderful!!!!!
Adam ArmstrongPalm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.
I have seen business come in directly as a result from searches on the Internet. So I am very happy my business is growing very quickly in the summer I picked up two new customers over the weekend one today I am visiting right now and it's just Monday.all my social media is also chiming in I am getting between six and eight new customers a week. This is why I am hustling 12 hours a day to just get everything done.
Mike Ste MarieSte Marie Design Group
I want to thank Gio for helping us develop our website. Response time was quick and new changes were made right away. Overall, I have had a good experience working with Gio on our website. Thanks!!
Doreen MathenyAirbrush Images Studio
I wanted to let you know that I worked with one of your web designers, John Lilly and he did such an amazing job for me! He was very helpful and tolerant with all of my emails and requests for adjustments and worked until it was exactly as I wanted it. I am very happy with my new site and it was well worth the wait. I have mentioned LinkNow on my Face Book page and will share it with any client looking to have a web site built.
Myles McGinnisTimeless Napa Wine Tours
To everyone that will listen, I would like to share with you my experience I had with Gio as my web designer for Linknow Media. I started with a very simple website at first, I recently redesigned the website and I am now mobile friendly. It was a long process as I was very undecided on what I wanted. Gio and I worked together for several weeks and ended up with a website I am very proud of, he is a terrific person and was very patient with me and the end result Is terrific... Thanks again for all your hard work and help Gio..
Sean SmithThe Music Smith
Gio, Darien, Julian, Crimson, and (Eve), I want to thank all of you for your obvious skills and hard work, which has all manifested into a great site for my family ( I love my logo and it is exactly what I wanted, even though most of it was a surprise. The writing was superlative. The design and layout of the site is outstanding and first rate. And finally, Crimson was great in helping get this all done in the initial stages. If I missed anyone involved it was completely unintentional and I'll close in thanking everyone at LinkNow Media. To say that I'm merely delighted would be a dramatic understatement. The site is better than I could have imagined it to be. Gio could you please forward this to Darien, Julian, and Crimson and let them know I'm excited to work with them all once again on my next site for safety training.
CC ConboyStatement of Style
I just wanted to take a moment to recognize my LinkNow super-team; Jason Stevens, James Kent, and Glenn Sacony. Between the redesign of our website and subsequent support-related questions, we have received the best customer service that we could ever hope for. We have had a wonderful experience with you guys, and look forward to our continued relationship.
Catt JenkinsAnderson Air Conditioning & Heating Corp
I have had the great pleasure of working with several people at LinkNow. I have found everyone to be very friendly, knowledgeable about their products and each have gone above and beyond to help me every step of the way. While we have not yet completed work on our website (entirely our fault, we just can’t seem to find the time to work out what we want it to say) we have successfully migrated our email without a hitch thanks to the constant feedback we have received for questions and issues that have arisen in the migration. Our Account Executive Jon and our Technical Support Glen have been most helpful, calling back immediately and communicating via email. Glen even monitored our email for us the first weekend to make sure everything would be where it should be on Monday. The cost for the service that LinkNow provides is extremely reasonable. I have shopped around and cannot find anyone that even comes close to the value we have received for the cost of their service. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with LinkNow and most definitely will recommend them to anyone who needs the services they provide.
Darren Essen Darren Essen Locksmith
Hi Gustavo, thank you very much, for all of your help yesterday and today. You were very helpful and made this a very easy experience. Great job! Keep up the good work.
Adam ArmstrongPalm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc.
Wow I just took a look at the mobile phone website for Palm Beach Pool Doctor, Inc. and it is incredible. I'm really happy everything is working great.
Jaime "TJ" ToledoTJ's Financial & Income Taxes
I want to take the time to thank you for the excellent work you guys did on my website. It looks professional and very detailed. The wording, paragraphs and design as well as the location of my logo are exceptional. I feel good about doing business with you guys. Thank you. We, small companies feel great and appreciated by companies like you when the outcome is like this. Thanks to Julia, Darien and all the team of hands that worked on my website.
Michael McTernanPrince George Towing
Thanks again Chelsea! You're a ball of fire! I appreciate you getting on this so quick. I know I'm a pain the ass, so thanks again for putting up with my shit. I'll email ya when I find the time to make more changes!
Lou Ann WatersonSummerwood Tax & Business Services
Hi Tim just wanted to follow-up and let you know that I got my first customer from my website today. Earned $633 plus the possibility of more business in the future.
Adina, thank you so much for all of your assistance, I am now very happy with the website. I think it looks great and I am thankful you were able to wrangle everyone on your end to pull it off, I am very appreciative. Good Work!!!
Sam Drumm Apex Maintenance Services, Inc.
We here at Apex Maintenance Services, would like to extend a many thanks in working with LinkNow Media- and specifically Ms. Chelsea Much! Our board has been very pleased with the quality of service Ms. Much has provided. We sincerely appreciate her responsiveness and contributions to the Apex website project. When presented with a seemingly complex problem, Ms. Much has had a fantastic ability to find simple solutions. It is always a delight to go on to our newly edited page to see the results. Apex has recommended LinkNow to others because of our satisfaction with Chelsea’s service!!! We look forward to doing business with you for years to come. We fully endorse that if LinkNow has any type of employee recognition, Ms. Much is VERY much deserving!
Thomas M. Rooke Jr.T M Rooke Company LLC
This is great Derek. I could not be happier with the service I get from your organization.
Brad McGuireJL Property Services LLC
I recently hired LinkNow Media to design my new website for my landscape business. My designer assigned is Gio. I am very pleased with the attention to detail that he has used to help me create exactly what I was looking for. He is very easy to work with and would make my requested changes usually within a day or two. I would recommend their services for anyone looking to create a detailed website at an affordable price. Now I have a functional website that I am proud of and will help me acquire new clients for years to come!
Lynn CapleCoventry Catering
Gio, I just wanted to pass on that I have been extremely happy with the customer response to our website over the past year. There have been many. many unprovoked comments on its eye appeal above all else. I would also like to add that I have found our relationship with the staff at LinkNow to be very professional, cordial and friendly and I would be honored to have you publish this testimonial wherever it benefits you the most.
Surah Parizek Body Harmony, Inc.
Miguel you have done a great job with my website. I appreciate your help, suggestions, banner design, your work in general. Thank you so much. I am glad you get to be my designer.
Paulette DuersonDuerson Fitness LLC
Hi Ms. Prendimano - So pleased to meet you through cyberspace, this is OUTSTANDING work! Thank you so much. I know I gave you a draft of my thoughts on this project, but WOW, you really made them very clear. The read, was easy, it was clear, and it flowed. Mentally, it was like a breath of fresh air. My thoughts on this project, after a long 11 years, was finally crystal clear. I wouldn't change a thing. In the past 11 years you are the first person who "Nailed it", not twisting it into your vision, or just trying to put a twist on it so that you can say "I added that part". You did a job well done, and I can't thank you enough.
Curtis MosleyCambridge Fidelity
You produced a professional, impressive and informative web site in very little time. You made editions in a timely manner and displayed wonderful customer service throughout the process. It has been a pleasure working with you. OUTSTANDING JOB! THANK YOU.
Mike RobsonRobson Landscaping and Turf L.L.C.
Gio - I just wanted to take a second and thank you for getting our website revamped! The new site looks awesome and the mobile version is a big improvement too! I wish we had inquired about doing this months ago. Thank you for making the additional changes so quickly and sending us the additional photo special also. I will send in some better photos this season as we build our photo database.
Thomas A. SiglerAll Type Landscape Company
Gio - thank you for your special interest in our company and the great job / design work on our new site. We have had other web designers that did our previous site, and they were short with a bad attitude. Like they are doing us a special favor, tolerating our lack of tech knowledge. For some reason they forgot who’s paying for their service. So it was refreshing to be treated with respect as you have done with me. I have already received several compliments and look forward to working with you more in the future.
Laura PetersonMermaid Massage
Thank you. You are a wonderful professional that I am so impressed with. You get things done ! And have worked with me. It's very rare to find as qualified and diligent a professional such as you so thank you so much. This is what I love about your company. I was telling my friend who works for Cape Cod Hospital today about LinkNow Media. I love the professionalism and dedication and that extra special touch of giving me the two extra photos. I'm so lucky and I'm so happy with LinkNow and especially how everyone works together and I've already received clients from the Google placement! Pretty amazing that the money so far invested has already paid off in very high level and high paying clients.
Suzanne DrakesTony D's Auto Repair Shop LLC
Hi Marc, I don't think I thanked you for the great work that you have done for us. The website is perfect and you are a genius.
David McLarenMcLaren Electric Inc.
Seeing what you have already done has been a great encouragement. Please note we are very busy right now and have little spare time. We are also very pleased with the energy you put into moving us in the right direction. Thanks for all the emails. Pascal is doing a great job in supplying information and giving us more than we expected in service. Thanks for everything and when the time is right we will send more content.
Wayne McMillanA Plus Handyman
Gio, I am very pleased with the modification you were able to do, in order to give my website the best presentation. Moreover, I'm more impressed with your attentive responses to each of my requests. Thank you so much.
George ImnadzeGionika Ltd
High level professionalism, excellent skills of communication, patience and the result we were looking for. I'd like to thank Julian Castillo with LinkNow Media for the excellent job done for us.
Gary HouseGH Cleaning Services LLC
Thank you Miguel. Just looked over my site, perfect !!! All I asked about is done, all things changed or moved. Very nice job - THANKS !
Brad HolzmanB & R Electric Company Inc.
Tim - WOW. This is AWESOME. We so much appreciate all your hard work. We are now proud of the website you have created for us.
Jivana KennedyThe Involution Revolution
Thank you for your patience in all of this. You’ve been a dream to work with, Chelsea!
Dwayne SollenbergerSollenberger Accounting LLC
The website is looking super. And this is because you guys give every indication of having a great team and process in place. I very much appreciate your business model for getting this done. It is a superior model. I don't have time to think of the eloquent ways to gush about my pleasure, but "gush, gush, gush" ... feel the love :) PS The only people I missing I'm aware are the content writer, and the sales guy. Thanks to them too.
Patrick PaulSim-One Technology, LLC
I appreciate your patience and most importantly your professional ethics and expression. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone in need that i may come across. It was always a pleasure working with someone who understands your vision and can articulate it visually as you have.
Laurie WrightCorporate Cabling & Networks Inc.
James! I love you and the site!!
Harold & Bernadetta WhitfieldWhitfield's Martial Arts Inc
Yvon, we wanted to let you know that you so ROCK.
Mark RieserNortheast Mechanical Insulation Inc
Chelsea, my dear, I think we are finally done! I cannot thank you enough for your never ending patience! You've got us exactly where we wanted to be!!
Chris GeringerPike Creek Painters
LinkNow Media provides outstanding products and services at very reasonable costs. Of course this creates major value. In addition, they are very customer-centric and provide outstanding customer service. I highly recommend their services.
Gail BowmanA Design Group Atlanta, LLC
Miguel.... I absolutely love the way A Design Group Atlanta, LLC looks on the web site. Think it's classic and one of the things that drew me to LinkNow.
Kathy Karshens Tres Bien
Thank you, Miguel. I looked at the site this morning and it looks very nice. There are a couple of things my husband wants changed and I will get to those soon. But you have been so much help and it looks good. Thanks for such a great job!!!!
Sabine Schulte3 H Teachings
Chelsea!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!! Such a change in appearance!!!!!! Very nice job - Thank you so very much, Chelsea!!!!! I especially loved what you did with the logo!!!!! The schedule is also the way I imaged it. And thanks again for working so creative and professional on my webpage!
Judi DennistounHabitat for Humanity San Bernardino Area, Inc.
Oh Miguel! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! The website looks 110% better than before. I appreciate you so much and hope that you have an amazing day!
Sam SaroughiSaroughi International Taekwon-do Inc
I can’t believe Marc doesn’t do Karate, he makes such beautiful website I am soooooo proud, on Facebook and everything!
Diana Polo-SimmonsVintage Tea Essentials
This site is really beautiful and you should be proud of yourself. You're the best!!!! Again, thanks soooo much!!!!
Kathy WilhelmiEclectic Interiors LLC
Thank you for your help as I love what you have done. The website is great.
Ruth HaighTropical Clean Air
You are awesome by the way! You get right to work when I send you things, and I appreciate it! Thanks!
Edward AsanteBubu Cleaning Services Inc.
You are wonderful. It looks great. I must say, I always receive the best customer service whenever I contact Linknow Media. Early this morning I called and the lady who answered the phone Ms Kara Borshy, was so polite, professional and more than willing to help. She was so reassuring and has a demeanor that will immediately make you relax. Thank you for your quick response
Paul KeleherPaul Keleher Electrical Services
A diligent and responsive company that has consistently given me excellent service over several years. This is the main reason why I stick with LinkNow Media when there are so many others out there soliciting my business.
Jane BaileyBailey Creations
Diandre, Thank you for re sending the custom jewelry section. It’s perfect. Thank you so much. No changes or additions needed! You are a wonderful writer.
Rose WeinsteinFine Homes Associates
Just a little note to thank you and Derek Page very much for your wonderful service. You both always call me back when I have a question, and walk me through my difficulties. I so appreciate your great assistance! The website looks amazing, now all we need to do is add listings and I know our business will take off like a successful rocket!!
Paul ZamucenJ & J Janitor Service
Thanks for taking care of all my request. Your response time is second to none. You’re the MAN!! Awesome Job.
Al EspositoA & D Exterminating Company LLC
Good Morning Diandre! Thank you for all of your assistance . I believe you have captured the qualities that our company can bring forth to our clients .
Joe BacaPaulson Plumbing & Mechanical, LLC
Thank you VERY VERY much for your great work and speed in assisting us!
Alan UrsinoExclusive Design LLC
Perfect! You always impress Chelsea
Robert MoodyMoody's, Incorporated
Andrew: It looks great! We can live with the sky-line photo the way it is now. Thank you very much for all of your assistance on this design. You did a great job
Mark SwindenHunter McKenzie
Brad! Perfect! You do excellent work sir. I appreciate your efforts with this!
Daniel TurnerAmerican Euro Diamond Tools LLC
Fiona, you’re AWESOME! Thank you for handling the requisites as quickly and completely as you have. I would have expected nothing less and you seemingly never disappoint. Thanks again and speak to you soon!
Frank MacchioD. Sal Electrical Contractors
Hi Miguel, looks good. Thank you for your prompt and efficient response. Thank you!
James E.Evland
As per other reviews, it was hard for me to imagine a more clueless, less tech savy business owner than myself …. and count my blessings that after wasted efforts elsewhere, I eventually hooked up with LinkNowMedia. From a site that was embarrassing to lead potential clients to, I get nothing but RAVES from “potentials” who became “clients” as a result. Did I have a concern that I was “out sourcing” to Canada? You bet! Could NOT have been more misguided in that regard. Amazingly fast turnaround and unfailing cooperation and assistance. And price structure is TOTALLY reasonable on top of all the other bennies. I do whole-heartedly recommend you give them the opportunity to assist you with your site needs, whether from “scratch” or a “quality tune-up”.