How to Use Online Marketing to Get More Customers In Your Restaurant

Using Online Marketing

In the restaurant industry competition is fierce. Find out how you can get ahead by taking your restaurant marketing online. The days when we looked up the restaurant in a massive phone book are gone. Today, the internet is our source to find a place for a quick lunch, coffee shop to work, or a restaurant for a family dinner. Digital media has changed the rules of restaurant marketing. And as an owner, you need to keep up the pace. Don’t spend your money on print or radio advertisement. Yes, it might be helpful, but it surely is not enough.You need to have an online presence. This is where your customers are. Your restaurant might be in a perfect spot, but as potential customers can’t find you online, they might never visit. 60 percent of consumers read the reviews of the restaurant or a cafe. And 84 percent trust them […]

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Social Media Campaigns

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A social media campaign can create big returns for a small business. Check out how you can use the power of social media to generate more business. The consumer marketplace is a competitive arena for the small business owner. Reaching and maintaining a beneficial position in the market can be challenging. And when your business dollar is reliant on a steady stream of customers a good marketing strategy is essential. What can the small business owner do to boost his sales opportunities? When you’re the main man in a small business it is not always easy to find the time for marketing. This is where a social media campaign can help to drive business, acquire new customers, and generate revenue. The astute business owner leverages social media to increase his market reach and source new customers. So how can this system work for you? What is a Social Media Campaign? […]

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Local SEO Tips and How To Improve Your Small Business Rankings

Why You Need Local SEO and How To Improve Your Small Business Rankings

Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses It used to be when you started an organization, you did your advertising the old fashioned way. This meant newspapers, flyers, handing out business cards, sometimes just going door-to-door. With the arrival of the internet, these methods are now out of date. As of 2015, there were 3.26 billion internet users. This makes up 40% of the planet’s population! If a business owner wants to increase the traffic to their website or shop, they need SEO. Let’s jump into some of my favorite local SEO tips! Understanding why you need local SEO tips Just because you know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization doesn’t mean you know why your business needs it. Just because you know the main purpose of SEO is a marketing strategy doesn’t mean you know how to begin using it yourself. When 93% of online experiences start with the use […]

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5 Industries That Need A Local SEO Expert (but often don’t have one).

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Is your profession one that needs a local SEO expert to survive? In today’s business world, every business can benefit from having a local SEO expert on their team. But for certain industries, a local SEO expert can make a huge difference and every day I meet people in these businesses that don’t employ any type of local SEO expertise. Industries that need a local SEO expert: the truth might surprise you! When you think about search engine optimization, the first industries that come to mind are probably tech related. But those are not necessarily the ones who stand to gain the most (even though they are the most likely to employ such expertise). So which ones benefit the most from local SEO know-how? Sure, everyone benefits from search engine optimization. But, service industries, those that are considered “immediate need”, require local SEO expertise more than any other. If you […]

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9 Awesome Link Building Strategies for Local Businesses

9 Link Building Strategies for Local Businesses banner

This is a guest post from Anthony Randall of  Rizolt Marketing The Local Advantage One advantage that a local company has over a purely web-based business is that their relevance is extended to their entire community, independent of the niche that they operate in. For link building purposes, simply being a local company means that your relevance becomes more about your location than the services you provide (though that is still hugely important), and that can really open up a lot of opportunities for you. At the end of the day, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between building links for a local business’ website and building links for any other website. Both are extremely hard work, and a lot of strategies can be successful for both. However, there are a few opportunities that local businesses can leverage better than a company with no local presence could. 1. Local […]



3 is a magic number

competition ahead

When you were using Google over the weekend, you may have noticed that things are looking a little different. The 7-Packs have been reduced to 3 listing “Snak Paks,” hours of operation have been added, and there is now a link for directions. No A,B,C pins, no G+ links, no street addresses. These changes have been noted around the world, on both mobile and desktop. This is a roll out my friends, not simply a test. The SEO community isn’t totally shocked by the new layout. Here is a post from July, 2 foreshadowing the switch as an effort to make a desktop UI that mimics mobile experience. How will this new landscape affect your business? Last week you may have been quite pleased with your site’s fourth position in the 7 pack, and how could you not be? Nearly 75% of users never scroll past the first page of […]

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Diandre Prendimano is part of the Content Creation team at LinkNow Media. She is originally from the Jersey Shore, but was lured to Montreal by the siren call of French Canadian lumberjacks and a local cuisine based on smothering food in cheese and gravy. After finishing a degree in Creative Writing at Concordia, she decided to stick around in Montreal. When she isn’t breaking hearts or revolutionizing the fashion industry with her sartorial choices, she hangs out on the Internet.

Google removing inactive and unverified Google+ pages

Google Removing Inactive and Unverified Google+ Pages

Starting on July 28, Google began to shut down unverified and inactive Google+ business pages. If you are a small business owner, this could have a big impact on your customers’ ability to find you online. Read on to learn why this is important and what you can do about it. What are Google listings and why do they matter? Google listings are simply pages on Google+ for local businesses. They work a lot like a Facebook page – they show potential customers the name and address of your business, give customers a place to review your services, and give you the ability to upload pictures and run promotions. However, because Google uses this information in search results and in Google Maps, they have allowed anyone to create listings for businesses. Any listing created by the public doesn’t contain much more than the name and address of the business. If […]

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Lauchlin is part of the content and marketing team at LinkNow Media. He has nearly a decade of experience in copywriting and editing, and spends way too much time on the Internet. He can be reached at and @Lauchlin on Twitter.