What Is and Isn’t a Useful Metric for Improving Your Website

Everyone working in SEO knows that the golden rule for content is that it should be useful and relevant to searchers. Google has been saying this for years. And it’s a rule that we at LinkNow Media take advantage of. So it seems like a terrible irony that it’s so hard to find useful and relevant information about ranking metrics themselves. You’ll find one group of bloggers claiming that X metric is complete garbage. Then you’ll find another group who say it’s the most important. This is especially true when it comes metrics like bounce rate, pages per visit, and time-on-site. You have your for and against—and each side seems to suggest the other is behind the times. But maybe the problem isn’t so much that these are either good or bad. Maybe it’s that these metrics can be good in some contexts and not in others? Join us as […]

Aubrey Grant

Author: Aubrey Grant

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Aubrey is a content writer at LinkNow Media. With years of freelance writing and editing behind him, it’s no stretch to say he’s obsessed with words. And when he’s not writing he can be found buried alive in a pile of books in his Montreal apartment.