From CTAs to Photo Galleries: Everything You Need on Your Small Business Website

  It’s nearly impossible for a small business to thrive without a website or online presence these days. However, the prospect of creating a website can feel overwhelming for many business owners. Here at LinkNow, we specialize in helping small business owners establish an online presence quickly and affordably. Today, we want to share some valuable insights on building a successful website for a small business. If you’re a small business owner or operator seeking to establish an online presence and gain traction, consider incorporating the following key features into your website. At Least 10 Service and Landing Pages for a Multi-Channel Presence Picture your website like a large building, akin to a stadium or a bustling train station frequented by numerous visitors. Think about how many entrances such buildings typically boast, often situated on different sides of the building and leading out to various intersections or roads. Now, extend […]

Jane Willsie

Author: Jane Willsie

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Since 2014, when she landed her first editorial role at her undergraduate student newspaper, Jane has continually grown into the passionate, meticulous writer and editor she is today. Entering the marketing field almost a decade ago as an entry-level social media consultant and content writer, Jane has become a strategic data-driven SEO and content marketing specialist able to turn her hand to everything from the perfectly crafted landing page to attention-grabbing email copy. She completed her Master’s degree in English at UBC in 2017—receiving a prestigious SSHRC grant to research feminist South Korean literature’s reception in the English-speaking literary world—and continues to grow her knowledge base every day, consuming research on SEO, content management, social media strategy, and more. Beyond her work, Jane is an avid reader, amateur sewer, and adventurous traveler.