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Full Campaign Setup

Everything you need to hit the ground running. You’ll have multiple ad groups populated with compelling ads that highlight your unique selling points and benefits of your services. You’ll also have a list of the most profitable keywords for your industry.

Dedicated Campaign Manager

You’ll have a Google Ads Certified campaign manager dedicated to making your program successful. Your campaign manager will know your account in and out and make daily optimizations.

Conversion Pages

Custom pages optimized for one thing: turning traffic into leads. LinkNow’s special conversion pages highlight your selling points, emphasize the benefits of your service, show off client testimonials, and encompass a convincing call to action.

Lead Tracking

With comprehensive lead tracking, you’ll see exactly how many phone calls and email leads your campaign is generating. We’ll also know which ads and keywords are resulting in the highest number of leads, which we use to drive a higher ROI.

Continuous Optimization

We never stop improving your ads. We do daily audits of the search terms report to make sure you have zero wasted spend. We also continuously test out new ad copy, keeping only the ones that are working the best.

Monthly Reporting

You’ll receive a report every 30 days that will outline how your campaign is performing. You’ll see where your budget is going and what’s driving the best results. You’ll also see how your campaign is improving each month and scenarios for scaling up.

I am so happy to have LinkNow Media handle my website, SEO, and Google Ads. Professional grade company for sure.

Henry Bothwell

Marketing has proven to be very effective! We had to slow some of it down as more business was coming in than our small company could handle. I highly recommend LinkNow Media.

Brett Scarf

LinkNow Media delivered everything they promised. They ran an ad campaign for my business and calls went up significantly. I am very pleased with their customer service, and I will continue using them for years to come!

Kerian Piper

Initial Consultation
– Get the Business You Want

When you contact our team, you’ll first have a consultation with one of our Google Ads specialists. We’ll ask you about what kinds of jobs you’re looking for and which areas you work in. We’ll learn your unique selling points and value proposition, so we know what sets you apart from your competition. This ensures we have the information we need to create a successful campaign and that our efforts are aligned with your business goals. We can even go over our return on ad spend calculator to make sure this is the right option for you and determine the best budget for success.

Researching and Planning
– We Find What’s Going to Work

At this phase, we do extensive competitor research to get to the bottom of what works in your industry. We learn what drives purchase decisions for your potential customers so we can formulate the best offers for your campaign. This makes sure you hit the ground running.

We Get Building
– The Foundation of a Profitable Campaign

Your dedicated campaign manager will then get to work on creating appealing ads with captivating copy. We utilize every relevant ad feature: location extensions, callout extensions, bid adjustments for mobile devices, and more. This helps your ads stand out among your competition.

Next, we’ll carefully select the most valuable keywords for your campaign. We make sure your ads are showing when potential customers are searching using high-value keywords with transactional intent. Your ads will be there when potential customers are ready to contact your company.

Lastly, we create optimized conversion pages built to turn traffic into leads. When a potential customer clicks on your ad and lands on your site, they’ll have every piece of information they might need in order to cross the finish line by giving you a call or sending you an email. This includes testimonials, photos, unique selling points, and more. Check out a sample conversion page here.

Just like that, you’re ready to launch!

Data-Driven Campaign Optimization
– Your Campaign Gets Better As You Go

We never stop improving your campaign. We create multiple versions of your ads with unique ad copy and selling angles. We constantly test new ads, keeping what’s working and getting rid of what’s not. Your campaign will start off with a bang and only get better with time.

We also continually improve your keyword list. As we accumulate data, we’ll know which keywords are generating the best response. We use this information to continuously refine our focus and zero in on the most profitable keywords and ad groups to create a higher ROI.

We also add ClickCease onto every account we manage at no additional charge to block unwanted traffic. This software helps our clients get up to 20% more value from their ad budgets by stopping competitor, robot and other unwanted clicks!

See the Results with Monthly Reporting
– Measure and Track Your Success

Monthly reporting begins 30 days after your campaign is launched. You’ll see exactly where your money’s going and how many leads are being generated. This allows you to track total cost per lead and precisely calculate your return on investment. You’ll see how your campaign improves over time on various metrics that are key to success. If you need help interpreting the report, your dedicated campaign manager will schedule a meeting to go over it with you in detail.

Scaling Up
– Building on What’s Working

What’s better than a highly profitable Google Ads campaign? A bigger, more profitable one! LinkNow’s Google Ads are built to scale. Once we find what’s working for you, you can easily increase your budget to get even more business at a lower cost per lead. We’ll also help you augment your campaign with pay-per-click on other platforms (Bing, Facebook, Instagram), SEO, Local Services Ads, and more.

Don’t Take Our Word for It
– A Case Study in Google Ads Success

Do you want to see a real example of how this works? In this case study, you’ll see how we cut one of our client’s cost per lead by over 50%, generating more business for less money. We significantly improved his campaign in every meaningful measure, such as click-through rate, conversion rate, impression share, and more. We’ll walk you step by step through what we did to drastically improve his results.

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Tree Services
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