Optimizing for All: The Intersection of Digital Accessibility and SEO

Contents Optimizing for All: The Intersection of Digital Accessibility and SEO What is Web Accessibility? Why Does Digital Accessibility Matter Anyway? How Accessibility Features Connect to SEO Clear, Understandable Content Ranks Digital Accessibility Improves Overall User Experience (UX) Voice Search Optimization Image Captioning and Alt-Text is a Win-Win Enhanced Digital Accessibility Can Drive Traffic to Your Site How LinkNow Embraces Accessibility LinkNow’s ADA Compliance Addon Optimizing for All: The Intersection of Digital Accessibility and SEO If you’re a business with a digital presence, reaching the highest number of users with your content is a top priority. Whether you’re a local contractor, a landscaper, or an attorney, driving traffic to your website requires optimizing your searchability through a range of complex processes. Improving your ranking on Google is one thing, but retaining users on your website and creating engaging content is another. An often under-appreciated approach to search engine optimization (SEO) […]

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About Josh Wilson: Josh is a content writer who strives to create SEO-optimized copy that excites readers. With experience as a freelancer and editor and a background in creative writing, he specializes in long-form and custom content. Josh is always looking to push the limits of language and provide clients with personalized content that helps drive traffic and customers to their business. With a Master’s in Information Studies, Josh is also an archivist and research specialist passionate about satisfying diverse information-seeking needs. As part of LinkNow’s Content team, he leverages his academic background and research expertise to support clients and write powerful copy. In his spare time, Josh is an avid reader, home cook, and Leeds United supporter.

The Mobile-First Future: How LinkNow’s Designs Are Leading the SEO Charge

  Google has made it very clear that mobile browsing is the future of its search platform. Recently, the search giant completed its years-long effort to migrate to mobile-first indexing for all websites, which means having an adaptable, responsive design is more important than ever. Here at LinkNow, we’ve seen this writing on the wall for quite some time now, which is why we have long since transitioned our websites to reflect the market trends and larger industry focus on mobile browsing. In this blog post, we will be examining why all our websites are adapted for mobile phones, as well as the reasoning behind our constant adjustment in the SEO industry. The Rising Need for Mobile-Friendly Search Before we can look at LinkNow’s solution to mobile SEO, we first need to understand the problem that our company—and all other website developers—was facing. All the way back in 2016, Google […]

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Tyson is a content writer and SEO specialist with over half a decade of industry experience. He is an expert on digital marketing and is passionate about providing his clients with powerful content that boosts traffic and engagement. When away from his desk, Tyson enjoys home cooking, comic books, and live music.

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Website: Section 3

3)      Hosting and more Once you order a website you will need to have it hosted. Though the internet can seem like it exists everywhere and nowhere at once, all the websites on the internet exists on servers and have a physical location. If you think of your website as a virtual office or store for your goods or services then think of hosting as the land that your website is built upon. Basically, hosting means having a place for your website to exist and be on the web. Hosting usually starts when you order the website because as the website is being constructed it still needs a place to be built on. If you want only hosting for your website then it is usually pretty inexpensive and is paid on a monthly basis. But unless you know a lot about how websites and the internet works then you will […]

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Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Website: Section 2

2)      Content Creation for SEO and Search Engine Marketing A website company should be able to change the written content on your website free of charge as long as you provide the content. The text content on your website is your primary form of advertising because it conveys not only what you offer your customers, but the feel and dynamic you wish to convey about your brand. But it is also important to know that the writing you have on your site impacts how you are found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is known as search engine optimization or SEO.  There are many different factors that affect SEO such as backlinks, reviews, age of the site, URL, meta data and social media, to name a few. But the written content on your site is one of the most important and obvious aspects to focus on. […]

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Is your website infected with a virus? Not quite!

It is not uncommon to stumble upon a website that is filled with links that irritate us by showing random pop-ups when we hover over them, giving us unsolicited information and overall putting us off from continuing to explore its contents. Of course sometimes this information might be useful, but most of the times it is irritating, useless and overall annoying.

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