Long-Tail Keywords: How to Outrank the Competition

Image of a graph and a magnifying glass focused on a key. Text says: Long-tail keywords: Your secret weapon to crush the competition.

  Forget about using short, generic keywords. The long-tail keyword (LT) is what you need to boost business. In fact, long-tail keywords are what we use to supercharge our rankings and reach Google’s front page. They’re also what we use to get our clients results like these: Long-tails are a powerful, simple tool to improve your ranking on Google. Let’s look at how you can use them to increase your online visibility and outrank your competition. What Are Long-Tail Keywords? At its simplest, a long-tail keyword is a longer-than-average keyword. It strings together multiple terms to create a hyper-specific, ultra-focused keyword based on what users are searching for. This is where the magic happens. Long-tails home in on user search intent. Unlike short, “fat-head” keywords, a long-tail keyword focuses on a specific search query to address a user’s unique need. That need could be an answer to a question, a […]

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