Too Many New Clients! A Google Ads Case Study

Too Many New Clients! A Google Ads Case Study

“It's doing so well we can't keep up. We're only two guys, and we’re soon going to have to start turning people away.”

- Benjamin Wallshlaeger, Owner of Brothers Ben Productions

As you can imagine, we were very proud when we heard this feedback from one of our clients.

Here’s the story of what we did for this business and how we can do the same for yours!

Client Background – A Business Built on a Lifelong Passion

Brothers Ben Productions is run by two brothers who are living their dream. They operate a business centered around tabletop and role-playing game services, and it’s the epitome of a labor of love.

For those unfamiliar, tabletop games and RPGs involve groups of friends getting together, taking on roles of characters they create, and engaging in collaborative adventures. The games are stewarded by a “dungeon master” or host. The Brothers Ben offer various services revolving around developing and facilitating these games. They’re dungeon masters for hire.

With the amount of time, energy, and dedication the brothers put into their games, it’s clear that only truly passionate gamers could build a thriving business offering these services. The brothers are true enthusiasts with passion in spades.

The Beginning – The Brothers Take a Chance on LinkNow Marketing

Our clients initially got in touch with us because they needed a company to build them a new website. While we were getting their site set up, we discussed some of the marketing services we offered and how digital marketing could benefit them.

They agreed to give us a shot but decided to start with a small budget. They wanted to make sure their money was being put to good use before committing to an expensive marketing plan.

They were unsure which form of digital marketing was the best fit for their services, so they opted to follow our suggestions. We decided on Google Ads as they offered a very niche yet in-demand service. Google Ads would also allow them to target the audience they were hoping to reach.

A Roaring Success – The Brothers Are Flooded with More Clients Than They Can Handle  

In just a few months, Brothers Ben Productions was receiving more inquiries than they could fulfill, a great problem for any business to have. They were even considering shutting down their marketing because it was working too well. 

Without Giving Away All Our Secrets, Here’s How We Did It

We followed our winning Google Ads formula:

  • Creating coordinated campaigns – (keywords, ad copy, and conversion pages)
  • Continuous campaign optimization

Coordinated Campaigns Are A Recipe for Success

In a coordinated campaign, each element functions as part of the whole, maximizing the relevancy of the material to searchers.

Our campaigns are meticulously organized so that searchers always see the exact information they’re looking for from ads and landing pages.

Here’s a preview of one of the ads that we created for this campaign:

Ad Preview

The keywords that trigger this ad are centered around the brothers’ main service: virtual dungeon master for hire.

Notice how the headlines for this ad match the service and the keywords. Searchers will see the words they used in their search terms (or close synonyms) right in the ad headlines.

Now here’s a preview of the landing page searchers will arrive at once they’ve clicked on this ad:

Again, searchers instantly see that this page contains the exact information they’re looking for.

This is how we build our campaigns. Every element is coordinated. This is one of the ways we make our campaigns successful and deliver a great ROI for our clients.

Continuous Campaign Optimization Drives the Highest Possible ROI

Continuous optimization means refining your campaign so it gets better with time. We meticulously analyze every search term searchers use before interacting with your ads. Wherever there’s an opportunity to improve your campaign by adjusting bids or expanding the negative keyword list, we take it. We use the keyword data collected whenever your campaign runs to make adjustments that drive a higher return for your marketing investment.  

You might be surprised to find out that not every company does this. While it’s one of the best ways to make ads campaigns better, time and time again we see Google Ads campaigns managed by other companies that haven’t made a single keyword adjustment since the campaign's launch date.

Google also collects data we use to improve your campaign’s ads. For each service we’re advertising, we create three distinct ads that contain different selling points, promotional offers, CTAs, and more. Google then shows us which ads are performing the best: turning searchers into traffic and traffic into leads.

We use this information to analyze and adjust your ads on a very granular level. We constantly try new combinations so that our ads are always improving. Even when our campaigns start off working exceptionally well, like the campaigns we created for Brothers Ben Productions, we take every opportunity to drive even better performance.

For the Brothers Ben Production, we used these optimization methods to lower the campaign’s cost per conversion (cost per phone call or email lead) from $19.74 in September 2020 all the way down to $11.68 in December 2020. That’s a 41% reduction!

Cost per conversion beforeCost per conversion after

Conclusion – Smart Strategies and Hard Work Pay Off

Our Google Ads are built according to our tried-and-true formula. We also keep working to optimize our campaigns and maximize our clients’ ROI.

The Google Ads program we built for Brothers Ben Production started off with a bang. We didn’t stop there. We kept testing and tweaking to drive even greater performance.

We want to use the same formula to create a highly profitable Google Ads campaign for your business. Schedule a consultation with one of our Google Ads experts now! Click here to learn more.

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