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The One Big Way Most Businesses are Screwing Up Online

Content marketing is perhaps the single most effective aspect of any online business marketing strategy, but it is unfortunately a form of marketing that most small business owners are not familiar with. And why would they be? If you are a small business owner, you are probably focused on your area of expertise, which is running your business. However, if you want to effectively promote your business online (and of course you want to promote your business online), you need to familiarize yourself with content marketing and the ways in which it can benefit your business. Content serves two main purposes in the promotion of your business: The first is to make your website more visible to search engines so you can attract more visitors, and the second is to engage and interest your visitors so they stick around and come back for more. Regularly producing content that serves both […]

Everything you need to know about Google algorithm updates

If you spend any time at all reading about SEO best practices, you have likely seen technology and web bloggers referring to one Google algorithm update or another. However, for those of us who are not Internet experts, all of this talk about algorithms can seem totally mystifying. If you’re wondering what it means for Google to change their search algorithms and how these changes affect you as a website owner, you’re not alone! We’ll do our best here to answer your questions. Why does Google change their algorithm? Google is, of course, the biggest, most widely used search engine on the planet. They have managed to gain this status because they have consistently returned the best, most relevant search results for their customers, search after search and year after year. They are able to do this because they are constantly updating their search algorithms, or to put it more […]

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Website: Section 5

5)      Staying Current: Mobile site, updating and blogging So, your site has been created, has well-written content, has an SEO strategy and has been properly indexed. What else is there to consider?  Just because you have a website, it does not mean you can simply forget about it. There are still things to do to help you succeed on the internet.  Let us proceed by asking some questions because questions are probably more important than you realize when it comes to SEO (discussed below). Why should I make my website mobile friendly? In January of 2014 a survey[1] discovered that 90% of adults in the US have cellphones and 58% have smartphones. As smartphones allow you to access the internet almost anywhere you go, it is no surprise that having a mobile friendly website is becoming very important for any business. (A mobile friendly website is formatted to look good […]

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Website: Section 4

4)      Search Engine Indexing Periods   When your site has been completed then it is time to place it on the search engines. This is referred to as indexing your site. First a website is submitted to Google, Bing and/or Yahoo and then the search engines will index them into the right categories so that people can find your site. This is not to be confused with a website going live.  A website is live when it has been connected to the internet. That means that you, or anyone else, can see it if they write the domain name in the address bar.  However, you will be unable to find it by searching on a search engine because it has not been indexed yet. How long does search engine indexing take? The time it takes for your site to be properly indexed can vary greatly.  Know that indexing takes time.  […]

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Website: Section 3

3)      Hosting and more Once you order a website you will need to have it hosted. Though the internet can seem like it exists everywhere and nowhere at once, all the websites on the internet exists on servers and have a physical location. If you think of your website as a virtual office or store for your goods or services then think of hosting as the land that your website is built upon. Basically, hosting means having a place for your website to exist and be on the web. Hosting usually starts when you order the website because as the website is being constructed it still needs a place to be built on. If you want only hosting for your website then it is usually pretty inexpensive and is paid on a monthly basis. But unless you know a lot about how websites and the internet works then you will […]