Don’t Stop When You Reach the Top: Why Online Reviews are Still Important for High-Ranking Businesses

  After putting in the time and effort to climb to the top of Google’s SERP, you may think it’s time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your successful SEO strategy—but the work doesn’t stop there. Now that you’re getting as many eyes as possible on your business, you need to show potential customers that you live up to the hype. One of the first things your audience will see when they find your business on Google is your reviews, which is why quality, honest, and recent testimonials can play a big part in purchasing decisions. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the importance of online reviews, provide tips for getting testimonials from your clients, and demonstrate why high-ranking businesses still need them. Let’s dive in! Looking at the Numbers: Reviews Are a Proven Asset You’ve probably heard that online reviews are an important factor in your digital footprint, […]

Tyson Breen

Author: Tyson Breen

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