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How Do Google Local Services Ads Work?

Local Services Ads are given premium visibility at the top of Google’s first page, above Google Ads and Google Maps.

It’s incredibly easy for searchers to find your business. You pay per lead: each time a prospect contacts you by phone, email or direct message for your services.

You get qualified leads, book more jobs, and grow your business!

The Google Guarantee: Instill Trust

Google offers customers a $2,000 guarantee on your work.

This builds confidence in your company. Potential customers see the Google Guarantee badge  showing Google’s endorsement and know they can hire you with protection.

With the Google Guarantee, there’s built-in trust.

LinkNow Local Services Ads Application Support – Get Up and Running FAST

To take advantage of Local Services Ads marketing, you’ll need to complete the application process.

LinkNow offers support to streamline your application. We’ll help you collect and submit the necessary documents and communicate with Google on your behalf. We’ll drastically cut down the amount of work and time it takes to complete your application. Your ads will be up and running as fast as possible.

You’ll be getting great leads in no time! Take advantage of this service for only $399.95.

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LinkNow Local Services Ads Management – Maximize Your Return

LinkNow offers Local Services Ads management services to get the most out of your budget.

We’ll create, manage, and optimize your Local Services Ads to drive the highest possible return on investment. You’ll receive professional support, budget recommendations, lead monitoring, and more.

We’ll take care of all communication with Google.

For just $399.95 per month, we’ll professionally manage your Local Services Ads. We’ll maximize the number of jobs you book through your campaign.

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