7 Ways to Promote Your Small Business During Boxing Week

For better or worse, the lull of Christmas is short-lived. Months of excited (and frequently extravagant) holiday shopping lead up to a joyous, relaxing day of gift-giving and celebrating with loved ones. The momentary pause in buying, however, is brief. When the clock strikes midnight on December 26th, it signals the beginning of one of the busiest shopping weeks of the year: Boxing Week. Shoppers ambitious enough to brave the crowds during Boxing Week are greeted with deals, discounts, and door crashers galore. The promise of cost savings and limited quantities can entice even the most frugal consumer to keep on shopping. Corporations prepare for the Boxing Day onslaught all year round, putting together exclusive, nationwide incentives to bring in the buyers. Small businesses can get in on the action, too! By offering promotional specials and initiatives over the Boxing Day week, you’ll help to keep business booming over the […]

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Aubrey is a copy writer and Head of Content at LinkNow Media. An expert content marketer, he is obsessed with developing strategic solutions that emphasize elegance and simplicity. Although generally mild mannered, he has been known to fly into rages at the sight of a semicolon.

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Website: Section 1

What exactly does having a website created to represent your business entail? Many companies try to streamline the process to make it as simple as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should go in blind. There are things to know and questions to ask before, during and after the purchase and completion of a website – a website should never be complete. With this article we hope to bring to light the fundamental concerns of website design as well as what expectations are appropriate to have of a design company. The 5 parts of this article will be published weekly to exemplify a particular internet marketing strategy which will be discussed in the section 5. Before moving onto section 1, here is a short list of the overarching ideas contained within this article. Some of the ideas will be clearly defined in a particular section, yet others will only become […]

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Making the Most of Your Website: A LinkNow Media Success Story

LinkNow Media is a family owned Montreal based company providing website design and online marketing services to North American small business owners. We have become one of the fastest growing design companies in the last 4 years due to efficient, cost-effective marketing services and the fastest web design turn around in the industry. In the past four years, we have accumulated over 5000 active clients located in Canada and the United States. We have certainly grown into a tour de force among website design companies with marketing and SEO packages to suit each client’s needs and budgets. Brian Holder, owner of B & M Builders in Colchester, Connecticut joined forces with LinkNow Media in September of 2012 to build a website and market his business online. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Holder has built an excellent reputation for the finest remodeling services including kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, custom decks […]

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