Optimizing for All: The Intersection of Digital Accessibility and SEO

Contents Optimizing for All: The Intersection of Digital Accessibility and SEO What is Web Accessibility? Why Does Digital Accessibility Matter Anyway? How Accessibility Features Connect to SEO Clear, Understandable Content Ranks Digital Accessibility Improves Overall User Experience (UX) Voice Search Optimization Image Captioning and Alt-Text is a Win-Win Enhanced Digital Accessibility Can Drive Traffic to Your Site How LinkNow Embraces Accessibility LinkNow’s ADA Compliance Addon Optimizing for All: The Intersection of Digital Accessibility and SEO If you’re a business with a digital presence, reaching the highest number of users with your content is a top priority. Whether you’re a local contractor, a landscaper, or an attorney, driving traffic to your website requires optimizing your searchability through a range of complex processes. Improving your ranking on Google is one thing, but retaining users on your website and creating engaging content is another. An often under-appreciated approach to search engine optimization (SEO) […]

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About Josh Wilson: Josh is a content writer who strives to create SEO-optimized copy that excites readers. With experience as a freelancer and editor and a background in creative writing, he specializes in long-form and custom content. Josh is always looking to push the limits of language and provide clients with personalized content that helps drive traffic and customers to their business. With a Master’s in Information Studies, Josh is also an archivist and research specialist passionate about satisfying diverse information-seeking needs. As part of LinkNow’s Content team, he leverages his academic background and research expertise to support clients and write powerful copy. In his spare time, Josh is an avid reader, home cook, and Leeds United supporter.

Semantic Search and Intent Optimization: A Brief Guide

A human hand opens futuristic applications on a touchscreen. Text says: Semantic search: The future of SEO.

Find Out Why Secondary Keywords Are Your Superpower The way people search the Internet is changing, with as many as 33% of households using voice commands to ask questions. That’s not all. Way back in 2010, the key to ranking well in the search engine results pages (SERPs) was to produce as many backlinks as possible while filling each page to the brim with keywords. Times are changing. The focus of a great SEO strategy has shifted. How does semantic search play into this in 2022, and why are secondary keywords so powerful? First, let’s peer into semantic search and why it’s so crucial for an exceptional modern SEO strategy. Defining Semantic Search Semantic search refers to a new era of SEO in which experts are not so interested in what keywords a searcher uses, but rather how those keywords are used. It seeks to understand the core behavior, motivation, […]

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John Wickham is Senior Content Writer and Strategist at LinkNow Media. An SEO expert, he writes to empower small-business owners by giving them the information they need to market themselves. His love of the written word is matched only by his love of ancient history, as well as the semi-colon.

How Can I Get my Website to Rank Higher in Voice Search Queries in 2018?

If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of getting your website out in front of potential customers. The Internet has upended the field of marketing, and successful companies are devoting at least 40% of their marketing budget to web and search marketing. But building an online presence for your business is hard work. One algorithm changes and suddenly your website drops in search rankings. The most important quality in search isn’t technical brilliance. It’s your ability to adapt. With that in mind, here’s the next thing you need to focus on. It’s a sea of change from previous search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. And it’s the future of search. What is Voice Search? Voice search refers to any technology that allows users to conduct Internet searches via voice recognition rather than typing. When we talk about Voice Search, we mean several searching technologies that big players such […]

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