Caller ID

Be able to see who is calling by a name and phone number.

Call Waiting

Be notified and be able to answer a second call while already on the phone.


Allow your callers to leave you a message if you miss their call.


Record all phone calls, and listen to them through a dashboard.

Call Attendant

Set up schedules, IVRs and different call routing.

Professional Greetings 24/7

Greet your callers with a pre-recorded message, even if you don't answer!

Local Numbers

We have access to 95% of area codes, if yours is not available, we can get a number in your nearest town.

500 Local Minutes

Over 8 hours of talk time included!

Toll-Free Numbers Available

If toll-free numbers would help your company, we've got them!

Call Forwarding

Redirect calls to another number.

Hold Music

Select a track or message to play while clients are on hold

PPC Tracking

Great for tracking all types of marketing to differentiate the source of your calls.

Our Phone System Solutions Also Offer

Route Calls Based On A Schedule

Calls will be routed to the best department or person based on the time and purpose of the call.


If you don't answer your primary device, calls will automatically be routed to an alternate number.

Voicemail to Email

Quick and convenient access to voicemails that are sent to your email.

Optional Call Recording

Ensure the level of quality and accuracy that you expect from your staff.

Hold Music/Messaging

Provide important information or special offers to your clients.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Have multiple numbers to track marketing or to accommodate callers from different area codes.

Standardized Greetings

Clients are always greeted professionally. No more answering calls while under a sink. So callers will have the best possible first impression.

Customer’s calls answered 24 x 7 x 365

Reducing the odds that they will call the next plumber in the google local listings. You will get all your calls.

Multiple call schedules

Calls will be directed to the right person/department based on the purpose of the call, the time of day and day of the week.

Numbers for Remote Employees

Dynamic call routing makes it easy to have people handle your business calls while on the road, from an office, from a different city or even out of state.

Example Call Routing Playbook:

Jim’s 24 HR Plumbing

Flow Chart Flow Chart

Rule Set

-If between 8 AM - 5 PM send call to main dispatch on his cell phone at 555-555-1212

-If between 5 PM - 1 AM send call to first night shift plumber on his home phone number

-If between 1 AM - 8 AM send call to Jim on his cell number 555-555-2020, but if he doesn't answer his cell phone, call his home number 555-514-3030

Rule Set

-If between 8 AM - 5 PM Monday to Friday send the call to Jackie on her home office number 555-555-3535

-If between 5 PM - 8 AM or on the weekend, send the call to voicemail and email the message to

Rule Set

"Message plays to caller... Please hold on the line while we connect you with one of our emergency plumbers. This may take a few minutes."

-If between 8 AM - 5 PM send the call to main dispatch
555-555-1212, first night shift plumber 555-555-1111 and Jim's cell number 555-555-2020 simultaneously.

-If between 5 PM - 8 AM send the call to first night shift plumber 555-555-1111 and Jim's cell number 555-555-2020

This is just one example of how incoming calls can be directed to the right people or department depending on customer needs, time of day or day of the week. There are so many possibilities. The system can be set up to manage your business’ incoming calls in a way that is only limited to your imagination.

What's Included:

Local Numbers
$5.00/Month Each
$5.00/Month Each
Local Minutes
Toll Free Numbers
$5.00/Month Each
Toll Free Minutes
IVR Recordings
Google's Text-To-Speech
Or Send In Your Own!

What Can't Be Done

Hard Phone

This is a virtual system only. It works as an addon to your current phone system or cell phone.

Outbound Call Settings

This will display your current phone number, and not the number associated to this new virtual phone system.

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