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8 SEO Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Your Ranking

If you’ve stumbled across this page, you’ve probably been mulling over your page rankings and disappointed with the result. Maybe you’ve been having a bad month. Maybe a bad year. Whatever it is, you know how important it is that your website ranks well. In this day and age, your business depends on it. At LinkNow Media, we work day in and day out at helping our clients navigate the complicated world of search engine optimization or SEO. While we’d love to do this work for you, we’re okay with sharing some basic principles of what it is we do if you’re looking to go the DIY route. These nine SEO strategies won’t work overnight. We won’t lie: building a brand online takes time, dedication, and energy. If you’re looking for an easy and quick fix, we have some bad news: it can’t be done. At least not within the […]

Have I Been Hit By A Negative SEO Campaign?

You wake up on Monday morning. Everything seems calm. You wake up ten minutes before your alarm as the sun’s rays gentle shine through the slit in your blinds. The birds are singing. The weather outside is a balmy 22 degrees. To top it all off, your favourite song is playing on the radio on your commute to work. You get there, steaming hot mug of fair-trade Ethiopian coffee in hand, and sit at your desk. What could possibly go wrong today? And then you take a look at your website rankings. In the tank. Bottomed out. Like they were never there. It’s a nightmare scenario for anybody who relies on the Internet for sales, which in today’s day and age describes just about everyone with a business. You cross off everything on your web-traffic drop checklist and frantically check your usual Search Engine media sites for news. Was there […]

What Is and Isn’t a Useful Metric for Improving Your Website in 2019

Everyone working in SEO knows that the golden rule for content is that it should be useful and relevant to searchers. Google has been saying this for years. And it’s a rule that we at LinkNow Media take advantage of. So it seems like a terrible irony that it’s so hard to find useful and relevant information about ranking metrics themselves. You’ll find one group of bloggers claiming that X metric is complete garbage. Then you’ll find another group who say it’s the most important. This is especially true when it comes metrics like bounce rate, pages per visit, and time-on-site. You have your for and against—and each side seems to suggest the other is behind the times. But maybe the problem isn’t so much that these are either good or bad. Maybe it’s that these metrics can be good in some contexts and not in others? Join us as […]

Trust Issues: What Was Behind the September 27th and October 2018 Algorithm Updates?

Whether you’re managing your own website or someone else’s, the last thing you want is to see your SERP ranking suddenly drop. As SEOs, we work hard for our Google rankings! We expect that with great content, great backlinks, and careful keyword research, we’ll get the rankings we deserve. And normally it’s true. But if one there’s one thing that every SEO knows, it’s that, aside from Google’s own engineers, no one knows how their search algorithm works. Which is why, every time Google updates their algorithm, the internet goes a bit nuts for a while. Some people’s rankings suddenly soar. Others plummet. And everyone’s asking themselves: what the heck happened?! The September 27th and October follow-up updates were no different. People panicked. Tweets were retweeted. Replies were written. Articles were posted. Comment threads exploded. Here at the LinkNow Media office though, everything was calm. Why you ask? We understand […]

Making Sense of Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

Back in March, Google announced it was launching its