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Google Maps Fraud: How False Business Listings Hurt Your Business

This article by CNBC is a good primer on an increasing phenomenon: businesses using Google Maps in a fraudulent fashion to increase calls to their business. The article details the example of a telemedicine business that posed as an urgent care walk-in clinic to improve the SEO for their website. We’re sure you know how important a tool Google My Business is when it comes to improving your website ranking in local searches. But it’s easy to see how this can lead to abuses that can have serious consequences. In this case, a parent took a sick child to the fake clinic believing it to be a late-night alternative to a local emergency room. That’s not only bad for business but in cases like this, it’s negligent and dangerous! Google Maps Fake Listings: How Widespread Is the Problem? The CNBC article goes into detail about volunteers who track down fake […]

Facebook’s Local News Feed Twist Is Going Global

They say that all politics are local and if Facebook is any type of indicator, then it looks like all news may be now too! In January 2018, Facebook committed to surfacing more localized news within its News Feed. This means that users across all regions and with all operational languages are now more likely to be seeing more localized news in the Facebook News Feed than may have previously been the case. Given the ongoing data leaks furor that is currently engulfing the social media giant, it is perhaps no surprise that this announcement has flown under the media radar somewhat. However, the reality of the situation is that this does not mean that it is any less important. The local-led emphasis that Facebook has taken to its News Feed has the potential to revolutionize the news, media and content fields as users are now going to be targeted […]

Google My Business Finally Welcomes Video

The turn of the new year saw Google introduce a lot of changes to the operating systems of a variety of its platforms. This included increasing multiple new languages to its Maps platform as well as moving one step closer to infinite scrolling on their main search engine through the adoption of a ‘more results’ page. However, it is clear that the developments and changes did not stop there. Google My Business has now got in on the act and it appears that the option to upload videos to a listing on this site has finally arrived. The ability to add a video to a local listing via Google Maps has been in place since August 2017 but January 2018 is the first time that this option is showing up inside of the GMB dashboard. An official announcement from a Google My Business representative confirmed the development and the ability […]

Twitter: An Incredible Tool to Rehabilitate Your Business’s Image

Twitter is a social media that was launched in 2006 and quickly became one of the most important and popular sites on the web. With 330 million active monthly users worldwide, you probably already know that Twitter is a good way to reach out to potential customers and build an engaging brand presence. But did you know that Twitter is also one of the best ways to manipulate your search results and maintain better control over the content that clients see when they search for your business? SearchEngineLand reports that obtaining a Twitter search carousel takes up a massive amount of vertical space. If you have negative reviews or contributor’s pages jockeying for space on your search result, you know the value of gaining control over what displays on search pages for your brand or business. But are there other ways to use Twitter to increase the reach of your […]

How Can I Get my Website to Rank Higher in Voice Search Queries in 2018?

If you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of getting your website out in front of potential customers. The Internet has upended the field of marketing, and successful companies are devoting at least 40% of their marketing budget to web and search marketing. But building an online presence for your business is hard work. One algorithm changes and suddenly your website drops in search rankings. The most important quality in search isn’t technical brilliance. It’s your ability to adapt. With that in mind, here’s the next thing you need to focus on. It’s a sea of change from previous search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. And it’s the future of search. What is Voice Search? Voice search refers to any technology that allows users to conduct Internet searches via voice recognition rather than typing. When we talk about Voice Search, we mean several searching technologies that big players such […]