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Cornerstone Content: How to Write Stuff Google Will Love

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With digital marketing, it’s never enough to create content that engages your audience. You also need to grab Google’s attention. But how are you going to do that? Enter cornerstone content: the basic building-block to a rock-solid website. Cornerstone content is what you need to power your web presence, get Google’s attention, and convert clicks into phone calls. It’s what you need to drive traffic to your site, and ensure that traffic translates into real customers. Read this post in full to learn what cornerstone content is, why it’s so important, and how you can create your own today. What Is Cornerstone Content? Cornerstone content is exactly what it sounds like: it’s the content that’s core to your website: Your key service and product pages Your best, most essential articles Your highest-performing blog posts and landing pages Cornerstone content is the content visitors will first see when they arrive at […]

Revolutionizing the World of Web Design

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There was a time when websites cost a fortune, or took an eternity to set up. But LinkNow’s put a stop to that. Since 2009, LinkNow’s been changing the name of the web-design game. Our cost-effective marketing solutions have helped businesses across North America get seen, boost profits, and maximize growth. With over 10,000 active clients, LinkNow is leading the way in affordable, value-driven web design. Join us as we look at LinkNow’s journey and how we continue to make waves across the industry. Making the Small-Business Life Easier—One Website at a Time LinkNow began not with a service but with a mission: To make the small-business life easier. Co-founders Wesley Mendelovitch and Sonny Bettan realized that one of the biggest hurdles for small business owners was getting a website. Back in 2009, hiring a web design and digital marketing company was a massive investment. It cost a small fortune […]

Long-Tail Keywords: How to Outrank the Competition

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  Forget about using short, generic keywords. The long-tail keyword (LT) is what you need to boost business. In fact, long-tail keywords are what we use to supercharge our rankings and reach Google’s front page. They’re also what we use to get our clients results like these: Long-tails are a powerful, simple tool to improve your ranking on Google. Let’s look at how you can use them to increase your online visibility and outrank your competition. What Are Long-Tail Keywords? At its simplest, a long-tail keyword is a longer-than-average keyword. It strings together multiple terms to create a hyper-specific, ultra-focused keyword based on what users are searching for. This is where the magic happens. Long-tails home in on user search intent. Unlike short, “fat-head” keywords, a long-tail keyword focuses on a specific search query to address a user’s unique need. That need could be an answer to a question, a […]

5 Easy Steps to Build a Stellar Social Media Presence

In 2021, he importance and relevance of social media is undeniable. With over a billion people on Facebook alone, most folks are engaged on these platforms in some capacity, especially in the western world. Creating a strong social media presence is an invaluable resource for small businesses. Still, many business owners struggle to find the time to develop a strategy that works for them. Besides hiring an exuberant young person to create TikTok dances promoting your business, there are a few other strategies to engage with your audience, build a following, and share your business with the world. Keep reading to find out more! 1.     Choose the Right Platform Different social media platforms cater to different demographics. When working on your social media strategy, it’s important to identify your target audience and go where they’ll see you. Facebook is a good catch-all choice: It’s by far the most used platform […]

How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities in 2021

This is part 2 in our series on Guest Posting. Click here to read part 1 on the basics of guest posts. Do you want to find out how you can find guest posting opportunities? These tips will help you into some amazing opportunities. These are proven strategies to help you reach out to bloggers and get your stuff on high-ranking, relevant domains that help catapult you to the top of Google. Read on to learn how to find great guest posting opportunities. Tips for Finding Guest Posting Spots Guest posting is a great way to boost your company’s public profile, build links for your business, and make meaningful connections with people in your relevant field. To reap all those rewards, let’s look at how you can find the perfect guest posting opportunities for your business. Finding the Right Blog for You A quick web search will tell you that […]