Climb to the Top of Google with These 5 Risk-Free Backlink Strategies [2022]


Do you have a blog or website struggling to gain organic traffic despite following all the SEO best practices and don't know why? You could be failing to get backlinks from authoritative websites. As you may or may not know, backlinks are links on other websites that take a reader back to one of your web pages. The more external links your website has, the greater the chance it will climb to the top of Google and your organic traffic will pick up. That said, backlinks are not created equal. So, while we recommend getting as many as possible, we also recommend paying attention to the quality of links. For the best results, you want them to come from high-ranking, authoritative websites.


If you're unsure how to do this, allow us to dispense 5 of our proven-to-work tips and tricks to help you climb to the top of Google. Stick around and continue reading if you're ready for your website to finally take off!


  1. Incorporate Internal Links

Using internal links is the easiest strategy to get authoritative websites to recognize and trust yours. It's free, risk-free, and guaranteed because you control it yourself. While this isn't a direct strategy to get backlinks, here us out because there's a point to doing this. When you add links from one page on your website to another, you're telling Google how to rank the page. Over time, the page ranking improves and will slowly reach the top of Google search queries. When this happens, other authoritative websites will recognize your website as credible and willingly add backlinks to your pages.


  1. Repair Broken Links

If you already have backlinks established but deleted, edited, or replaced content on the relevant pages, the link is considered broken, rendering it useless. As such, when someone clicks on your broken link, they will be directed to that "404 error" page every website owner avoids like the plague. You can prevent this by redirecting the broken link to the updated web page link or a page with relevant content. If you're unsure which pages have broken links, here is a list of tools to identify them.

Furthermore, if WordPress is your website host, you can install the Broken Link Checker plugin.


  1. Publish Free Downloadable Tools

You want to give external websites a reason to link to your web pages, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to publish free tools their readers would benefit from. When other websites link to your tools, the website owner gives their readers the value and resources they're looking for, making this a win-win for both of you. Here are some of the more popular downloadable free tools:

  • •Spreadsheets
  • •Template (to-do list, budgeting, journaling, etc.)
  • •Toolkit
  • •Checklists

Taking the time to create free downloadable tools may seem daunting, but the ROI is worthwhile. Your backlinks will improve, and your Google rankings will follow suit. If you're looking for easy and cost-effective online resources to get started, we recommend Microsoft Excel and Canva.


  1. Publish Original Content

When you run a website, no matter how much content you produce, you will never gain authority your content is not credible or relevant to the readers. According to SEO experts surveyed by uSERP, “40.7% say content marketing provides the strongest passive link-building results.”


What does this mean for you?


Do original research and produce content that your competitors don't have. Think of original content as the king of backlink building.


  1. Provide Statistical Roundup Content

Readers love statistics because they are easily digestible and provide copious amounts of information in just a few data points. Do you know who else loves statistics? Journalists! Suppose your content includes roundup statistics you gathered from other credible sources that published primary data—journalists are more likely to link data back to your web page as their original source. As a result, you will see a spike in backlinks and your web page will shoot through Google search query rankings since journalists generally write for authoritative websites. When you do this, be sure to gather your information from credible sources such as:

While gathering statistics and presenting them in an easy-to-read format such as a table may be time-consuming, it is an incredibly useful strategy to secure credible backlinks.


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