4 Big Benefits of Blogging (and Why Even Contractors Should Do It)

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teIf you're not blogging in 2022, you're leaving a lot on the table.

Blogging helps put eyes on your business. It helps build trust with your audience—and with Google. Even contractors like roofers, plumbers, and general contractors are reaping the rewards, using it to scale up and build their brands simultaneously. If you're not, you're losing out.

With that in mind, let's look at 4 concrete reasons every business—including contractors—needs a blog.

1. The Cheapest Way to Increase Traffic

Content is king when it comes to search engine optimization, and keeping a blog means that your website will be updated regularly with indexable pages. Try focussing your blog posts around topics that are related to your industry and include keywords and terms that promote your overall SEO strategy.

Without a blog, a good chunk of the clicks on your website will likely come from people already familiar with your business or through expensive paid advertisements. This means that maintaining a blog can have a measurable impact on your traffic with minimal monetary investment.

2. Blogging Turns Visitors Into Customers

Although getting more clicks on your website is important, it is only half the battle. Once you are able to increase your discoverability, you then need to ensure that the people who find your business want to hire you.

Regular blog posting allows you to present a human side to your company by writing in a conversational tone. This allows you to build rapport with your audience and demonstrate your authority in your field.

Once you have gained a bit of legitimacy in the eyes of your potential clients, they will be much more likely to contact you when they need your services.

3. Blogs Are Great for Backlinks

Even if you have only dipped your feet into the world of SEO, you likely already know about the importance of backlinks. As one of the most relevant factors in search engine results, links to your website on high-ranking pages can significantly affect your placement.

Backlinks have a reputation as one of the more difficult aspects of SEO, but a well-written blog can change this. Developing content that appeals to both your target audience and your overall industry will make it easier to build domain authority and trust for your brand.

4. Blog Content Helps Your Social Media Presence

In the modern digital landscape, it is impossible to discredit the importance of social media. That being said, it is not always easy to develop attractive content that sparks engagement.

Blog posts provide you with content that can be repurposed and shared on social media platforms, both by yourself and other users. This helps you widen your area of influence and get the most out of the content you create.

If you're interested in starting a blog for your business but aren't sure where to begin, the content team at LinkNow Media would be glad to help. Reach us at 888-667-7186 or website@linknowmedia.com to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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