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Get Leads Near You with a Local Search Engine Optimization Service

  If you depend on local companies to do business, you need to be searchable on Google Maps, business directories, and other local business platforms. Wondering how you can connect with neighboring customers? With local search engine optimization services from an SEO company like LinkNow, you can reach consumers looking for your services, increase your website’s ranking in local search, and get discovered on Google Maps. In this article, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about local SEO services so that you can be found on the Internet and start growing your business online! Use Google Maps to Boost Your Business As a local SEO company, our clients are always asking: how can I use Google Maps for my business? Google Maps is designed to help consumers find the businesses they need in their local area. When you search for a keyword in Google Maps, it will […]

Pay-Per-Click Case Study: A LNM Success Story

We Cut Our Client’s Cost Per Lead by 57% AND Improved His Campaign in Every Key Metric Background Info Our client approached us with a problem. Although his business was having success overall and he was marketing effectively on multiple channels, he’d been unable to generate a positive ROI through Google AdWords. He had success in SEO and organic marketing, so he knew people were searching for his services online. Yet he was unable to capture leads profitably through pay-per-click. He spent thousands of dollars for a small return and wasn’t breaking even. His Business His niche is birthday parties for kids. Parents hire him and his team to throw epic, unforgettable parties for their kids and pre-teens. He offers bubble soccer, nerf wars, slime parties, and more. He has a unique business that he puts his heart and soul into, and his clientele raves about his services in testimonials. […]

How to Master SEO for Roofers in 2020

  There’s never been a better time to get your roofing company online. But having a website is not enough. You need an effective digital marketing and SEO strategy to boost your online presence and produce leads. It’s like building a machine. And the marketing machines we build at LinkNow Media will help you grow your business and take it to the next level! In this post, we’re going to explain the best way to get roofing leads in 2020. We’ll cover five key areas of SEO strategy for roofers: ⇢ Web design ⇢ Written content ⇢ Organic SEO ⇢ Local SEO ⇢ Social Media Web Design for Roofers Pro Tip #1: SEO is all about instant communication. Your website must be designed to communicate 3 things to visitors in under 5 seconds: ⇢ Who you are ⇢ What you do ⇢ How to contact you If it takes more […]

The Best Ways to Get Leads for Plumbers

  When a home or business owner needs plumbing services, how do you make sure they need your plumbing services? If you want to keep your phone ringing and email inbox full of strong leads, you need an innovative marketing strategy. We put together a list of the best lead generating tactics for plumbers that will help you bring in more clients and grow your business! Read on to learn how to get leads for your plumbing company. 1. Create Leads with an SEO Plumbing Website A few weeks ago, we put together a blog post that explained everything you need to know about plumber’s SEO: • What makes an excellent plumbing website • Why you need a mobile-friendly website • How to pick the right keywords for your content The main take-away is that an SEO website that’s specially designed for your plumbing business will generate leads for you. […]

Everything You Need to Know about Marketing for B2B

  As a business owner yourself, you know that business owners have different expectations, objectives, and concerns than regular consumers. They are attracted to marketing strategies that speak to their need for good ROIs, financial incentives, solutions to problems, and expertise. By understanding your audience—and their expectations— you will create a marketing strategy that converts because it convinces. In this blog, we’re going to outline everything you need to know about business-to-business (B2B) marketing so that you can create a strategy that will generate leads from your target audience. What Is B2B Marketing and How Does It Differ from B2C Marketing? B2C, or, business-to-consumer marketing is a marketing strategy that’s targeted toward consumers rather than representatives of other businesses. Consumers purchase products and services for themselves as individuals, often for emotional reasons. Businesses and their representatives purchase products on behalf of the goals and objectives of the organization. B2B, or […]