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Everything You Need to Know about Marketing for B2B

  As a business owner yourself, you know that business owners have different expectations, objectives, and concerns than regular consumers. They are attracted to marketing strategies that speak to their need for good ROIs, financial incentives, solutions to problems, and expertise. By understanding your audience—and their expectations— you will create a marketing strategy that converts because it convinces. In this blog, we’re going to outline everything you need to know about business-to-business (B2B) marketing so that you can create a strategy that will generate leads from your target audience. What Is B2B Marketing and How Does It Differ from B2C Marketing? B2C, or, business-to-consumer marketing is a marketing strategy that’s targeted toward consumers rather than representatives of other businesses. Consumers purchase products and services for themselves as individuals, often for emotional reasons. Businesses and their representatives purchase products on behalf of the goals and objectives of the organization. B2B, or […]

How to Choose a Search Engine Optimization Company to Market Your Small Business

It’s impossible to deny the importance of search engine optimization (what we call SEO) for the success and growth of small businesses. But when it comes time to pick an SEO company to market your business online, you’re flooded with a ton of sales pitches and conflicting information. We want to help. This blog is all about how to choose the right SEO company for your business. Along the way, we’ll also show you how to tell the difference between exaggerated SEO claims and the realistic expectations you should have for your SEO company. Why Do I Need SEO Services? Let’s start with the basics. Search engine optimization is a type of online marketing that aims to make your website more searchable on Google. With the vast majority of consumers using the Google search engine or Google Maps to find the businesses they need, it’s important to appear at the […]

The Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Plumber’s SEO

  Have you tried to do SEO yourself?  Are you wasting hours upon hours and getting nowhere?  Are you paying a company to market you online with no return? Are you about to give up? We have hundreds of plumbers as clients and know what works, what doesn’t, and how to do it right the first time.  Having said that, we’ve decided to put together a blog post that explains the basics of SEO for plumbers in terms that anyone can understand with no experience necessary! In this post, we’re going to break down the basics of SEO for plumbers. During this quick read, you’ll learn: • What makes a killer plumbing website • How a mobile-friendly website will push you to the top of Google • What keywords you should use to make your website rank in Google searches • How to set up a Google My Business for […]

Do I Need Internet Marketing Services for My Small Business?

  We’ve had a lot of inquiries lately from small business owners wondering whether they should invest in digital marketing. Is it worth the money? Does it generate leads? Will I get more business in the long run? What about the short term? Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. In 2020, it’s nearly impossible to run a successful small business without taking advantage of online resources like Google Maps, Google searches, review platforms, and digital business directories. The times have changed. But in case you’re not convinced, we’ve put together a list of 6 reasons you need Internet marketing services. Read on. 1. Generate Leads with a Searchable Website Your website is more than just an online business card. It’s a one-way ticket to leads. And if there’s one reason to invest in digital marketing services, it’s to generate leads. With a beautiful website that’s full of relevant written content and […]

Why You Need a Google Page for Business in 2020

  When it comes to marketing your small- to medium-sized business, a Google My Business (GMB) page is one of the best tools available. Google My Business is designed to make your business searchable on Google Maps. With more and more consumers using their mobile devices to search for businesses located near them, optimizing your Google My Business page should be your number one priority. In this blog, we’re going to explain what a GMB page is, why it’s so important, and how to optimize it to get leads from local searches on Google Maps. What Is a Google My Business Page? When a consumer searches for your business or a keyword related to your business on Google Maps, your GMB page will show up in the search results. It’s like a social media profile that contains everything a consumer might want to know about you before they call or […]