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SEO for Medical Billing Companies

Send a powerful message about your business—and get discovered by the kinds of clients you want. With our search engine optimization (SEO) services, you can do both. LinkNow specializes in SEO for medical billing companies. We develop strategic solutions to grow your web presence, improve your online reputation, and drive traffic to your site. With the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions in North America, we’ll not only get you seen and found, but also save you time and money. Join over 10,000 business owners who’ve made the switch to LinkNow Media. Call us at 888-667-7186 for a free phone consultation. BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION Medical Billing Marketing, Revolutionized Experience online marketing, the right way. We develop North America’s most cost-effective small-business marketing strategies to help you see the success you deserve. Through conversion-driven content campaigns, we help you expand your digital footprint to build trust with Google, manage your reputation […]

Google Core Update June 2021: What You Need to Know

If you noticed your search rankings change since last week, rest assured you’re not the only one. On June 2, Google released a core update to its search engine. Beginning at 6:30 pm that day, the update made broad, sweeping changes to the way Google ranks web pages. The changes at first went unnoticed. Compared to previous core updates, the rollout was slow, happening over several days rather than at once. But by Friday and early Saturday, SEOs started to see some big shake-ups. June 2021 Core Update: What’s Affected Google doesn’t publish specifics about its core updates, so it’s not easy to piece together every little change. Still, marketers and data providers have been hard at work sifting through the details. From the looks of things, this was a big update—bigger than the last core update in December 2020. And with several more updates scheduled for later June and […]

SEO for Mortgage Brokers

SEO for Mortgage Brokers Build your brand. Grow your audience. Expand your client base. With LinkNow Media’s SEO services, you can do all three. We offer mortgage brokers the most cost-effective digital marketing solutions available. Through strategic search engine optimization (SEO), we help you connect with the kinds of clients you want. Join over 10,000 business owners who’ve chosen to save time and money with our services. Call us at 888-667-7186 to book a free phone consultation. BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION The Mortgage Broker’s Best Friend Mortgage brokers need a strong web presence to get seen and found. Word of mouth is no longer enough. These days, homebuyers are turning more than ever to the internet to find the right mortgage plan. They turn to the first broker they find on Google—and you need to be it. LinkNow is here to help you become that top result. We develop robust, […]

The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Looking for a digital marketing firm to take the reins of your web presence? This post’s for you. There are more than 5,585 digital marketing companies in the US alone. The sheer size of the industry can make it difficult to find a company you can trust, so let’s show you how to sift through them. When looking for a reliable, professional agency, it’s important to ask questions before hiring them. Here are the five questions you should always ask when interviewing digital marketing agencies. (Bonus: Read to the end for one of the best interview questions!) The 5 Questions to Ask Any Digital Marketing Company 1.     Do you guarantee first-page rankings? (They better not…) This is a big one, and it’s a question with a definite yes-no answer. So, let’s cut to the chase: Any company that guarantees they’ll get you to the first page of Google is lying. […]

Beware: Phishing Scam Claiming Copyright Infringement from a “Qualified Illustrator”

Scam alert! Recently, some of our clients have been receiving suspicious emails accusing them of copyright infringement. These emails usually come from someone named “Melanie” (or “Mel,” “Meilanie,” or something similar) and ask you to click a link. Don’t be fooled. These are malicious emails trying to scam you into clicking the link and giving away your personal information. Do not click the link. An example of the phishing scam Most of these phishing email follow a similar structure, threatening you with legal action and asking you to follow an external link. Here’s an example one of our clients recieved: SUBJECT: Hi there! This is Melainie and I am a qualified illustrator. I was surprised, frankly speaking, when I came across my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without an owner’s approval, you’d better know that you could be sued by the copyright owner. It’s unlawful […]