What Are Citations?

Citations, also known as business directories are simply a reference to your business online. Most citations occur on online directories that mention your company name, address, phone number, website url, hours of operation, descriptions about your business, etc. Some of the most common citations are: Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau.

Why Are Citations So Important?

A citation is a ranking signal that demonstrates credibility and legitimacy. They help you build trust – not only with clients, but with Google.

Citations are one of the most impactful ranking factors for Local Search, so it pays to manage them. If you have many citations from high-authority domains, and all those citations are consistent and accurate, that indicated you are a legitimate business that deserves more visibility.

Citations can help you:

  • Improve local search rankings
  • Earn Referrals
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Manage your reputation

Why Should You Use LinkNow To Manage Your Citations?

Citations can be amazing for your online footprint if done properly. If you don’t manage your citations properly, there could be listings with incorrect information like an old phone numbers, or old addresses which is conflicting information. Once that happens, Google will see those inconsistencies as a red flag and penalize your rankings as a result.

For that reason, it’s essential to have LinkNow manage your citations for you. One bad apple can spoil the bunch!

  • Fastest turnaround time in the industry for citation creation and updates
  • Best pricing in the industry using Yext
  • Reliable service unlike other data aggregators
  • Manage and create up to 90 citations for US businesses
  • Manage and create up to 45 citations for Canadian businesses
  • Get listed in the top sources FAST!

Get Started with LinkNow’s Citation Management Service Today!

Every business needs this service, and the price can’t be beat! Even if you already have citations, you need to ensure they’re all up to date with the same information and that they don’t get updated by someone else.

Some of the Citations Sources We Can Manage