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Google Penalties: What Are They and What Do I Do If I Have One?

Building an online presence with SEO is tough, time-consuming work. It’s what we do every single day for our clients. But it’s rewarding to see web pages on diverse subjects like landscaping, low-voltage electrical installation, and even bricklaying rise in the rankings month after month. If you’ve been handling your SEO for your business’s website, I’m sure you know what I mean. But sometimes? That’s not the picture. Sometimes it feels like you’re doing everything right, but when you load the first page of the search engine results page (SERP), you’re nowhere to be found. For subject after subject, no matter how compelling the content you write, your site struggles to crack the bottom of the second page. It doesn’t seem to be on the search engine results page at all. What gives? Well, believe it or not, you might have been hit with a Google penalty. A Google Penalty? […]

Is Content Still King in 2019?

Every now and then, I hear SEOs loudly proclaiming that content isn’t king. That content marketing is dead. And that even the phrase ‘content marketing is dead’ is dead. My reaction? LOL! After all, everyone wants to be ahead of the curve. Everyone wants to be at the forefront of big changes. Everyone wants to write the next headline that goes viral. And, guess what, that’s what content marketing is all about. Being at the forefront, announcing it with a catchy headline, and funneling traffic toward conversion—sounds like a content marketing strategy to me! Can we finally be realistic about it? Content isn’t going anywhere. It’s still an integral part of search ranking. It’s still critical in generating traffic. It’s still a key component of conversion. Without it, you’ll have nothing. Clients won’t even be able to find you. So, yes. In 2019, content is still king. Read on as […]

Is Your SEO Strategy Harmful or Helpful?

When we were first introduced to the Internet, we were baffled by how quickly we could get the information we wanted. With no more than a few keystrokes and clicks, we’d be scrolling through pages and pages of helpful information or hilarious entertainment. As time went on, those minor lags and wait-times even disappeared. Soon, we had instant access not only to information but to products. With those second-nature keystrokes and clicks, we could find whatever product we wanted and have it arrive on our doorstep by the end of the following week. In the last few years, even the real world has picked up with the rapid-fire pace of technology. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for orders to arrive. Often it only takes days. The instant gratification the Internet has rewarded us with has set the bar quite high for all services. We expect instantaneous results, no […]

7 Ways to Promote Your Small Business During Boxing Week

For better or worse, the lull of Christmas is short-lived. Months of excited (and frequently extravagant) holiday shopping lead up to a joyous, relaxing day of gift-giving and celebrating with loved ones. The momentary pause in buying, however, is brief. When the clock strikes midnight on December 26th, it signals the beginning of one of the busiest shopping weeks of the year: Boxing Week. Shoppers ambitious enough to brave the crowds during Boxing Week are greeted with deals, discounts, and door crashers galore. The promise of cost savings and limited quantities can entice even the most frugal consumer to keep on shopping. Corporations prepare for the Boxing Day onslaught all year round, putting together exclusive, nationwide incentives to bring in the buyers. Small businesses can get in on the action, too! By offering promotional specials and initiatives over the Boxing Day week, you’ll help to keep business booming over the […]

8 SEO Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Your Ranking

If you’ve stumbled across this page, you’ve probably been mulling over your page rankings and disappointed with the result. Maybe you’ve been having a bad month. Maybe a bad year. Whatever it is, you know how important it is that your website ranks well. In this day and age, your business depends on it. At LinkNow Media, we work day in and day out at helping our clients navigate the complicated world of search engine optimization or SEO. While we’d love to do this work for you, we’re okay with sharing some basic principles of what it is we do if you’re looking to go the DIY route. These nine SEO strategies won’t work overnight. We won’t lie: building a brand online takes time, dedication, and energy. If you’re looking for an easy and quick fix, we have some bad news: it can’t be done. At least not within the […]