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Trust Issues: What Was Behind the September 27th and October 2018 Algorithm Updates?

Whether you’re managing your own website or someone else’s, the last thing you want is to see your SERP ranking suddenly drop. As SEOs, we work hard for our Google rankings! We expect that with great content, great backlinks, and careful keyword research, we’ll get the rankings we deserve. And normally it’s true. But if one there’s one thing that every SEO knows, it’s that, aside from Google’s own engineers, no one knows how their search algorithm works. Which is why, every time Google updates their algorithm, the internet goes a bit nuts for a while. Some people’s rankings suddenly soar. Others plummet. And everyone’s asking themselves: what the heck happened?! The September 27th and October follow-up updates were no different. People panicked. Tweets were retweeted. Replies were written. Articles were posted. Comment threads exploded. Here at the LinkNow Media office though, everything was calm. Why you ask? We understand […]

Making Sense of Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

Back in March, Google announced it was launching its

Has Your Site Traffic Dropped? Check These 5 Issues First!

The fact is, SEO is all about trial and error. No matter how much time you put into optimizing your web design and content, there’s always a chance that suddenly, out of the blue, your traffic could drop. And it sucks. It really sucks. But it’s not the end of the world. Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of it all, it’s time to get down to business and figure out what went wrong. The first thing you should do is check your Google Anaylitcs: do you notice any patterns in your web traffic that might explain it? For example, if it’s winter and you’re a landscaper, it could be that your content is optimized for lawn care at the expense of snow removal. Or maybe it’s a holiday and no one’s currently looking to have their well water tanks replaced? Second, double check that your code is updated […]

For the 3rd Year in a Row, LinkNow Media Ranked Among Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies

Every year, GROWTH 500 (formerly known as PROFIT 500) ranks Canada’s fastest growing companies. Published online in and in print in Maclean’s magazine, GROWTH 500 celebrates the best of the best in Canadian business. We are thrilled to announce that GROWTH 500 has featured LinkNow Media once again—for the 3rd year in a row! With a 307% revenue growth, between 2012 and 2017, we ranked a solid 230 on the Canada-wide list. Making things a little sweeter is the fact that we were also featured as Montreal’s 26th fastest growing company. With our sights set on new projects and new hires—not to mention our upcoming 10,000 client milestone—we’re very excited about everything we have planned for 2019! So, what is it that makes LinkNow Media so special? Why is it that, year after year, we stand out from the competition? Is there a secret formula for our growth? A […]

How to Take Advantage of User Intent for SEO

For a lot of small business owners, the world of SEO can seem overwhelming. If understanding the mysterious ranking systems that Google uses is hard enough, keeping up with the constant changes can feel downright impossible. Over the years, SEO experts have developed a few metrics that can help businesses to understand how searchable their pages are. These metrics give us hard facts about what works and what doesn’t. For SEO professionals like us, these numbers help explain to clients how well their pages are doing. The most important ones are: keyword and search engine rankings organic web traffic backlinks volume of searches conversion rates The problem is, Google often changes the things they prioritize. Which explains why user intent has become something of a game changer. User intent allows marketers and small business owners to determine a constant element in SEO. An element that Google puts before everything else. […]