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Everything you need to know about writing content for your new website!

When talking about web design, “content” refers to all of the text on your website that tells your customers about who you are and what services you offer. If you’ve just purchased a website from LinkNow Media, you have a site that already includes content created by our professional writing staff. However, many of our clients want to customize their content and make it a bit more personalized. This blog post is a quick guide to making the most of your website content. What is content for? Website content serves two purposes: the first is to give your website’s visitors the information they need to decide whether they want to purchase your products or services. The second purpose is to help Google and other search engines understand what your site is about so that customers can find your site in the first place. In the web design industry, making your […]

Making the Most of Your Website: A LinkNow Media Success Story

LinkNow Media is a family owned Montreal based company providing website design and online marketing services to North American small business owners. We have become one of the fastest growing design companies in the last 4 years due to efficient, cost-effective marketing services and the fastest web design turn around in the industry. In the past four years, we have accumulated over 5000 active clients located in Canada and the United States. We have certainly grown into a tour de force among website design companies with marketing and SEO packages to suit each client’s needs and budgets. Brian Holder, owner of B & M Builders in Colchester, Connecticut joined forces with LinkNow Media in September of 2012 to build a website and market his business online. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Holder has built an excellent reputation for the finest remodeling services including kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, custom decks […]

Google Places Fraud Alert

Last Thursday, our Customer Care Department received a call from a client who had been contacted by a company named Futurology. The Futurology representative had told him that his Google Places Listing (the listing that we manage for him), was not “VALIDATED”. Understandably, the client who was paying us good money to help him optimize and promote his listing was quite alarmed. The rep then proceeded to tell him that they would request a NEW PIN from Google and that once he received it he should call them and provide the PIN so that they could “manage his listing”. Our Customer Care agent called the toll-free number for Futurology where the representative that answered the phone told her that since the “Manage This Listing” link was still present that the listing had not been “validated”. This is, of course, 100% untrue. Listings can be reclaimed any number of times as […]

Why is LinkNow Media NOT a member of the BBB?

LinkNow Media was an accredited BBB Member with an A minus rating and zero complaints until August 2011, at the time we had over 2200 clients. We were informed by press release that the Quebec BBB was closed down and there was no alternative branch that would accept Quebec businesses. When LinkNow Media signed up to be an accredited BBB member we signed a contract to be fair and honest in our business dealings with our clients and although we are no longer a member we still believe in what the BBB represents and have maintained the same level of service and honesty as when we were a member. We continuously make several attempts a year to the US and Canadian BBB to push them to give us an option, however we still have not been successful in our attempt. Below is our correspondences with the BBB as well as […]

Using Description Tags on Your Website

We wanted to clear the air about description tag usage on a website. All too often we run into people with outdated or incomplete knowledge of this very basic subject all the while totally unaware of this fact. Could this be damaging to your website’s performance? You betcha. <TITLE> Tag: This is THE most important aspect of a page in terms on on-site SEO. The other days I spoke to someone who claimed his site had already been optimized by another company and his <TITLE> tag was still his business name. <META NAME=”Description”> Tag: This tag won’t really help your rank anymore – but written properly will definitely help you get more clicks. <META NAME=”Keywords”> Tag: Useless. These tags will do absolutely nothing for your search engine ranking. We feel you can ignore them completely. Video Meta Tags: These are now extremely important if you use video on your site. […]