What is the “Google” Robocall Scam and What Can I Do About It?

A while back, we published a post explaining the scammy nature of robocalls that appeared to be from Google. Many of our clients were receiving calls from an automated system that claimed to be Google. They’d often start by claiming that their listing is suspended. And they’d end by asking for payment information to put it live again.

Because it’s necessary to verify (and sometimes re-verify) Google listings, these robocalls appeared to be real. But the fact is, Google will never call to sell you anything. And they will never ask you for payment information.

So, in 2019, has anything changed?

Short answer: No.

If you’re getting calls from someone saying they’re Google, it’s a scam. Full stop.

Tell-Tale Signs the Call Is a Scam

  • • The caller asks for your GMB password
  • • The caller says they work “with Google” or “for Google”
  • • The call is an unsolicited sales call
  • • The call is to something other than a public business phone number

While Google does occasionally make calls to businesses (more on that below), these robocalls are a part of a well-known scam that’s out to steal from unwitting business owners. If you get one, hang up immediately!

Should I Respond to Google Robocall Scammers?


If you receive an unsolicited sales call from “Google,” hang up. You may end up divulging personal information that the caller could use against you.

While on the phone, we strongly advise that you do not press any key, even if prompted by an automated voice message. Doing so may lead to them calling you even more frequently.

How Do I Stop Fake Google Robocalls?

First, block the number. It may not help immediately, since robocalls usually come from multiple phone numbers, but you’ll at least be able to filter out a good number of scammers. For help, you can ask your phone company to block suspicious numbers to your phone line.

Next, we suggest you report the call to the relevant authorities. To report it to Google, you can use their direct webform on their support website.

In the US, you can also file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can do so either by going to www.donotcall.gov or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

If you’re in Canada and your phone number is not linked to a business line, you can register with the National Do Not Call List and file a complaint with them using the following webform.

When Will Google Actually Call Me?

As already mentioned, Google will occasionally call public business lines. Typically, this is to confirm information—such as hours of operation, street address, and phone number—displayed on a business’ online listing.

In addition, Google does sometimes make customer service and business development calls. In such cases, a human operator will contact you, and may wish to discuss your Google Ads, Google Play, or another Google account that you may have.

That being said, a legitimate Google representative will never ask you to provide payment details, even if discussing your account. They also won’t make any false guarantees about featuring you in their products or advertisements, so do not fall for it. If they do either of those two things, they are lying. Hang up, block the number, and report it. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

In Summary:

  1. If you’re being flooded with calls from Google, you’re probably the unfortunate victim of a robocall scam.
  2. Hang up the phone.
  3. Block the phone number. Contact your phone company if you need assistance.
  4. Report the call to Google and other relevant authorities.

Good luck, and stay safe out there, folks!


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