Trust Signals to Boost Your Conversion Rate

The Secret That Will Unlock Your Website’s Lead-Generating Potential

Are you interested in DOUBLING the number of leads you get from your website?

Read on to find out how trust signals can boost your conversion rate by up to 100%.

What are Trust Signals?

Trust signals convey information that make customers confident in their decision to purchase a product or service from a company.

Some common examples of trust signals are testimonials, industry association logos, awards, and certifications.

Examples of Trust Signals from Our Website

You can see some examples of trust signals on our home page.

These trust signals show awards we’ve won, our excellent Google rating, our Google Partner badge, and indications that all payments made to us for our services are safe and secure.

Trust Signals

These are all things we’re proud of. We want to show them off to anyone who visits our site. 

These signals help make our potential clients more confident when deciding to reach out to us.

We’re a successful company that has great reviews. Who wouldn’t want to work with us?

Why are Trust Signals Such a Powerful Tool to Get More Leads?

When people are looking online for services, they need assurance a company is legitimate and reputable. They’re not shopping in person, so some of the usual cues aren’t available. They won’t see a clean truck, a nice office, or feel a firm handshake. Online shoppers need other kinds of information to base their decision on.

Testimonials and awards are extremely helpful. 93% of customers read reviews when shopping online.

Think of it this way: Trust signals give shoppers information they need before deciding to work with your business.

When you consider the information conveyed by trust signals is critical to potential customers deciding whether to work with your business, it’s easy to see how making them prominent on your website will drastically increase your conversion rate.

How You Can Use Trust Signals to Get More Leads – It’s Easy!

Step 1. Drive traffic to your website with a LinkNow SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing program.

Before trust signals can work their magic, you need potential customers to visit your site. That’s where our marketing programs come in.

We’ll create a consistent source of targeted traffic. Then trust signals (among other strategies) will help convert these visitors into leads, and ultimately, paying customers for your business.

If you’d like to know more or get started marketing your site, book a consultation with one of our marketing experts now!

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Step 2. Send us information about your business that will impress your potential customers. We’ll craft this information into trust signals for you. 

Have you received a Home Advisor award? Are you accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Do you have great testimonials for your business on your Google My Business listing?

Let us know!

Existing LinkNow clients can send badges or testimonials through our Members’ Area.

If you don’t yet have a LinkNow website or marketing service, book an appointment with our marketing experts! We’ll put together a plan to help your business thrive online. 

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We Want to Help You Be More Successful Online

Trust signals are just one of many tools we use to help our clients find new customers and grow their businesses.

Whether it’s converting more traffic into leads with trust signals or generating more traffic AND more leads, LinkNow’s marketing pros are here to help.

We have over 10 years’ experience running successful digital marketing programs for businesses just like yours.

If you’re ready to get more out of your online presence, book an appointment with us now!

We’ll show you how we can create a great source of new customers for your business.

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