5 Industries That Need A Local SEO Expert (but often don’t have one).

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Is your profession one that needs a local SEO expert to survive?

In today's business world, every business can benefit from having a local SEO expert on their team. But for certain industries, a local SEO expert can make a huge difference and every day I meet people in these businesses that don't employ any type of local SEO expertise.

Industries that need a local SEO expert: the truth might surprise you!

When you think about search engine optimization, the first industries that come to mind are probably tech related. But those are not necessarily the ones who stand to gain the most (even though they are the most likely to employ such expertise). So which ones benefit the most from local SEO know-how? Sure, everyone benefits from search engine optimization. But, service industries, those that are considered “immediate need”, require local SEO expertise more than any other. If you work in one of the top service related careers, you definitely need to have a local SEO expert on your side!

The top 5 industries that benefit from SEO:

Almost 60% of Google searches performed are customers searching for local businesses. If you are not showing up in local searches, you are losing potential customers. When customers search for a local business during an emergency situation, such as a major plumbing issue, they are likely to use one of the first companies that pop up on their screen. Here are the top 5 professions where local SEO can make all the difference. If you fall into one of the following categories, you need to make search engine optimization a priority in order to reach your maximum potential! For these industries, local SEO expertise is non-negotiable. In fact, it might be the most important role in deciding your company's future.

1. Plumbers:

This is one of the categories that may not come to mind...Until you need them. And when you need them, all of a sudden their status rises by leaps and bounds. If you have ever had a water crisis, then you understand why plumbers are at the top of our list. Faulty plumbing can wreak a catastrophe in your life. And plumbing disasters are not often easily taken on as do-it-yourself projects. Once your toilet or bathtub springs a leak, your whole house could be at risk. These are not the kind of jobs best left to amateurs. Water damage can spread quickly. You want to be sure the job is done right. Another problem with plumbing crises is knowing who to call when these disasters strike. Most of us don't keep a plumber on speed dial. Since the invention of the internet, the yellow pages have become almost obsolete. When you need a professional, you are more likely to turn to Google to find someone for the job. A local SEO expert can make sure your plumbing business is one of the ones that your neighbors see when they search for a plumber.

2. Restaurants:

How many times have you used the internet to decide where to dine? Most of us have searched at least once or twice for local pizza delivery. Or perhaps you have searched for the perfect place to treat your spouse, host your child's birthday dinner or buy a gift card for your best friend? Finding the right place to fit the occasion is at your fingertips in today's day and age. Whether you are eating locally or on vacation, having a romantic dinner for two or feeding the football team, most of us, at some point, will look to the web to decide what's for dinner.If you are in the restaurant biz, you want to be sure you show up when people get out and about.

3. Doctors and Dentists: 

It doesn't get much worse than suffering from a terrible toothache or coming down with a case of the flu when your doctor or dentist is out of reach. And, let's face it...many people don't have doctors or dentists that they see regularly. There are times when you need to be seen by a physician. Unfortunately, medical and dental emergencies don't always occur during business hours or when you are close to home. A vacation can turn ugly quick if you have to spend your days off nursing a throbbing tooth or trying to keep a fever down. When these situations arise, you are likely to turn to the first name that pops up when you search the most convenient resource on hand, often the internet. SEO plays a big part in referring patients to medical and dental practices that are nearby. If your child becomes sick after hours or while traveling, the situation can be even worse. When you search for a doctor or dentist, you are not interested in finding one beyond driving distance. You want to be able to reach someone locally who help to get you or your child back to health. This is why local SEO experts can be so rewarding for this group of professionals and their patients. They use techniques to make sure local practices are easily accessible to those in the area. Then, you can get the care you need to feel like yourself again.

4. Lawyers, legal services, and Bail Bondsmen

If you ever find yourself or someone close to you in trouble, one of the first calls that you are most likely to make will be to an attorney or bail bondsman. It is never fun to make these sort of calls.But, if you are in a mess, it certainly helps to be able to find someone in your area that might be able to help. Oftentimes, when people get into trouble, they find themselves overwhelmed by the circumstances. Even if you do know a lawyer, it may not cross your mind at a time like this. SEO that is specific to your location is of utmost importance in times like this. When you need a lawyer or bail bondsman you don't want to waste time. Finding the best that you can afford, who is close enough to help on short notice, is a must.

5. Mechanic:

When your car loses its get up and go, you want to find someone who can get you back up and running as soon as possible. And as you might already know, all mechanics are not the same. Finding a mechanic that is widely used and trusted is a must. The way that search engine optimization works is that organic searches tend to produce the most popular names in an industry. People have come to accept and trust the search results, just as they would an old friend. So when they are parked on the side of the road, there is a good chance that they will look to the internet for help. Even those brave souls who choose to undertake their own car repairs might do so with the help of a how-to site or tutorial video. If you need a tow truck, you are very likely to call on the first name you find. More serious repairs needing professional attention will benefit from local SEO. And even searching for the part you need is a breeze on the web. You might want to compare prices for parts, repair work, and even rental cars if the problem is not an easy fix. You can do all of these things and more with the help of search engine optimization. No one enjoys being stranded. Luckily, they don't have to be when they can be connected to a local mechanic who can get them on the road again in no time.


When you think about the industries that depend on local SEO expertise the very most, it's those services that we need when we are in a crunch. Life doesn't always come easy. But in today's world, thanks to technological advances, we are more connected with who we need when we need it most. It may not take away the pain of a throbbing tooth, but it sure does make it easier when we are able to locate a nearby dentist that can do the job. If you are a professional that works in one of these industries and you have not employed a local SEO expert, then you are probably missing out on a world of opportunity! Don't let your chance to go from good to great pass you by. Let search engine optimization work for you. Budgeting for a local SEO expert will easily pay for itself. You can take your business to the next level, increase your visibility and stand out among the competition with a little help from an expert. And, when you hire a local SEO expert to do what they do best, you will have more time to do what you do best. Call an SEO expert today to get started growing your small business. You will be surprised how much they can do to connect you with customers when they need you most. Chances are, you will wonder why you waited this long when your potential has been waiting at your fingertips.

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