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Small Business Website Design

Websites for Interior Designers

Styles change. Tastes change. Trends change. You know that to stay on top of your interior design game, you have to stay on top of all of that. When do you have time for a website design? At LinkNow Media, we create you an interior design website that shows you’re ahead of the curve! From bold colors to innovative layouts and subtle details, our goal is to develop an interior designer website that reflects your personality, and separates you from your competitors. Charlene Threatful of Lush Interiors said, “[LinkNow Media] have been super helpful and responsive. I am impressed and would recommend them.PLUS we keep things easy! When you team up with us, your interior designer website comes furnished with pre-written content, photos, and a mobile-friendly design. When you’re ready, your personal web designer will be by your side to give your website a signature look!

Websites for Accountants

Generating business from new clients online shouldn’t be taxing! This past February alone, close to 800,000 people in the US and Canada turned to the internet to find a CPA. At LinkNow Media, we are here to help you dominate your local market. As a leading accounting website development company, we are committed to providing cutting edge CPA websites and online marketing. We offer a variety of SEO services that will increase your website’s visibility, including professionally written content, social media marketing, and pay per click campaigns. We've built over 425 websites for accountants since we launched LinkNow Media, and our accountants are among some of our most loyal customers. You can also set up an appointment with one of our SEO specialists to analyze and review your strategies. Let us crunch the numbers!

Pest Control Websites

Reddish-brown, oval-shaped flattened body.” “Little white ants in wood.” “Pitter-patter in walls.” When it comes to pest infestations, people don’t always know what they’re dealing with. You, on the hand, can tell the difference between a black carpet beetle and a bed bug in a heartbeat. Let’s bridge this gap! At LinkNow Media, we have been building pest control websites with pest control companies big and small throughout the United States and Canada since 2009. Check out what we did for Tanya Padilla of C&T Pest Control! We know what your prospective customers are looking for and how they are looking for it! When you team up with us, your website comes complete with a highly optimized library of common household pests. And with effective SEO, PPC campaigns, and a responsive mobile-friendly design, these people will be able to find you before their unwanted tenants wreak even more havoc!

Catering Website Design

Fresh salads, fall-off-the-bone ribs, decadent desserts — a good catering website should leave prospective customers’ mouths watering! At LinkNow Media, we can make your catering website a feast for the eyes! Highly-optimized, catering-related content and a professional photo gallery are just a few things we offer on our menu. From there, your designer will work with you to customize your catering website with your logo, pictures, and story. Just ask Phillis Alexander of Sunday Dinner Catering Services, she says, “I use LinkNow Media for my catering business website and have been extremely pleased with the service. My Account Executive calls periodically to check to see if I am satisfied with the results that the website has produced and/or if I would like to add to or change it in any way. I appreciate their expertise and customer service and I highly recommend them.” We offer a buffet of SEO packages that will bring everyone to the table, and you’re sure to love the prices! We ensure that when there is an event that needs your services, be it a wedding, graduation, or bar mitzvah, your phone will be ringing!

Plumbing Website Design

Plumber Steve Cleveland of All About Plumbing in North Carolina needed a plumbing website design to showcase his plumbing skills, services, and expertise, and more importantly, he needed to be found easily. We worked closely with him to make his plumbing website informative, engaging, and easy to find. Today, we are pleased to say that Steve is dominating his local market! He is ranking well for some very important key words, such as “Marble Hydro Jetting ”, “Marble Clogged Drain” and “Murphy Drain Repair”. In fact, as of July 2016, Steve has 33 top five search results and 16 of those are #1! At LinkNow Media, we are a leading website design company specializing in design and online marketing for plumbers and we want to help you too!

Website designs for Electrical Contractors

Most people use search engines when they need a product or are looking for a service. When people need electrical repairs, they turn to the Internet. This is great news for you because you offer electrical contracting services. When you team up with LinkNow Media, we can quickly get you on the web and help you target those prospective clients. We are a leading website design and online marketing company, specializing in website design for electrical contractors.

Landscaping websites

Right now, somewhere near where you live, someone is looking for a landscaper. For example, in the town of Sarasota, FL (population 53,000) 1,500 people were searching for landscaping related services in June 2015. In Cheyenne, WY (population 62,000) 1,100 people where searching for a landscaper in the same month. In Lafeyette, IN (pop 70,000) another 1,500 people were on the hunt for a landscaper in June. We want to introduce you to these people. Let us build you a landscaping website.

Cleaning company website design

You run a cleaning business. Do you have time for Search Engine Optimization? Backlinks? Pay Per Click? Citations? Landing pages? HTML? PHP? CSS? What the heck? As a leader in website design and digital marketing for the cleaning business, we’re here to answer all of your questions and so much more. With our website development, logo and branding, content writing, and SEO services for cleaning companies like yours we can really help you "clean up" on the web with a professional cleaning company website design.

Painting Contractors Websites

Just as you would encourage a homeowner to use a professional painting company, you need a professional website designer for your painting contractor website design – someone with the same experience, expertise, and attention to detail that you expect from yourself. At LinkNow Media, we specialize in website design and online marketing for painting contractors. Whether this is your first website or you are looking for an upgrade, we can help! We specialize in painting company websites! Let us show you what we can do!

HVAC Websites

When people need help with their HVAC systems, they turn to their phones or computers. This is great news for you because you know the answers to these questions! At LinkNow Media, we specialize in HVAC website design and effective online marketing strategies for heating and cooling contractors. We know you have a lot on your plate, and we strive to make the development of your HVAC web design a fun and rewarding process for everyone involved. We love to learn from our clients, so if you have something to teach us - let loose! We've been working with heating and air conditioning websites since we started our business in 2009 - so we know what we're doing but we are always looking for ways to improve. Let us show you how easy having a great HVAC website can be!

Home remodeling and renovation websites

Farmhouse style kitchen design. Man cave ideas. Small bathroom remodeling. At LinkNow Media, we design home remodeling websites with the end-user in mind. Our home renovation website designs come with pre-written, relevant content and photo gallery specifically geared towards attracting your prospective customers. As a home remodeling specialist, you already know that looks sell. When you choose us for your website design and online marketing needs, you will be getting the right kind of traffic. What does that mean? More phone calls! More profit! Since 2009, we have worked with 1,211 renovation companies throughout the Unites States and Canada get online and attract their target audience.

General Contractor Website

These days nothing can hurt your contracting business more than an outdated general contracting website. Somewhere between 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase. When was the last time you updated your contracting website? Can’t remember? Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes you need to bite the bullet and ask for help. At LinkNow Media, we love working with our 2,528 general contractors to revamp their websites. With mobile responsive design and crisp layout, you’ll be shouting your domain name from the rooftops! Or will you? Allow our SEO specialists to do the leg work! They will work with you to fine tune your strategies to make your general contractor website visible on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing!

Home Builder Websites

Hate giving your company’s web address to customers? Getting tired of the old, “my site is undergoing maintenance” excuse? You know it’s time to do something about your outdated home builder website, but where the heck do you start? And where on earth do you find the time? You have a home building business to run, after all. You build beautiful homes. We know how to show them off. As a leading website development company specializing in web design and digital marketing for home builders (we’ve built 1,458 of them), we can get you a fresh start. We offer a variety of website packages and digital marketing plans to fit anyone’s needs and budget.

Auto mechanic websites

Popping from the engine compartment; low-pitch humming under the car; squealing or chirping on acceleration and just like that - stranded on the side of the road! We’ve all been there! Many people (17,750 a month) turn to the Internet when they need car help. We know we do, and at LinkNow Media, we like to think we’re like most people. But don’t let our average Joe style fool you. When it comes to auto mechanic web design and online marketing, we mean business. Sure, we might not know how to replace an engine (4,770 searches) or even change our own oil (23,290 searches), but we know how to connect people with those problems to you. As a leading auto repair website design and online marketing firm that understands your needs as a car repair specialist, we can jump start your auto repair business today!

Collision Repair Websites

Screeeeeeeeeeeeech, CRASH! And just like that, someone is on their phone, googling for a nearby collision repair shop. You know how it is when you're looking for something and you're in a rush - you'll take the first solution that is convenient and seems like you'll get a good value. That means when it comes to collision repair websites, it's really important to be at the top of the search results with a site that shows potential customers that you're credible and trustworthy. Here at LinkNow Media, we specialize in doing just that - and we've done it for hundreds of other collision repair businesses throughout the US and Canada. Take a look and see what we can do for you!

Websites for Aftermarket Mods and Auto Detailing Shops

Your customers come to you because they know how important appearances can be. Our customers come to us for the same reason. Here at LinkNow Media, we understand how critical style is when you're marketing a business that's all about making your customers look cool, and that's why we've worked so hard to create a cutting edge website design for aftermarket modifications and auto detailing shops. Our designers at LinkNow Media know exactly how to create a great first impression for you, and our SEO specialists will guarantee that you're at the top of everyone's list when they're looking for a company to trick out their ride.

Websites for Trucking Companies

If you're running a successful trucking and transportation company, your customers know that they can count on you to get their goods where they need to be, when they need to be there. We provide the same service - except instead of moving freight, we're building your brand and earning you new customers by the truckload. We know that you're on the road and don't have the time to sit at a computer all day to market your company - but that's what we're for. Let us take care of you while you're taking care of your customers. Just take a look at what we can do - our websites for trucking companies are second to none.

Insurance Broker Websites

Insurance is all about weighing risk and making the best long term financial decisions. But have you thought of the risk you're running for your business if you don't have a professional and up-to-date insurance broker website? Bet we gotcha there, didn't we? But seriously, a website from LinkNow Media lets you collect leads on new clients, answer your customers' questions, and build your company's reputation, all while cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend on the phone. Make the right decision and create a website for your insurance agency or brokerage today!

Websites for Dentists

Trying to get new patients into a dental practice can be like pulling teeth, but here at LinkNow Media, we take the pain out of dental website marketing. When we build websites for dentists, we never bite off more than we can chew. Instead, we create websites that make it easy for your patients to request an appointment, and makes it easy for you to show off your testimonials and patient reviews. Between our bright and shiny website designs and our search engine optimization expertise, we'll be helping you keep your existing patients informed and happy while simultaneously pulling in new patients. If you're looking for the best dental website design, then you've come to the right place. Check out what LinkNow Media can do today!

Websites for Massage Therapists

You knead a website, and you knead your website to be easy to find! If puns aren’t your thing, we feel confident that we can find another way to help you stand out against your competition. As a leading website design and digital marketing company, we are here to get your massage therapy practice noticed! Since 2009, we have worked with massage therapists just like you to help them dominate their local market - 255 to be exact. Some of our massage therapists already had sites and just didn't have the time to keep them up to date with the latest technologies. We understand. You're busy. Shiatsu happens. LinkNow Media makes it easy and with a no contract policy, we think this speaks volumes as each and every one of our clients CHOOSE to stay with us. If you are looking for a massage therapy design; grab a Tuina hand-wich and let the professionals at LinkNow Media take care of the Rest.

Towing Company Website Design

When people find themselves needing a tow, they turn to their phones at a rate of 14,400 per month. They are looking for someone who is reliable, compassionate, and affordable, and they are not going to go past the first page of Google to find them! These days, having a good looking website is not enough. Your website needs to be easy to find online and allow people to connect with you at the click of a button. Without a responsive design or ongoing SEO maintenance, your towing business will be left on the side of the road! At LinkNow Media, we can get you online and attracting new business in less than 30 days of signing up with us! We will be by your side to make website changes, fine tune your SEO strategies, and grow your online presence! Hitch yourself to the future of business-client relations!

Tattoo Studio Website Designs

When you tattoo someone, it is their way of saying they’re committed. Their body is your canvas, and your work of art is a statement about you as a professional. When creating a website, all the same rules apply – except for one! Unlike a tattoo, your website is a moving, ever-changing showcase of your talents. Without ongoing maintenance and effective SEO, your tattoo shop will be losing out on tons of business! Let’s be real - the fact that you’re even here considering a website upgrade is enough to indicate it’s time for a fresh design. Thank god not everything is permanent! Allow us to take your tattoo shop to new heights!

Locksmith Website Design

From mechanical keys to push button ignition, you’ve kept up with the changes in your industry. Now it’s time to focus on updating your locksmith website design! The key to success is a professionally designed, easy-to-find website, and at LinkNow Media, we build our locksmith websites with locksmiths in mind. We will handle every aspect of managing your web presence, from building you a good looking locksmith website design to enhancing your website’s visibility on all major search engines. Having a great locksmith web design is the key to a new way of doing business, and not something you want to be locked out of!

Websites for Therapists

Reaching out and asking for professional help can be scary and confusing, and your website is the first thing your prospective clients see. It is extremely important that you establish a non-intimidating and informative atmosphere from the beginning. Trusted content, inviting images, and an easy-to-navigate design will help visitors feel confident that they’re in good hands. At LinkNow Media, we are to here to help you out. Since 2009, we have worked with more than 173 therapists to assist them in connecting with people who need their help. When you team up with us, we will handle every aspect of managing your therapist web design and presence. Our mission is simple ... to allow you to focus on what you do best.

Pool Maintenance Website Designs

It’s time to fire up the barbeque, grab the suntan lotion, and pull out the ol’ swimming trunks! Everyone in your town is looking to beat the heat by hanging poolside, but first they’ll need your pool maintenance services. So let’s cut to the chase and dive right in! You need a website and you need to be easy to find. A highly optimized pool website that ranks well AND leads to conversions is sure to make a huge splash in your business margins. At LinkNow Media, we are a premier website design agency here to help your pool company stand out against the competition. Our professional web designers, content writers, and SEO specialists will work with you to promote your brand, highlight your areas of expertise, tell your story, and introduce you to people who need your services! In your industry, summer is always right around the corner! What are you waiting for?

Law Firm Website Design

When people need legal advice, they turn to the internet. In Austin, TX, for example, a city with a population of 885,400 people, approximately 2,900 individuals monthly are looking for legal help with child support. At LinkNow Media, we are a result-driven website development company specializing in effective law firm website design and online marketing for law firms in the United States and Canada. Whether you practice family law, criminal law, or corporate law, our mission is to create a website design that provides strong representation for your firm. What does that mean? Qualified leads. We are invested in engaging your audience to make your law firm thrive in today’s competitive internet marketplace. Since our inception 835 law firms, such as Johnson Law Group International, PLLC of Washington DC, have partnered with us to represent their firm online. When you choose us, your designer will be by your side to give your website a fresh look and our SEO experts will work with you to fine tune your strategies and improve your practice’s online visibility.