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Beauty Salon Website Design

Bring business to your doors with a new website from LinkNow Media. We are North America’s leading beauty salon website designer. We create masterful websites that exude beauty, elegance, and style, giving you just what you need to set your business apart. What’s more, we offer the most cost-effective marketing services available, helping raise your visibility and grow your list of clients. For smart solutions, affordable prices, and world-class web work, LinkNow Media is the choice for you.

To discover the value of our services, give us a call at 1-888-667-7186.

Expert Website Design

Exceptional Aesthetic Appeal

Make beauty your brand with LinkNow Media. As web designers, we understand the need to leave a strong first impression on your clients. You need a powerful website that showcases the quality of your work.

Our websites do precisely that. Each combines stunning visuals with captivating branding to give you the competitive edge you crave. We offer flexible pricing plans, as well as a vast array of personalization options so that you can have the picture-perfect website of your dreams.

Say Hello to Your Number One Sales Rep

Your website is more than just a pretty backdrop for your business. It’s your 24-hour sales rep, a lead-generating machine working day and night to help you maintain a steady supply of new customers. LinkNow Media builds optimized websites to raise your visibility and capture that target audience. We develop our websites not just to look good, but to convert clicks into calls, visitors into customers. We help you gain a loyal following within your area. That way, you can enjoy the success you want and deserve.

Don’t let motivated customers slip through your fingers. Instill confidence in your services, and let LinkNow Media bring those customers to your doors.

Key Features of Our Websites:

  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • HTTPS security
  • Clean XML site map
  • Personalized design
  • Search engine optimized

Why Estheticians Love Our Websites

What sets our websites apart? Besides the budget-friendly price, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Our websites are lean, clean, and efficient. They’re affordable, yet they pack a punch, with a suite of immersive features that help you better connect with your customers. Altogether, you’re sure to love your LinkNow website. Here’s why:

  • Our websites are fast: Page loading speed is one of the most critical factors in how your website ranks online and how long visitors spend on it. LinkNow Media builds all its websites with optimal loading speeds to minimize bounce rates and create engaging user experiences.
  • Our websites are sleek: We know looks are important. That’s why we keep on the cutting edge of website design: to continue offering the latest in aesthetic dimension. Our websites are sleek, unique, and personalized to reflect the spirit of your business. Small wonder estheticians turn to us for their web design needs.
  • Our websites are responsive: Mobile search now represents over 50% of all search traffic. At LinkNow Media, we code all our websites with a responsive interface that scales to the user’s device. Whether your visitor is using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, they’ll feel right at home clicking on your site.
  • Our websites are powerful: Your website’s nothing if it doesn’t convince customers. At LinkNow Media, we fuel our websites with conversion-driven content developed by our experienced copywriters. Each page is designed to maximize user engagement, helping guide visitors to the end goal of contacting you. With one of our websites, you have a powerful platform to connect, expand, and grow.
  • Our websites are affordable: No other company can offer the same number of features on their websites at so affordable a price as we can. We’ve done our homework, and we know that we offer the best bang-for-buck deal on the market today. If you need a website and you need to stick to a budget, we’re the way to go.

Learn what to look for in a website designer—and what sets us apart

Choose from Three Best-in-Budget Web Packages

LinkNow Media is committed to empowering small business owners by giving them choice and flexibility. That’s why we offer three web packages for three different price ranges, plus a complete suite of à la carte add-on features. No matter your budget, we’re sure to have something that fits it. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to conquer the continent, you can count on us to stay within your price range.

Choose from:

·         The Ready to Go

Our most affordable option, the Ready to Go web package has all the essentials, plus additionals that you won’t find anywhere else at this price. Five webpages,  pre-written content, and HTTPS security all come included to give you a powerhouse online presence. If you’re looking to start small, this is the choice for you.

·         The Everything You Need

The Everything You Need is our most recommended product. True to its name, it comes with a complete range of features to give you a formidable presence on the net. Ten webpages, logo integration, and PayPal invoicing are just a few of the perks, along with everything from the Ready to Go package.

·         The All You Want

The All You Want is our premium package—and our best deal. The Cadillac of website design, it includes all the features of a luxury site without the luxury price tag. Enjoy 20 webpages, an expanded photo gallery, and three pages of custom content, all at a fraction of the cost you’d otherwise spend. For the highest return on investment, this one here is sure to do the trick.

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Build Your Brand with Custom Add-Ons

To make things more flexible for our clients, we offer dozens of optional adds-ons for our website packages. You can mix and match, bundle up, and pay for only the features you want. Just one more way we’re making things easier for you.

Shop a range of à la carte add-ons, including:

  • Custom logo design
  • Custom content
  • Video integration
  • PayPal invoicing
  • Social media integration
  • Extra email addresses
  • …and more

If you have been looking to upgrade your business’ logo, our designers can also create a brand-new logo for your beauty salon, making it even easier to stand out against the competition. You’re in the business of making people beautiful. We’re in the business of making websites beautiful.

You can also make changes to your site after purchase. As part of our no-contract policy, we don’t lock you into anything. You’re welcome to add extra features as you need them. Whether it’s a specific color scheme, original photos, or some other design flourish you have in mind, you simply need to call or email your website co-ordinator, and they will get it done.

Explore our options for add-ons

The Most Cost-Effective Online Marketing Available

Grow your business with our online marketing services. We offer cost-effective search engine optimization (SEO) services that raise your visibility and drive traffic to your site. With our help, you’ll see incremental gains that let you climb search engine ranks so that you can attract new visitors and customers.

Our online marketing services include:

  • Conversion-Oriented Landing Pages: We will create hyperfocused landing pages targeting a core area you market and a key service you offer. By homing in on relevant search terms that people near you are using, we’ll connect you with the customers who need and want you.
  • Authority-Building Backlink Campaigns: A backlink is any link from a third-party website back to yours. They’re like currency, proving a website’s worth based on the number of people linking to it. To gain you more traction, LinkNow Media will pursue ambitious linkbuilding campaigns, discovering opportunities for people in your industry to link back to your website. By leveraging those contacts, we’ll help you grow your authority, proving to Google that your website is one worth visiting.
  • Citation Management: A citation is any mention of your business in an online business directory, which is like the yellow pages of the Internet. Citations help broadcast your business information, displaying it to the world so that your site becomes more visible. LinkNow Media will manage your citations, creating new ones where possible, and updating old ones that might be displaying out-of-date information. That way, you can send a clear, consistent message about your business.
  • Social Media Posts: Social media is a powerful tool that lets you build meaningful relationships with your core customer base. LinkNow Media will manage your social media accounts, curating content for them that helps create customer engagement and earn you a loyal online following.

Tested Solutions, Proven Results

Our marketing solutions are tested, trusted, and proven to work. That’s because the main thrust of them is content. On the Internet, content is king. Content is what Google looks for when it evaluates webpage quality. It’s what will set your site apart, and what will prove you as an authority in your industry.

Sign onto one of our advanced marketing packages, and each month, we’ll expand your presence with fresh, valuable content. When Google sees that you’re adding useful information to its digital ecosystem, they’ll be more inclined to view you favourably, helping you climb the search result rankings. With incremental gains, you’ll broaden your reach, attract new clients, and grow your business.

Our 10,000 active clients have come to love the value of our SEO services. They’ve all witnessed what a difference we can make. Now’s your chance to join them.

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The Web is Waiting for You—Join it with LinkNow Media

The key to conveying your brand to the consumer is a stunning, search-engine-optimized website. Don’t let the competition beat you to the punch. Contact LinkNow Media today, and find out how we can design your site, market your salon, and take your business to new heights.

To get started, visit your free demo website today.