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Catering Websites

Website Design for Caterers

Are you ready? It’s time for your business to take a giant bite out of the Internet. Half of the world’s population uses it, and the user base is growing more and more every day. But what if you don’t know the first thing about getting online, or you have a basic site already and it’s not really doing anything for you? This is where LinkNow Media comes in. We develop mouthwatering websites and digital marketing solutions for over 9000+ clients throughout the United States and Canada.

For instance, in the catering industry alone we have had the pleasure of cooking up nearly 250 websites for very satisfied clients. Our no-contract policy speaks volumes about the quality of our service, as each and every one of our clients choose to stay with us because they want to, not because they’re trapped in a contract. Not only will our talented website designers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, and well-read content writers create a unique website for you that uses the latest trends and technology, we’ll do it all in 10-20 days!

Don’t rely on the ads on the side of your vehicles, or the great word of mouth that spreads after each successful wedding or event—these are both passive forms of advertisement. Beneficial, but not sustainable.

With a streamlined high-functioning website, you’ll be creating the ideal representation for your business and showing the world just how talented you are! Share food photography, blog about each event you attend, and express yourself.

Let LinkNow Media create an instant bond between you and your current and potential clients. Call today!

Cut Your Competition

For some in the catering industry, a professionally-made website is the greatest asset they never knew they needed.

If you have had experience setting up a website in the past and didn’t benefit from it, we can tell you exactly why and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Your website will act as a 24/7 fountain of information about your business! People aren’t always planning for their wedding, corporate lunch, or other event during business hours, and if they are, they’re not always able to visit you in person to see what you do. By getting a website up with frequently asked questions, information about what makes you the best, and tons of photos, you’re providing customers with all the information they need at any time of the day or night.

Once that gets the juices flowing, we can guarantee they’ll be ready to call you the moment you’re open!

If you’ve invested in marketing before you’ll know how pricey it can be. By paying for one of our affordable website packages, you’ll get immediate and long-lasting exposure that you would not see from other ad sources.

Build the credibility of your business by existing on the Internet. In 2018 the first thing someone does when considering making a purchase or hiring a service is see what they can find online, and if you’re not there or have a small presence with little to know information, they’re going to move on.

There are currently more than 200,000 catering professionals active in the United States. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with a website that does exactly that.

Original Pairings

The advantage of hiring a professional web designer is that they will know precisely how to pair your unique business with the best interface. Like any artist, we understand that catering companies all have their specialties and character that separates them from the rest. The goal now, is to ensure that people searching online for catering services know that your specialties and character are the best out there.

Having built nearly 250 catering websites, our designers and writers are well-versed in representing you in a positive and unique light that will draw clients in and make sure they stick around.

  • Wedding catering
  • Corporate catering
  • Event catering

Each of these different specialties requires a different touch. For example, a website aimed towards weddings will be warm, welcoming, and fun, with artistic flourishes. A corporate website will be slick and clean showing off your professionalism. Event catering can be an amalgamation of the two.

No matter what your specialty, our specialty at LinkNow Media is being a full-service web development company capable of working with any business to get them exactly what they’re imagining when it comes to their online presence.

Original pairings tantalize and excite in the food industry, keeping a menu interesting and the people who taste it always wanting seconds. We promise to offer the same when it comes to building you a beautiful website!

A Varied Menu

Highly-optimized catering-related content, extensive photo galleries, and an extensive menu of add-ons to tailor your website to your business. These are just a few of the things we offer when you sign up with LinkNow Media.

Just as you’ve honed your menu to perfection, we’ve done the same with our website start-up options.

It can be overwhelming at first what to put online but with two packages available you can pick which inspires you the most and we’ll fill it with all the catering information it needs to go out into the world and be a great success!

The Ready to go option will give you the basics that suit the needs of about five of our customers. With modular add-ons, you can make this five-page site into a super site that grows as your business does!

If you’re a business owner who wants everything, the Everything You Need website package is the one for you. Perfect for the catering industry, this 10-page website comes with a photo gallery which you can add to your site and display your finest work for clients to see.

Both options come with the best content money can buy, and online, content is king. We’ll fill your site with all the information you desire, featuring keywords that search engines love.

When it comes to having it all, we’ve got you covered.

Five Courses for Success

When it comes to optimizing your website so it does its best, LinkNow Media is at the top of the game. Many of our clients have had experiences with website building where once the site was created, it brought them no new clients. This could put them off of trying again. Don’t let that happen to you—hire a professional web development company and see what wonders we can work for you!

Employing four techniques, we can guarantee you the traffic you’re dreaming of when first starting a catering website.

Once your website is created, first take a look at our add-ons. For a catering business you’ll be most interested in features such as:

  • Custom photo gallery add-ons
  • YouTube video integration
  • Testimonials plugin
  • Business Facebook page setup
  • Twitter page creation
  • Basic PayPal integration

While these are all highly useful to clients once they get to your site, the most important thing we can do for you at LinkNow Media is behind the scenes with search engine optimization.

  1. Landing Pages: The simplest definition of a landing page is in the term itself. A visitor will arrive or “land” on this page when they click a link posted elsewhere. Landing pages generate leads by capturing user data and is a far better option than simply linking visitors to your website’s home page.
  2. Link Building: What is It? Like any functioning community, Google Top Contributors earn this distinction by contributing and providing useful information on Google Help forums. To ensure that you continue your status as a Google Top Contributor then you need to hang out in Google forums as much as possible.
  3. BacklinksThe opposite of link building, backlinking places valuable content from other sites within your site. When a search engine like Google or Bing sees your website in association with high ranking ones, they will rank you higher in turn.
  4. CitationsCitations are one of the most important factors in local search rankings. When a search engine looks for information, it’s looking for consistency and activity. Starting with bigger sites we’ll start building your digital footprint by posting your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) in their directories.
  5. ContentContent is any writing populating your site. It’s an important factor when it comes to SEO, because when researched properly and filled with valuable information and key words, search engines will eat it right up, driving people towards your site by the ton. At LinkNow Media, our writers are skilled at creating unique and accurate content filled with just the right amount of powerful keywords.

It’s clear to see how a website that isn’t updated regularly with SEO-focused content can fall by the wayside and wide up being ineffectual.

With 9,000+ clients and counting, and none of these clients held to a contract, at LinkNow Media, we know we’re doing something right.

Contact us today to get matched up with a web designer and account executive who will serve you up the best design and traffic solutions the web has to offer!

The Reviews are In

We know caterers, and speak their language. Having helped hundreds of catering companies get online and attract new business, they’ve been vocal with their gratitude. Phillis Alexander of Sunday Dinner Catering Services , says “I use LinkNow Media for my catering business website and have been extremely pleased with the service. My Account Executive calls periodically to check to see if I am satisfied with the results that the website has produced and/or if I would like to add to or change it in any way. I appreciate their expertise and customer service and I highly recommend them.”

It’s no surprise that with the buffet of offerings available to you through LinkNow Media, clients are satisfied with their results.

Get your business at the top of Google’s local search rankings for a number of important keywords and build a relationship with our team that will last for years as we ensure your page stays at the top.

If your current website isn’t ready to crush the competition, or you don’t even have one yet, make the change now and launch your site in under a month! We can promise you, if your competition hasn’t already launched theirs, they too are thinking about it.

Whether your business is local, national, or international, LinkNow Media is here to cater to your needs.

A Feast for the Eyes

LinkNow Media will create a mouthwatering website for your catering business. Wedding catering, event catering, corporate catering, all of the above, and more, the sky’s the limit!

Having worked with more than 200 catering companies in the past, we know what works for your industry, and what doesn’t.

Research is an important part of the LinkNow process, and is what sets us apart from the rest. From the free demo site we’ll build you, to the launch day of your custom pages, we’ll be helping your company shine like the industry leader it is.

We’ll spice your site up with add-ons that take it to the next level, and pack it full of quality content and links that send it skyrocketing to the top of any online listing you can find. And, rest assured, your site will look great not only on computers, but on mobile devices and tablets as well.

Presentation isn’t only important in the food industry, but in the web design industry as well.

We pride ourselves on the strongest customer service out there. Throughout the design period and even after your site is launched, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account executive or designer to discuss what’s up with your site and request changes. Without a contract tying you down, you’re welcome to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Creativity is not to be stifled. Being held back is the last thing any web or food artist does, so we will never do that to you. Click on the orange button below to find out more!The web is waiting for you… give LinkNow Media a call today!