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Catering Websites

Web Design Specialists for Catering

Whether it’s a four-course meal for a wedding or some casual but tasty finger food at a Bar Mitzvah, the fact of the matter is that a good catering company can be the difference between a party or formal occasion being good and being great. Working with a countless number of small and medium sized catering companies just like yours down through the years has meant we have been able to see first-hand the transformative effect that a pristine and easy to use website has been for catering teams in towns and cities across North America.

If you want a web design team that works as hard as you do, then you need to get in contact with LinkNow Media today. As one of Profit 500’s fastest growing media and marketing companies in Canada in 2016 and 2017, we know what it takes to deliver real and tangible results for your catering business. Our ‘no-contract’ approach to our web design service means that you will never have to worry about being tied into a contract that you are no longer sure about.

At LinkNow Media, we see our catering and other commercial clients more like partners rather than customers. After all, whether you are a long-standing catering company or one just starting out, the fact of the matter is that you have most likely overcome a number of hurdles to get where you are today. What we want to do is make sure that your delicious meals and unrivalled service standards reaches as many new and prospective customers. Having a beautifully designed and highly-optimized website from us will do just that.

Just ask Phillis Alexander of Sunday Dinner Catering Services, she says, “I use LinkNow Media for my catering business website and have been extremely pleased with the service. My Account Executive calls periodically to check to see if I am satisfied with the results that the website has produced and/or if I would like to add to or change it in any way. I appreciate their expertise and customer service and I highly recommend them.”

So, what are you waiting for? Call or email us today and allow our team to get to work in bringing the web to your catering business, you won’t regret it!

Full Catering Service Websites for You

As a business in the catering sector, you don’t need us to tell you that variety really is important. Whether you specialize in weddings, corporate events or event planning for sports teams, the fact of the matter is that you need to be able to cater to the tastes of vegetarian, vegans and plain old picky eaters. Well, in the web design world it is very similar and that is why we offer a tailored web design service to all our catering clients.

While our team of designers, content writers and marketing strategists can cater to all and any of your needs, the reality is that almost all our catering clients opt for one of our following web package:

Ready To Go: There is little doubt about the popularity with over 85% of our commercial clients opting for this option when they sign up to our award-winning web design service. If you are a catering company what is looking to take their first steps in the online world without having to commit too much to an overly-complicated package, then this is the perfect choice for you.

As part of this package you will receive the following web design treats as standard:

  • Content: Our skilled team of content writers undertake research on every industry sector they create content for to ensure that the language and terminology used is as on point as possible. As well as the practical language considerations, they also work closely with our SEO team to craft pre-written content that is laden with keyword rich headings and sub-headings. This, in turn, will increase your website’s ranking position on Google and ensure that as many new and potential clients in your area will be able to find your site.
  • Five Web Pages: As part of our Ready To Go package, your website will receive a minimum of five web pages. These pages can be used for whatever you decide. On top of that, additional pages can easily be purchased and added to your site at any time.
  • Professional Design: At LinkNow Media, we are very proud of our websites and we will always help give your business the look it needs to look credible in the eyes of your clients.
  • Superior Search Engine Optimization: If you want to make sure as many people as possible in your local area have the opportunity to find your website, then you need to make sure that your SEO game is strong. With our skilled and dedicated team of SEO experts on the job, you can rest assured that this will be the case. We will ensure that your webpages are filled with keyword-rich terms as well as a suite of backlinks that are designed to see your website climb up Google’s ranking ladder.
  • Standardized Contact Form: While this simple feature is often overlooked when it comes to what you receive from our web design service, the fact of the matter is that that a contact form is a vitally important part of any website. In many ways, a contact form is a portal between you and your customers on the online world, and the better you are at responding to your customers’ concerns online will go a long way to determining how well your catering company does.
  • Domain Name: Whether you have had a website in the past or are starting out with us, you can be guaranteed that you will receive either a new domain or an existing domain transfer as standard with LinkNow Media – the choice is yours to make!

Google My Business: What Is It?

If you are like most of the catering companies that we work with at LinkNow Media then you probably have never heard of Google My Business, and honestly that’s not a problem. With so much involved in running a catering business, there often isn’t sufficient time to know every single detail about your Google My Business page and that is where we come in. With LinkNow Media on your side, you can rest assured that any question you have on this service will be answered quickly and effectively.

So, what is Google My Business? In essence, it a tool that businesses and organizations use to manage their online presence, at LinkNow Media we do this for you. This service will include verifying and editing your business information, our management will provide your current and prospective clients with everything they need to know, when they need to know it.

  1. First Things First: The first thing you need to know is that Google My Business is a free service, and you can begin attracting new customers with a Google listing with a $0 budget.
  2. A Google Top Contributor: What is It? Like any functioning community, Google Top Contributors earn this distinction by contributing and providing useful information on Google Help forums. To ensure that you continue your status as a Google Top Contributor then you need to hang out in Google forums as much as possible.
  3. What If My Business is Verified by Another Catering Company? At LinkNow Media, we will work diligently to make sure that your credentials are as accurate and detailed as possible. If you have logged onto Google to verify your business, only to find someone else has done it for you. First of all, we will make sure that it wasn’t you and if this doesn’t work then we will request access by signing in to your Google account.
  4. My Google Business Page Reviews has Fraudulent Reviews, Can You Fix This? The unfortunate fact of the matter is that fake and negative reviews are a big part of online marketing. But that shouldn’t dissuade you from investing in our superior web service. At the end of the day, all reviews – good and bad – can boost your SEO. How you respond to bad reviews can define how well your catering business performs.
  5. Still Not Sure? If you are still not certain that Google My Business can be a useful tool for your catering company, then consider this: being listed online with Google My Business can open up your business to the world of search engine optimization and enhance sales opportunities for your team.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

At LinkNow Media, we know that talk is cheap, and that self-praise really is no praise at all. That is why we don’t like to waste our 9,000-client’s time with empty slogans about how are the best web design team of all time. Instead, we concern ourselves with ensuring that each and every business-owner that invests in our service has their expectations not only met, but exceeded. For us, providing small and medium catering businesses just like yours with a website that they can be proud of really is what it’s all about, and it is this mantra that we follow closely every single day.

The sight of a satisfied customer seeing their business’s sales increase and profit margin widen because of the help of our website really is why we do this work. When we receive positive reviews like the ones outlined below, it really makes all our hard work feel worthwhile and that is what it’s all about for us.</

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Don’t take chances with inferior teams when the number one web design specialists are here for you to use!

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