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Interior Designer Websites

Did you know, we’ve already got something in common? At LinkNow Media, we specialize in tailor-made, and as an interior designer, so do you. We both understand the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you can create a space for someone that they absolutely love, and that’s exactly what we want to do for you.

Your website is your online portfolio that puts forward the values of your business, the successes you’ve accomplished, and acts as a brochure to draw in more customers. By letting us help to build your online presence, you’ll be achieving your business goals faster than ever!

With the best rates out there, and the most in-depth industry research, partnering up with LinkNow Media to create a chic interior design website, you’ll be doing yourself and your customers a huge favor.

We as humans are visual beings, and in the era of technology, having a beautiful website that shows prospective clients exactly what you’re all about in one glance is extremely important. We have worked closely with over 200 other interior designers throughout the United States and Canada and know exactly what your clients want to see and know.

A properly functioning website will be seamlessly integrated, provide crucial business information, have clear objectives, and show off the work that you do. With LinkNow Media, you can have all these things and more.

Our staff love what they do and it shows. Get in touch today, we’re eager to start on your new website!

The Importance of Website Design

There are 2.4 billion users on the internet, and 90% of them have purchased something online in the last 12 months. Whether you want to be online or not, at this point there’s no other option as a business owner.

  • Accessibility Think about it: a website offers a 24/7 storefront. If your prospective client is a night owl or doesn’t like using the phone, they can get all the information they need by a quick search through your website.
  • Communication Offer another way to communicate with clients. Write through e-mail, or integrate a chat on your homepage!
  • Credibility The fastest way to lose credibility when people are searching for the best interior design, is to not have an online presence. By making yourself easy to find, you’ll instantly put new clients at ease.
  • Portfolio Clients can come in to your office to look through a portfolio, or you can show off your work before they even call you by creating an online gallery!
  • Reviews Don’t wait for clients to tell their friends about their amazing interior designer, display all your word-of-mouth advertising on your own website for the world to see.

Not only do your prospective clients expect you to have a website, but your competitors are aware of this and if they don’t have a website already, are working towards starting one. It is especially important for interior design companies to have a strong visual presence online. Hiring a web development company will keep you ahead of the rest.

Unique Websites for Unique Designers

At LinkNow Media we understand that all interior designers are unique and have different attributes and styles that set them apart from the rest. Let us express your individuality through your custom website design. Your home page is the first thing new clients will see when they go to your website, and we know how to make that page pop!

Do you have a specialty? While you may design a wide range of interiors, many interior designers have a few favorites that they excel at.

  • Bathroom design
  • Kitchen design
  • Corporate interiors
  • Eco-Friendly focus
  • Hotel interiors
  • Commercial interiors

…and more! We’ve got you covered. From conceptualization to launch, our designers and content writers will work closely with you to ensure that you and your business are represented exactly the way you want, with a spotlight on what you do best.

When we start work on your project, our writers and designers don’t just make a website, they research your unique field to create a website that really works.

Interior design is your specialty, and web design is ours. Over 200 satisfied interior designers are happy to have employed our services, and continue working with us to this day, constantly updating their website to keep up with the latest trends.

When you hire LinkNow Media, you’re hiring a partner in marketing—a team that is as invested in furthering your business as you are, who will be there every step of the way without fail!

Help Us Help You

The world wide web is a massive and varied place, and as a web development company, it is our job to make sure that in that vast open space, your business stands out. Not just with beautiful design, but with behind the scenes tweaks that will get you top of the search engine every time.

You already know that you offer the best interior design in your area, but do the home and business owners of your city know? Through tried and tested practices that have been proven to help interior design websites climb quickly to the top, we’ll make educated decisions every time to get you the best results.

We have two great website packages to start you on your way.

“Ready to Go ” Website

A great starter, you’ll get content, five web pages, professional design, SEO optimization, a contact form for your clients to get in touch with you and, of course, a domain name.

“Everything You Need ” Website

When you really want to go the extra mile, get everything from the Ready to go Website package, plus even more. Ten web pages, logo integration, a 25-photo gallery, picture modifications, webmaster consultation and video integration!

If from the start or later along the way, you’re looking for more, have no fear—we have plenty of package upgrades and add-ons for you to choose from. Call or email us today!

More traffic, more images, more customization—we’ve got it all, and when you say the word, we’ll integrate it all with your unique website design!

Kick Your Business up a Notch

With all the competition out there, it’s more important than ever to make sure you, as an interior designer, have a top-notch online presence. Marketing on the Internet is so important, and you’ll be worrying about so many other things as a business owner, why count a website as one of them? At LinkNow Media, you’ll be assigned a web designer and an account executive whose jobs it will be to make sure your online migration goes smoothly.

Once we start work on the basic package you’ve chosen, it will be easier for you to see what additional features you need. Every client is different, and as an interior designer, your key feature will be galleries.

Perfect website add-ons for the interior design industry would be:

  • Custom photo gallery add-ons
  • YouTube video integration
  • Logo design
  • Logo integration
  • Additional storage

Once your website is looking exactly how you want it, we’ll work to drive traffic to it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO is done through landing pages, link building, and citations, and regular updates will ensure you don’t get lost on the net.

Landing pages

Landing pages are lead capture pages that respond to search results or online advertisements. This way you can see where your customers are coming from. If you post a link on your Facebook page for example, when a potential client clicks it, they’ll be taken not necessarily to your homepage, but to a unique landing page. The goal is to convert site visitors into work for you!

Link building

The more places you can be found online the easier it is to find you. If your work gets featured on an interior design blog for example, they will link to your website. This association means if someone searches for your business, they’ll see it come up twice. Just like getting your name out there with billboards and magazine ads, link building peppers your website’s URL around the Internet so people have more opportunities to click it.


Similar to link building, citations mention your business’ name, address and phone number online. Google and Bing love to find accurate information and compile it for people to find easily. When you have your business’ name, address and phone number in multiple locations, it’ll make your website easier to find.

Website design and management can seem like a daunting endeavor, but at LinkNow Media we’ve been in the business for five years and counting, with well over 9,000+ clients, more than 200 of which are interior designers like yourself!

When it comes to kicking a business up a notch, we know what we’re doing. We don’t take shortcuts, and only provide you with techniques that actually work!

Let us optimize your business today. Someone who specializes in creating the best interior design for commercial and/or residential clients deserves to have the best website. Our team will set you up with the best design and traffic solutions that will remain cutting-edge with regular updates for years to come.

You can be our Next Happy Customer

“Has anyone told you today how completely awesome you are? Well I am telling you now!”

“I love, love, love what you did with the logo, it's exactly my vision”

“I absolutely love what you have done with the website! That is the look I was aiming for.”

These are just a few things our satisfied customers have said about the websites we create. If you’d like to see more, our easy-to-navigate website has a testimonials section that can inform you what real clients say about our services.

You need to get in their search results before you can get in their homes. Check out the website of Lush Interiors. We have been working with owner Charlene Threatful since 2013 and we’re still together, helping her keep her website up-to-date and relevant to her clients. Charlene had this to say:

“LinkNow Media has been super helpful and responsive. I am impressed and would recommend them.”

When you partner up with a business that focuses on the happiness of their customers first, you’re guaranteed to get the results you’re looking for. Developing websites and digital marketing solutions for our clients throughout the United States and Canada is our passion. We’re proud to offer a no-contract policy to all clients because who wants to keep a client just because they’re forced to stay?

Our 9,000+ clients are all still with us because they love the work that we do, and we love them for it.

The Web is Waiting for You

Web design, logo design, hosting, SEO—LinkNow Media is a full-service web development company. Our process is streamlined to ensure that you, as the client, has as much involvement as possible, every step of the way.

First, we’ll give you a welcome call to go through procedures. Right from the get go you will be provided with a basic website, which you can tweak with your unique information during this call. As well, you get access to your Members Area which makes making any modifications and sending in materials a breeze!

There are approximately 71,700 people employed as interior designers in the United States today. As one of them, it is your duty to ensure your own success by doing everything you can to promote the amazing work you do for your clients.

As a designer, you are well-versed in working together with clients to create their ideal spaces, and at LinkNow Media we can’t wait to turn the tables a little and create a space online for you.

Excited yet? Give us a call today or Click the huge orange button below, and let’s get talking about your website!

The web is waiting for you.. what are you waiting for?