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Tile and Terrazzo Contractor Website Design

Find new leads with LinkNow Media. We are a leader in the Web design industry, and we specialize in tile and terrazzo website design. We create personalized websites that help you build your brand and grow your customer base. With the most cost-effective marketing solutions in North America, we help you save money while maximizing revenue. Join over 10,000 clients who’ve chosen us for hosting, maintenance, and marketing—and set your sights on success.

Discover the value of our services. Call us at 1-888-667-7186 to schedule a free consultation.

World-Class Web Work for Tile and Terrazzo Contractors

Our websites are sleek, robust, and second to none. They’re a powerhouse in performance, a masterclass in design, combining stunning visuals with feature-rich layouts. Their intuitive interface provides a deep and rewarding user experience, heightening customer engagement to drive lead conversions.

What’s more, our websites boast high visibility on major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We follow the latest principles of search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX) design to deliver a high-quality product that ranks and performs exceptionally well. Powered by high-quality content, our websites give you a large digital footprint for an expansive presence on the Net. That way, the customers who need your services can see your services, and you can get the leads you need to succeed.

With our Web services, you will:

  • Grow your Web presence
  • Expand your customer base
  • Gain Google’s trust
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Streamline customer communication
  • Save time and money

What to look for in a Web designer—and what sets us apart

Top-Tier Tile Site Designs

You need a website that will capture the spirit of your business, and we’re the team to build it. Our tile and terrazzo websites help you showcase your vision, values, and experience. Tailored to suit your needs, they give you a stellar front face for your business, one you can be proud to show off to clients and stakeholders.

A website from us provides the picture-perfect backdrop for you to highlight your skill and expertise. It’s a powerful platform where you can show off the quality of your work. It’s your billboard, your business card, and your number one sales tool. It’s the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Take advantage, and contact us to schedule a free walkthrough of a demo website today.

Key Features of Our Websites:

  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Mobile devices are responsible for more than half of all Internet search traffic. You need a website that caters to that majority of users so that you can capture all segments of your potential customer base. It’s for that reason that all our websites come with a responsive, mobile-friendly design. We code our sites to feature a scalable interface, meaning they auto-adjust to fit the size of the device being used. With one of our sites, it doesn’t matter what device your visitors are using. Whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, they’ll find your site a pleasure to navigate.
  • Search Engine Optimized: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone of modern Web design, and we’re proud to make it the flagship of our website designs. Each of our websites features a clean XML site map to speed up Google’s indexing, giving you a strong start to your business’ life online. They also feature optimal keyword densities, helping you target customers in your local area who are searching for your services.
  • Fast Load Times: Load speed affects how long a user stays on your site before clicking away. With a fast website, you’ll have a better chance at grabbing—and keeping—your audience’s attention, in turn improving customer outcomes and experiences. With that in mind, LinkNow develops all websites to be lean and efficient, boasting optimal load speeds to keep visitors engaged. They pass all major metrics to ensure your website performs well across all types of devices.
  • HTTPS Protected: HTTPS is a security protocol that protects users’ personal data. To keep you and your customers safe online, we’re proud to include HTTPS on all websites hosted on our servers. Conduct your affairs securely, and instill confidence in your services. With one of our websites, you can do both.

LinkNow Media provides outstanding products and services at very reasonable costs. Of course, this creates major value. In addition, they are very customer-centric and provide outstanding customer service. I highly recommend their services.
—Chris Geringer, client since 2013

Three Best-in-Budget Website Packages

Choice matters. That’s why we want to give you more of it. We offer three affordable Web packages—plus a slew of optional add-ons—for you to enjoy. Whether you’re just starting your online journey or you’re looking to conquer the continent, you can count on us to deliver a website that meets your needs.

Our budget-friendly options ensure you get your money’s worth—and then some. With a range of best-in-class features, our websites outperform all others in their price range. They come with optimal utility features, a range of customization options, and more. If you want to make the most of your money, look no further: We have you covered.

Our website packages are as follows:

Ready to Go

  • 5 Web pages
  • Pre-written content
  • Online contact form
  • …and more

Everything You Need

  • 10 Web pages
  • Pre-written content
  • Photo gallery
  • Logo integration
  • Video integration
  • …and more

All You Want

  • 20 Web pages
  • Three custom pages
  • Expanded photo gallery
  • Logo integration
  • Video integration
  • Blog integration
  • …and more

Compare our website packages

The Most Powerful Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal

Sleek, Professional, Exceptional

Tile or terrazzo flooring will increase any property’s value because of the materials’ timeless appeal. With an unlimited range of colour and eco-friendly creation, it’s a wonder why anyone would opt for an alternative flooring material.

There’s no room for trial and error when installing a tile floor and inexperience can be costly or at least time-consuming to undo. Websites are the same way.

A website is one of the most important tools a small business in any industry has in its arsenal because it’s a lot like owning a storefront without all the overhead costs of operating a commercial space. It’s a place where customers requiring the services of a tile and terrazzo contractor can learn more about the services you offer and where you are in complete control of the messaging and presentation.

Websites for tile and terrazzo businesses need to look professional and be easy to use. If you run your own contracting business, it’s very unlikely that you have time to sit down at your computer after a long day of repairing tiles and learn website design and marketing

Leave it to the professionals at LinkNow Media.

Since 2009, LinkNow Media has specialized in the creation and proliferation of websites for small businesses, including tile and terrazzo contractors. We have built thousands of beautiful websites that are as functional and easy to navigate as they are esthetically pleasing. If you want to find out more about our superior websites for small businesses, get in touch with us today.

Aesthetics Matter for Tile and Terrazzo Businesses

A website for tile and terrazzo contractors needs to be well-designed. And if your website doesn’t reflect that you have a knack for what looks good, customers will be wary of acquiring your services.

We all know that we only get one chance at first impressions and when you get a LinkNow Media website for your tile and terrazzo contracting business, you’ll impress potential customers and inspire confidence. They’ll know that you are the right contractor for their upcoming flooring project.

Your website’s looks are as important as its functionality. We specialize in clean, clutter-free designs proven to attract customers. Plus, our designers are always only a phone call away if you want to make any adjustments. After all, we appreciate the fact that this is your business, and your voice is the most important one when it comes to determining its look and feel.

I have had the great pleasure of working with several people at LinkNow. I have found everyone to be very friendly, knowledgeable about their products, and each has gone above and beyond to help me every step of the way. …The cost for the service that LinkNow provides is extremely reasonable. I have shopped around and cannot find anyone that even comes close to the value we have received for the cost of their service. I’m looking forward to a long relationship with LinkNow and most definitely will recommend them to anyone who needs the services they provide.

—Catt Jenkins, client since 2013

How Do Customers Find Tile and Terrazzo Contractors?

Tile and terrazzo flooring is a big investment for residential and commercial building owners. And unless they have unlimited funds, they will research their various options.

The first phase of researching their options begins with an Internet search. This will present the customer with all the tile and terrazzo contractors in the area and then they will evaluate based on their websites. If you don’t have a website or if your website has not been properly optimized to be found by search engines, your services aren’t being considered by customers that are actively looking for what you do best.

To ensure that business opportunities aren’t passing you by, we will build you a website that is easy for search engines to find. Our team is available to provide regular upkeep to ensure that motivated customers can find your website. Our team of search engine optimization specialists can do a number of things to maximize the website’s potential for lead generation.

Some of our more effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies include:


Backlinks are links on other websites that lead to yours and they are important to getting your site ranked higher on the results page as they represent a digital vote of confidence.

LinkNow Media is proud to have several SEO experts making sure that your site is equipped with quality backlinks that raise your website’s authority.


A citation is an online reference to your business’ name, address, and contact information. The more times your business’ vital information appears on relevant directories and databases, the more credibility and authority your company will have in the eyes of Google. Unlike backlinks, citations don’t necessarily link back to your website, but that doesn’t make them any less important.

The whole goal of a search engine is to provide their users with relevant information in response to their queries and if your business has inconsistent or no information about it from other sources, these platforms can’t confidently recommend your business. Submitting your website to all sorts of directories is a big, meticulous job, which is why you are in good hands with LinkNow Media’s team of specialists.


If you want to rank for specific keywords like “tile and terrazzo contractors”, your website must frame these keywords in well-written, engaging content that is informative and interesting.

We have a team of writers who can quickly whip up some amazing content that will interest both search engines and potential customers.

All these services are included in LinkNow Media’s different traffic solution packages. You can review the differences between each package here, or you can always get in touch with us today.

Websites for Tile and Terrazzo Flooring Contactors and More!

On top of our expert design and marketing services, LinkNow Media’s websites are all hosted in-house. Rather than depend on someone else’s servers that could crash or be slow, we have our own server. This allows us to do the necessary diagnostics and maintenance ourselves, which minimizes the potential for slow load times and crashes. Plus, we can charge our customers less for hosting services because we don’t have to pay a third party.

More small businesses choose to grow their online presence with LinkNow Media. Join them. You simply can’t afford to pass up our incredible services, products, and prices.

The Web Is Waiting for You. Join It with LinkNow Today.

Why wait? With over 10,000 clients across North America, LinkNow is the trusted Web designer for small- to medium-sized businesses. We’ve helped countless contractors get the leads they need to grow their business and ensure their success. They’ve all appreciated our savvy business solutions and cost-effective marketing services. Now, you can too.

To get started, contact us today. We’ll be happy to give you a free consultation and to build you a free demo website so you can see precisely what we can do for you.