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Carpet and Flooring Website Design

LinkNow Media is North America’s leading web designer for carpet and flooring companies. We create cutting-edge platforms that help you showcase your work, build your brand, and attract new customers. Whether you’re a new business or been in the industry for years, we have services that will keep you competitive and stay within your budget. With the most cost-effective online marketing solutions available, LinkNow Media has you covered.

To discover all that we can do for you, call us at 1-888-667-7186.

World-Class Website Design

World-class webwork awaits when you choose LinkNow Media. Our websites are a powerhouse in digital design, combining captivating content with stunning visual appeal. They’re as impressive as they are expansive, giving you a robust digital footprint so that you can be seen, searched, and found online. With a website from us, you’ll be ready to capture your target audience.

The best part about our websites? The price. Thanks to our streamlined service model, we’re able to put more work into our sites at lesser cost. We use an economies-of-scale approach that helps us drive down our prices, giving you the highest return on investment possible. Our websites come with everything you need at just a fraction of the cost you’d spend anywhere else.

Key Features of Our Websites:

  • Mobile-Friendly Design: More than half of all search engine traffic now goes through a mobile device. LinkNow Media codes all its websites to feature a responsive, mobile-friendly design, and to cater to that majority of users. Doesn’t matter whether your visitor is on a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop: They’ll have an easy time using your site, and they’ll be impressed with what they see.
  • User-Oriented Interfaces: A website needs to be easy to use for the visitor on the other end. At LinkNow Media, we follow the latest User Experience (UX) principles to create powerful websites tailored to your users’ needs, and to guide them along their customer journey.
  • Fast Loading Speeds: Page loading speed is one of the most critical factors in how long a user will stay on your site. Google also takes notice, and they tend to rank faster websites better. That’s why LinkNow Media codes all websites with optimal page loading speeds. Our sites are fast and efficient, loading in minimal time so your customers can get the information they need immediately. With a site from us, you’ll never have to worry about a customer clicking away because they lost their patience.
  • Rich with Content: Our websites are lean and efficient, but they pack a punch. They come frontloaded with page after page of high-quality content, giving you a large web presence to raise your visibility and expand your customer base.
  • HTTPS Protected: HTTPS is a security protocol that protects your and your user’s personal information. LinkNow Media offers HTTPS protection on all websites hosted on our servers. That way, you—and your customers—can feel safe while surfing the web.

What to look for in a web designer—and what sets us apart

Why Carpet and Flooring Contractors Love LinkNow Media

LinkNow Media is the flooring contractor’s best friend. As digital marketing specialists, we strive to make your life a little easier, with affordable solutions you can count on. We help you grow your business, maintain a steady supply of customers, and keep ahead of the competition.

Carpet and flooring companies have turned to us for countless reasons. Save money, save time, cut out the busywork—our services do it all. Whether you’re looking to lessen your workload or maximize your revenue, LinkNow Media has you covered.

The Benefits of Our Services

With our services, you will:

  • Attract new customers
  • Improve your online visibility
  • Strengthen your local reputation
  • Maximize your ROI
  • Capture your target audience
  • Improve your branding
  • …and more

The people at Linknow Media are so professional and very kind with the customers. They respond quick and resolve any issue very well!

–Juan Palare, client since 2015

Three Best-in-Budget Website Packages

LinkNow offers three website packages, each boasting best-in-class features at their price point. We’ve developed our web packages to run the gamut of affordable web design for small- and medium-sized businesses. Whether you’re a new business on a tight budget or you’re looking to kick your web presence up a notch, we have something for you.

Our website packages are ready-built and ready to take you further than ever. Even our most basic package—the Ready to Go—includes a complete suite of features to get you ranking and performing.

Choose from:

  • Ready to Go: Our most affordable option, the Ready to Go is a stellar entry deal. Enjoy professional design, search engine submission, your own domain name, and 5 pages of pre-written content—all for just a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. Throw in à la carte add-on features as you like, and you have a website that will make your services shine.
  • Everything You Need: The Everything You Need is our most recommended option. True to its name, the Everything You Need includes everything from our Ready to Go package, plus a whole slew of extra features. With twice as many webpages, a 25-photo gallery, video integration, personalized webmaster consultations, and more, the Everything You Need has all the fixings of a top-tier website, but at a price that stays affordable. If you’re looking to make waves in your local area, this is the choice for you.
  • All You Want: The All You Want is our top-end package—and our best deal. This is a luxury website without the luxury price tag, including everything you could want in one sleek, personalized package. Double the content for 20 webpages, enjoy an expanded photo gallery, PayPal invoicing, premium logo integration, and more, and you have a website like no other. The best part, though? The All You Want includes 3 pages of custom content, designed and written by our in-house copywriters. If you want to build your brand and set yourself apart, the All You Want is where it’s at.

Compare our web packages

Build Your Own Web Package

Our web packages are diverse enough to suit the vast majority of our clients’ needs. But we know that some folks want a little more—or a little less. That’s why we offer a complete range of optional add-on features to mix, match, and bundle together. You can choose a web package, add as many features as you like, and come up with your own personalized package tailored to suit your needs.

As a company that works in carpet and flooring, some add-ons that may appeal to you include:

  • Custom logo designs
  • Landing page configuration
  • Extra email addresses
  • Testimonials plug-in
  • PayPal integration
  • …and more

Shop our website add-ons

Soar to Success with Monthly Marketing Services

Your website needs to be seen for you to be heard. That’s why we offer 10 monthly marketing packages to drive traffic to your site. Choose the package that fits your budget, and we’ll help you grow your online presence, connecting you with the customers who need and want your services. Each month, we’ll add to your website, expanding your digital reach and raising your online visibility, so that you receive more clicks and calls.

Our marketing solutions are tested, trusted, and proven to work. We use a content-driven strategy to help you build your online authority and gain the trust of Google. By continually adding new, valuable content to your site, we help prove that you are an expert in your field. That you are a reputable service provider—and that you deserve to be at the top of the search results.

Our marketing packages include a comprehensive range of services to help raise your online visibility. Here are just a few of them:

·         Citation Creation

Citations are mentions of your business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP) on an online directory. The consistency of NAP is necessary as if you have different NAP combinations floating around, search engines will consider you less trustworthy.

The goal of any search engine is to quickly provide users with the most accurate and relevant information, so making sure that’s what your site offers is at the top of our SEO checklist.

·         Landing Page Production

Landing pages go hand in hand with content, and at LinkNow Media, our writers create highly optimized landing pages. These unique pages take clients from specific target markets such as location and service and send them to a custom page tailored to show them exactly what they’re looking for. These pages are great for lead building!

·         Authority-Building Backlink Campaigns

Backlinks are how you’ll get noticed online. By sharing relevant content outside of your site on high-ranking websites, we’ll help you build your authority online. We’ll help the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, see that you are a credible source of information and that you deserve their recommendation.

Our monthly service packages come with no contract. Everything is done on a month-to-month basis. You’re free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. That’s how confident we are in our services. We don’t lock you into anything. We don’t feel the need to. After all, we have over 10,000 clients who stick with us, month after month, because they see the value in our services. Because they see the results they want. We’re confident that, once you try our services for yourself, you will too.

Explore our monthly marketing packages

I have been doing business with LinkNow Media for a couple of years. They have been instrumental in creating not only my website but my “brand.”

–Peter Hughes, client since 2012

Why You Need a Website

Your website is your online portfolio and platform for putting forward the values of your business, your achievements, and a fountain of information for your current and future clients. Any business owner knows that marketing is important. But working with a web development company that understands your business is just as crucial.

A properly functioning website will provide crucial information, have clear objectives, and show off the work you do in the best possible light. With LinkNow Media, our team will provide all of this and more.

Establishing your online presence won’t just be worth it at the moment; it will be a long-lasting investment in the future of your company.

Tap into the biggest market there is, and offer your clients the very best.


Anything you put on your website will be accessible to your clients at any time of the day or night. Give your clients the basics up-front before they even make that first call.


If you’re on-site installing some carpet or flooring, you don’t always want to have to stop to accept a call. Not only can clients contact you however they please, but you can also respond when you please.


When we set up your website, we’ll arm you with a place to show off your portfolio of completed work, as well as the testimonials of satisfied customers. Don’t wait for word of mouth to get around, show your clients right away what everyone else is saying.

When we create your website design, a world of ease, accessibility, and results will be open to you. Give LinkNow Media a call today!

Your business should represent your personality and values. Making that shine through is what we do best!

The Web Is Waiting for You. Join It.

The digital revolution is ready and waiting for you. With LinkNow Media, it’s never been easier—or more affordable—to join it.

We’re ready to make your website a masterpiece. We’re ready to give you the digital platform you’ve been looking for. All it takes is for you to get in touch with us.

Discover all that we can do for you. Contact us to visit your free demo website today.