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Fitness Center Website Design

Bring business to your doors with LinkNow Media. We are North America’s leading website designer for fitness centers. We create powerful platforms that help you build your brand, showcasing your services while showing off your facilities. Whether you run a personal training business or own a local gym, we have you covered with quality Web design, masterful marketing solutions, and the most competitive prices available. For all your Web-related needs, consider us the team for the job.

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World-Class Web Work

You want a website you can be proud to call your own. LinkNow is here to build it.

We offer the cutting edge in Web design. Our websites are robust, sleek, and intuitive, boasting a complete range of features for more convenience and superior performance. They combine stunning visuals with captivating content, helping enhance user engagement while providing a rewarding online experience. With us, you’re sure to leave a stellar first impression on any visitor.

With a fitness website from us, you will:

  • Build trust with clientele
  • Better connect with customers
  • Grow your customer base
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Maximize profitability

What to look for in a website designer—and what sets us apart

Key Features of Our Fitness Center Websites:

  • Mobile-Friendly Design: More than half of all Internet search traffic goes through a smartphone. It’s never been more important to have a website that’s mobile-friendly—especially when people might be searching nearby for you. At LinkNow Media, we build all our websites to feature a responsive, mobile-friendly design so that you can capture that core customer base. Our websites scale to the device being used, fitting the screen so that it’s easy to use and navigate.
  • Search Engine Optimized: Our websites follow the latest practices and principles for search engine optimization (SEO). They are searchable, visible, and easily indexed by Google’s crawler bots. They boast a clean XML site map, as well as a robust digital footprint, giving you all you need to start strong and rank well.
  • Fast Load Times: Load time is one of the most important factors in how long a customer spends on your site. The slower your site, the more likely a client will click away prematurely. A slower site is also less likely to get Google’s recommendation and tends to rank lower. To counteract both, LinkNow Media builds all its websites to be lean and efficient, with optimal load speeds that ensure your clients’ satisfaction.
  • HTTPS Protected: HTTPS is a security protocol that protects your and your visitors’ information. At LinkNow Media, we’re proud to include it on all websites hosted on our servers. That way, you can conduct your online affairs with confidence—and so too can your customers.

Three Best-in-Budget Web Packages

We offer three website packages for you to choose from. Each offers a complete range of features that outclass anything else in its price range.

Choose one of the following Web packages:

  • Ready to Go: Our Ready to Go has all the essentials to get you live online. Five Web pages of content come included on this fully functional, ready-built website. Plus, with the available website add-ons, you can customize it to make it truly your own. At just a fraction of the cost of any other website, the Ready to Go is sure to please any business owner on a budget.
  • Everything You Need: Our middle-of-the-road option, the Everything You Need is what we most often recommend. It offers the best balance between price and performance, giving you a strong Web presence while staying incredibly affordable. Enjoy ten Web pages of content, integrated video, a custom photo gallery, and more. If you want to start strong, the Everything You Need is where it’s at.
  • All You Want: The All You Want is our top-end package—and our top deal. Equipped with 20 Web pages, it offers double the content of the Everything You Need, giving you a titan of a website for greater online visibility. The best part, though? Three pages of custom content come included. These are pages designed in-house by our very own copywriters, who will work with you to establish your brand and drive it to perfection. If you want to set your fitness center apart, the All You Want is your best bet.

Compare our Web packages

Personalize Your Site with Optional Add-Ons

Starting out with a website package of your choice, we’ll lay out the bones of your online presence. We can then personalize your website to your precise liking. We’ll be happy to make any changes you like and offer you a full range of choices with our optional add-on features. Whether you want additional photos, a custom-designed logo, or social media management, we’re here to help.

Shop a range of add-on features, including:

  • Additional email addresses
  • Logo design
  • Testimonials plugin
  • Business Facebook page setup
  • Twitter page creation
  • Basic PayPal integration
  • …and more

Explore our website add-ons

Grow Your Clientele with Monthly Marketing Services

Designing your site is just the start of what we can do for you. To raise your online profile, we offer ten monthly marketing packages for you to choose from. Each offers the most cost-effective services available, giving you a stellar return on investment. If you want to grow your list of clients, our marketing services are a surefire way to do it.

Content Marketing Solutions: Tried, Tested, Trusted

Our marketing solutions rely on time-tested techniques based on extensive A/B testing. While our services vary from plan to plan, the main thrust is always the same. We develop content-driven marketing campaigns to grow your Web presence, raise your visibility, and attract more clients from online search results. Sign onto one of our marketing packages, and each month, we’ll add new content to your site, expanding your digital footprint so that you can gain Google’s trust—and so you rise up the ranks.

Our marketing services include:

  • Citation Management: Any time your business’ name, address, and phone number appear on an online directory like Google My Business or Yelp, that counts as one citation. As long as the information is consistent across the board, search engines will see you as a reliable and active company.
  • Backlink Building: By sharing relevant content on high ranking websites, your ranking will go up as well. Search engines love sites that are being talked about by sites they already love.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Our content writers know a lot about fitness centers. They’ve done their research to write the best and most accurate content out there. Landing pages are designated pages on your site that target a specific service you offer in your service area.
  • Social Media Business Blasts: We can set up accounts if you don’t already have them, and post regularly to keep your clients interacting with you.

Find your monthly marketing plan

Soar to Success with LinkNow Media

Whether you’re offering a fitness center with all the basics, or one that aims to provide clients with all the personal trainers and fitness classes they could ever ask for, LinkNow Media knows how to promote your business online in ways that will drive clients to you.

When you’re ready to launch your website quickly and affordably with a company that knows your industry, give LinkNow Media a call. The Web is waiting!