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Websites for Massage Therapists

It’s no secret that people aren’t going to find your massage therapy business by flipping through a phone book anymore. While you can always count on recommendations from your existing client base, word-of-mouth referrals can only go so far. How can you let customers in your area know that your business offers a wide array of specialized massages that can help them relax or work through physical discomfort?

The simple answer is to invest in a website.


We’re guessing that you already know how important first impressions are. Did you also know they’re exponentially important on the internet? If there’s a problem with your design, like a clashing color scheme or broken links, we’re sorry to say but that can be the difference between converting someone searching for massage therapists in your area into a customer and losing to your competition.

Investing in a website is a lot easier said than done. A website representing your massage therapy practice must have a sleek, eye-catching design. An esthetically pleasing, intuitive, and easy-to-use website will be many people’s first impression of your business. As if figuring out the design isn’t taxing enough, making sure that your website is findable can be a full-time job in and of itself.

When a random person searches “massage therapist near me” in Google, the search engine will provide them with approximately 80 million different results. How can you make your website appear as one of the top results? It’s doable but requires a lot of work to ensure your massage therapy website is properly optimized to be found by search engines.

That means understanding the basics of the latest Google algorithm, which keywords you want to target, how to integrate those keywords into on-page content, and making sure that all your citations and listings are factually correct and appear on relevant databases.

As you can see, a lot goes into setting up and running a website, even for a small business. If the thought of handling it all yourself is causing your body to tense up, take some deep breaths and relax because LinkNow Media is here to help.


LinkNow Media is a website design and online marketing company specializing in creating and optimizing sites for all types of businesses across the United States and Canada, including massage therapy websites. As one of the fastest-growing web marketing agencies, it’s true that 10,000+ small and medium-sized businesses can vouch for our services.

In the massage therapy industry alone, we’ve helped 255 different massage therapists rise through the ranks of their local market and attract new customers to their business. Even if you already have a website you’re happy with, you can still get LinkNow Media to work our local magic to make your website so much easier to find.

With our no-contract policy, we provide you with the relief you need. We’ll worry about making sure that you’re getting the max out of your presence online so you can focus on running your massage therapy business.

Relying on billboards, print ads, and word of mouth is a thing of the past. It’s all gone digital. Rather than buy annoying ads that will be blocked or skipped over, you can opt for an entire team of web designers, search engine optimizers, and content writers to manage your website on your behalf for a better return on investment.

Your massage therapy business won’t be taken seriously unless you have a website that works as well as it looks. Call LinkNow Media today to find out how our talented team of web design and marketing professionals will give your massage therapy practice online credibility.


Most massage therapists are too preoccupied with honing their skills, learning new techniques, or treating clients to worry about how their website is doing. We know because we’ve done business with many of them who’ve told us so. A functioning and findable website isn’t their priority. Again, we understand why but if only they knew how important it is.

People rely on search engines for everything. Google or Bing will recommend a person’s next meal, where to buy their clothes and everything in between. Without an optimized website, you can’t be a part of the consideration when potential customers are looking for quality massage therapy services.

Your website will serve as a 24/7 beacon for your business, drawing tense and aching clients from all over your area to take advantage of what you can do for them. People’s discomfort from nagging injuries or an overload of stress don’t always happen when you’re on-call. Aches and pains can strike at any time of day, which is why it’s so essential for people to be able to find your practice and all that you offer at all hours of the day.

The truth is, people don’t seek out the services of a business, even something that could make a huge difference in their day-to-day lives, like massage therapy, without gauging their online presence first. If you’re not there, the chances are slim that your phone will ring or you’ll have people popping in.

When you choose LinkNow Media to design and market your website, your online presence is guaranteed to grow, and you’ll start to see business pick up.

If you’ve already set up a website for your massage therapy practice and are happy with how it looks, yet it hasn’t made a difference, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to take a look at what you have done with your website and devise a strategy to make sure it complies with all the various guidelines and best practices to increase its reach.

When you’re ready to make your massage therapy business stand out, get in touch with us today.


Though we’re renowned for our awesome web design services, optimizing your domain is what we do best. So many of our clients have dabbled in website building, which ended with them spending a bunch of money only for their website to stagnate. This isn’t what we do.

We know that you—and none of our clients, for that matter—won’t be satisfied with a website that only manages to collect virtual dust. A LinkNow Media website is meant to generate more business. We accomplish this with our various marketing packages.

Our marketing packages include a four-pronged approach to growing your website’s presence through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of making sure your website complies with search engine guidelines to make it appear closer to the top result, thus resulting in more business since people browsing through search results rarely look beyond the first page of results.

To enhance your site’s standings in search results, we incorporate the following four elements to increase the likelihood that your business will reach the first page:

  • Landing pages:A landing page is where your visitors will land from outside sources. For example, the results page of a search engine. Our landing pages are geo-focused and service-specific based on your unique business. When we create a landing page for deep tissue massage and target it to your specific location, we gauge user behavior far better than when they click through your website as a whole. Plus, these pages have a better chance of ranking higher because they’re so specific.
  • Link building: Search engines crawl thousands of URLs per hour, and they do this largely by looking at where external links on a webpage will lead them. By building links to your website, your visibility will increase over time.
  • Backlinks: The opposite of link building, when your website links back to a reputable source, organization, or high-ranking website, search engines rank you higher as a result of your association.
  • Citations: We know your massage therapy practice will only benefit from people in the area who can become returning customers finding it. That’s why we emphasize local search rankings whenever we handle the SEO of a business. When a search engine ranks a local business, the thing they’re looking for most is consistency. If a search engine provides its users with inaccurate information like an old address or disconnected phone number, that user will be hesitant to rely on the information provided in the future. The best way to make sure a search engine is confident that your business is who and where it says it is is to submit your business’s information to many different directories and reference sites to cement your online credibility. When it’s clear where you are, search engines will cater to customers in your area rather than getting you referrals from the Philippines.
  • Content: Photos and videos are a good way to make your website more vibrant, but you can’t underestimate the importance of written content. The main way a search engine will determine what any given webpage is about and whether it’s relevant to a user’s search query is by analyzing the words that appear on the page. If your website explains what you do to administer a hot stone massage and all the benefits it provides, search engines will deem this relevant information for people close by who are interested in these services. Then, they’ll send them your way. If you write your web content yourself, you’ll have to be careful to avoid being penalized for plagiarism or keyword stuffing. We have SEO content writers on staff to make sure that the content on your website complies with the industry’s best practices. We also conduct thorough keyword research to make sure your content ranks for something people are actively searching for. This is the secret to generating maximum results.


Our websites come with pre-written content for:

  • Western massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Lymph drainage therapy
  • Positional release
  • Post-natal massage
  • Pre-natal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Sports massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Eastern massage
  • Acupressure therapy
  • Cupping
  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu
  • Tui Na
  • Thai massage
  • Hot stone massage

If you offer another type of specialized service that’s very popular or something you feel is a selling point of your services, you’re always welcome to write the page yourself. Another option is to hire our writers to whip up some custom content that’s well-optimized to provide the best user experience and rank well in search engines. Either way, we’re committed to making your website as visible and easy to find as possible and making sure it’s the best representation of your business.

Without proper SEO, websites get lost in the fold. Rather than let your website fall by the wayside, let our team work their magic and watch the calls come in. Leverage one of our marketing plans to yield the calls and clicks you want.


LinkNow Media’s primary goal is to create beautiful websites our clients can be proud of. That means whenever you have pictures, videos, or other customizations you want, we’re happy to do it for you. We’ll also design a logo for your business if you don’t already have one or are tired of the one you currently have.

You’ll also find all the hosting services needed to keep your website live here. We’re proud to host the sites we build, so we can always assure you of their security.

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