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Website Design for General Contractors

When it comes to professional website design, general contractors can depend on LinkNow Media.

With over 10,000 active clients, we’ve proven to be a titan in the online marketing industry. We’re putting our industry expertise to work for general contracting companies like yours. We’re making it easier, simpler, and more affordable for your business to be seen and found online. Whether you’re looking to generate new business, expand your customer base, or showcase your work, LinkNow Media is here to help.

Let us show you a free demo website for your business. Give us a call at 1-888-667-7186 today.


We provide a complete range of services for all your Web and online marketing needs. All your bases are covered here, from personalized designs to lead-generating marketing campaigns. Hosting, content creation, social media management: Our services tick all the boxes.

When your budget is limited, there’s no need to worry. We offer many month-to-month service packages to help you make the most of your money. We work closely with you to ensure our services stay within your budget so you gain a personalized web platform that helps your business thrive.

Meeting your unique specifications and exceeding your expectations—all in a day’s work for the team at LinkNow Media.

Our site design services include:

  • Personalized website design: Our websites come ready to go with everything needed to conquer your local marketing area. They also come with a complete suite of personalization options. Change the colour scheme. Display your logo. Showcase your work with seamless video integration. With LinkNow, the possibilities are endless.
  • Custom copywriting: We offer custom-written home pages, sales pages, frequently asked questions pages, blogs—and everything in between—all to give you that competitive edge you crave. Sign up with us, and you’ll have a chance to work with our experienced team of copywriters, who tailor your site to turn it into a lead-generating powerhouse.
  • Content-driven marketing campaigns: We offer monthly marketing plans to grow your website with fresh, conversion-oriented content. By adding to your site each month, we help expand your web presence, raising your visibility so you get more clicks and more calls.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): We offer intuitive SEO services, including link-building campaigns, citation clean-ups, and social media management to get you the results you deserve. Our SEO services are based on time-tested strategies proven to make your website easier to find and easier to search. We follow the latest evidence-based research to provide real, tangible results for your site, ensuring we target your core customers while helping your brand build trust with Google.

Here's a sample of what our clients are saying about our web design services:

I wanted to thank you for the good work LinkNow Media has been doing for Mathers Electric’s Google Listings. I googled Electricians Tallahassee FL and we came up on the first page… Before I started using LinkNow Media I could not get this to happen, no matter how much I payed other companies. We now get most of our new business from the Web. [I am] sincerely and forever grateful.

—Mike Mathers, client since 2009


Quality, affordability, and value all come together in our website designs. We develop each website with our client’s precise needs in mind, tailoring it to provide the highest return on investment.

Your website is your top source for new contracts, bids, and leads. At LinkNow, that fact never leaves our sight. We create rich user experiences to help visitors discover the value of your services.

Our websites are a powerful platform, helping you connect with your core customer base so that you can see the results you deserve. Of all the tools in your marketing arsenal, a site from us is second to none.

Our websites boast the following key features:

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design: Today, over 50 percent of all Internet searches are made on a mobile device. That’s why it’s crucial to have a website that’s mobile-friendly. It’s the best way for your business to capture all those potential leads. At LinkNow Media, we code all our websites to have highly responsive designs calibrated to fit on any device of any size. Whether your customers use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they’ll be pleased with what they see.
  • Fast loading speeds: Slow loading speeds are one of the most frequently cited reasons for a user clicking off a website. Google even factors page speedinto its search result rankings. Our websites are built lean and efficient to pass all thresholds for page loading speed. They’re not just fast—they’re lightning-fast, so you’ll never have to worry about a client clicking away out of frustration.
  • Impressive interfaces: Stunning visuals, elegant designs, expertly-written landing pages. Our websites combine it all. They offer an incredibly rewarding user experience designed to maximize engagement and turn clicks into calls.
  • Optimized for search engines: A website’s worth nothing if nobody sees it. That’s why we specially develop ours so that they’re optimized to be seen and found online. We conduct extensive keyword research to discover what your clients are looking for, how they’re searching for it, and how we can connect them with you. Our websites are visible and crawlable, making it easier for Google to index and rank your site favourably.

Click here for more information about what to expect from our web designers—and see what sets us apart.


When you want to ensure your general contracting business remains competitive in an ever-changing economic climate, you need to have an online presence—and a dynamic one at that. You need a slick website highlighting your operation’s strongest points and optimizing its reachability on Google and other reputable search engines. Our simple and easy-to-understand web design structure outlines how we help you increase your online visibility. Improved digital visibility translates directly into new customers and increased profit margins for your business.

We cater to your business in a precise and professional manner to build you a website that may be envied by many but rivaled by few. Call our customer care team today and allow them to highlight the myriad ways we can help your business make a real online footprint.


  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Generate new leads
  • Expand your customer base
  • Improve your visibility within your local area
  • Save time and money

Don’t hesitate to contact us and discover all the ways we’re prepared to help your business succeed. We’re happy to walk you through your options and show you what sets our services apart from our competitors.

Our client, Carl Barrington, had this to say about us:

Link Now Media has built my new website, and I now appear on the Internet next to my rivals. [LinkNow Media] took the time to guide me throughout the construction process, and all in a short time. They return my calls and if they find something that needs to be enhanced on my website or marketing I am notified promptly. They are more concerned for my business and do not charge me outside my package…They give me the needed edge against my competitors. 6 stars and many kudos!’

—Carl Barrington, client since 2014


Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to how your website ranks on Google and other leading search engines. Google is a complex system with a wide variety of algorithms to consider. What is simple is that the closer your business is to the top of the search results page, the more likely you are to receive some real business.

Three of the main reasons why general contractors just like you have decided to invest in our dedicated local SEO service are as follows:

  1. Google trumps Yellow Pages: Google and other search engines have surpassed Yellow Pages as the primary source of finding new businesses in a given area. Up until the last decade, a general contractor business could place an ad in the local Yellow Pages and wait for the traffic to flow in. Recent research indicates that an average of over 95 percent of people now search for local businesses online, and Google reigns supreme in this respect. Investing in LinkNow Media’s premier local SEO service ensures your general contracting business is on the first page of this virtual directory. This enhances your chances of connecting with new clients.
  2. Free and accessible traffic: You can boost your Google rankings by using LinkNow Media’s tried and trusted local SEO service. This gives your business a constant flow of free traffic that can be more easily converted into paying customers.
  3. Accelerated results: One of the biggest advantages that Google offers small and medium-sized businesses is that it ensures your competition is restricted to those in your immediate area. This means that, in many ways, locally operated general contracting businesses have an immediate advantage over national and international companies.


At LinkNow Media, we know that no two general contracting businesses are the same. That’s why we always do our utmost to highlight each of your services. To achieve this goal, our SEO team will work closely with our content specialists to craft a variety of SEO-rich content to help you achieve optimal results for your small business website. Providing a page for every service your general contracting company offers means you can maximize the chances of a prospective client becoming a real one.

When developing your website, we follow a streamlined design framework to ensure consistent results on time and at a fair price. We work on an economies-of-scale basis, allowing us to do the same amount of work in less time and at a lesser cost. That means we give you the world-class digital marketing results you want while staying precisely within your budget.

Get more. Spend less. Choose LinkNow Media for all your web-related services.

Phillis Alexander has been with us since 2014. Here’s what they have to say about our web design services:

I use LinkNow Media for my catering business website and have been extremely pleased with the service. My Account Executive calls periodically to check to see if I am satisfied with the results that the website has produced and/or if I would like to add to or change it in any way. I appreciate their expertise and customer service, and I highly recommend them.

—Phillis Alexander, client since 2014


Are you looking to grow your business’s online presence and visibility? Contact LinkNow Media today. Our websites and marketing specialists have what it takes to guarantee optimal results for your business. The Web is waiting for you.

To experience the value of our services, visit your free demo site today.


LinkNow Media offers hosting packages to keep your site running 99.9 percent of the time. We’re your all-in-one resource for digital marketing services tailored to your business objectives.


We optimize every site we build for your local area to rank well in all major search engines. Your business may require a more aggressive SEO package depending on how competitive your industry is and if you’re operating in a niche market. Check out our services plans page to learn more about the services we provide to help you get your new website ranking for your local area.

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