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Collision and Auto Body Repair Shop Website Design

Collision and auto body repair shops can depend on LinkNow Media’s website design services. We’re North America’s leading low-cost web designer, developing innovative solutions to drive down your costs and grow your online presence. With the most cost-effective marketing solutions available, we’re making it more affordable than ever for you to get the quality web work you need and want.

Over 10,000 clients have chosen to save time and money by switching to us. Now’s your chance to join them. Discover the value of our services for yourself. Contact us to visit a free demo website.


You want a website that showcases the best of your work—and LinkNow is here to build it. We create powerful online platforms that are as impressive as they are innovative. Each combines stunning visual appeal with well-crafted content, giving you just what you need to send a strong message about your value as a service provider.

Whether you’ve just opened your doors or are looking to conquer the competition, a website from us is sure to take you further.


Why pay more for less when you can have us build a website packed with cutting-edge features designed to help you capture the largest online audience?

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Lightning-fast load speeds
  • Search engine optimized
  • Tailored designs
  • HTTPS protected

Do you know what to look for in a web designer? Let our team answer all your questions. Give us a call to set up a consultation appointment.


We offer three affordable web packages for you to choose from. Each offers a range of best-in-class features you won’t find anywhere else. From pre-loaded content to optimized photo galleries, our work ticks all the boxes.

You can choose from:

  • Ready to Go:Our entry-level package, Ready to Go, has all the essentials to get you seen and found online. Enjoy a professional design, an online contact form, and five pages of content.
  • Everything You Need:Our middle-of-the-road option, the Everything You Need, is what we most often recommend. With 10 web pages, video integration, Stax payment integration, and more, it strikes the perfect balance between price and performance.
  • All You Want:The All You Want is our biggest package—and a whopping deal. It has 30 web pages and a robust digital footprint for maximum visibility. The best part? Five pages of custom content are included. These are pages designed in-house by our very own copywriters. We’ll work with you to define your brand and showcase what makes your business different.

Explore Affordable Website Packages


Do you want a few bells and whistles for your site? LinkNow has you covered. We offer a complete range of optional add-on features, which you can mix and match with whatever web package you choose.

Expand your photo gallery, add a YouTube video, or set up Stax payments to make your clients’ experience even easier. With our suite of add-on options, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Our add-ons include:

  • Additional bandwidth
  • Custom content
  • Custom logo designs
  • Expanded photo galleries
  • Stax invoicing
  • Testimonial plug-ins
  • …and more

Shop Website Add-Ons Tailored to Your Choices


LinkNow Media’s designers have perfected building sleek, intuitive, and reliable websites for all kinds of small businesses across the United States and Canada, including auto body repair and collision shops like yours.

With straightforward typography, intuitive navigation, and stunning design, a LinkNow Media website is just what you need to let people in your area know you’re the shop for the job. Our websites are responsive, meaning the site will scale to fit any screen. Considering people will be looking for collision repair services on their phones, this is particularly useful for your industry.

Are you operating a cluttered or outdated website? Let LinkNow Media fix that for you right away. If you don’t have a website at all, let’s build your brand something beautiful right out of the gate and impress the clientele you’ve been missing out on all this time.


Your website needs to be seen for you to be heard. That’s why we offer a range of monthly marketing plans to raise your visibility and connect you with clients. Sign onto one of our marketing plans, and each month, we’ll grow your web presence with content that drives traffic to your site. Using time-tested search engine optimization techniques, we’ll expand your platform so that you see your website climb on the search results.

We offer a range of marketing services based on your monthly plan.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Citation creation:citation is any mention of your business in an online business directory. They’re the modern-day telephone book, circulating your information so that it’s widely distributed and easily accessible. Google prefers websites with many citations, as it shows you are a legitimate business. LinkNow Media will manage your citation profile to help you make the most of it. We’ll submit your information to new business directories and clean up any out-of-date citations so that you can send a clear and consistent message about your business.
  • Authority-building backlinks: A backlink is a hyperlink from one website back to your website. They show credibility and authority, helping you build trust with Google and making them more likely to recommend you. LinkNow Media will pursue ambitious backlink campaigns on your behalf. We’ll leverage our network of contacts to find new link building opportunities for you, helping prove you as an authority in your industry. We’ll show Google that you are a valuable source of information—and that your business deserves their highest commendation.
  • Optimized landing pages: A landing page is a sales page designed to rank online and convert visitors into customers. By targeting high-profile keywords, they help drive traffic from Google to your site, generating clicks, calls, and customers. LinkNow Media will create optimized landing pages to help grow your web presence. Each month, we’ll develop specialty pages that target customers searching for your services within your local area. We’ll make sure that the customers who need you see you and that you get the leads you need to succeed.
  • Social media management: Social media is a powerful tool that allows businesses to connect with their clients in new, meaningful ways. You can use it to advertise your services, highlight your work, and build your brand. LinkNow Media will help you do all three by managing your social media accounts. Each month, we’ll curate engaging social media posts that will connect you with customers in your area.  We’ll give you a powerful presence so that you can capture all potential leads.

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Save time, save money, and choose LinkNow Media. We’ve helped hundreds of auto body shops and collision repair experts get the most out of their online presence. They’ve all captured the rewards of our world-class web work. Now, you can too.

Contact us to get started today.


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We’re proud to offer a variety of wallet-friendly hosting packages that make it easier for your business to have a well-developed website that stays up and running 99.9 percent of the time. Don’t settle for unreliable or pricy hosting options when our quality service is only a phone call away. Get in touch with us today for more details.


We’re dedicated to building the best SEO techniques right into your new site design. Our search engine optimization specialists know all the industry secrets and tips to help your site gain visibility in all the leading search engines. Are you providing collision and auto body repair work in a highly competitive market? Ask us what we’ll do to help your business outrank your competitors.

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