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Collision Repair Websites

There are few things worse than being in a car accident. Even a close call can make you lose sleep and that’s not even a scenario where you would need to get your car looked at by a collision repair professional. Any kind of car trouble is a pain. Unless that particular customer has a certain passion for motor vehicles, chances are they aren’t familiar with all the nitty gritty details and will approach whatever you say with skepticism. Just think about the attitude charging for an oil change can bring out of people. When you tell them that about all the spot welding that needs to be done, they are liable to really fly off the handle considering the catastrophic trauma they have narrowly avoided.

All in all, no one ever wants to have to get extensive repairs done to their car after a collision because no one wants to deal with car trouble or get into a collision in the first place. As if getting in a car accident isn’t enough to change someone’s life, having to leave your primary mode of transportation, and possibly how you make your living as well, at some collision repair shop repairs severe dents or replaces panels. And since these people who have thankfully managed to dodge injury and fatality after their accident want to make sure that the repair shop conducting the repairs to their car post-accident has the necessary qualifications to get it done right the first time around.

Getting drivers back on the road after their setback is a huge responsibility, which is why if you want your collision repair shop to succeed, you need to be able to inspire confidence in clients. And what’s the best way to accomplish this? Without a doubt, the most cost effective and overall smartest way of doing it is by investing in a quality website.

In this day and age, consumers use the internet to search for the products and services they need. Without a website, your collision repair shop won’t even be considered as an option. A well-designed website cements your shop’s credibility. Making a good first impression has always been important, but when you don’t have a website, you don’t even get a chance to make that first impression. And if your website is out of date or disorganized, potential customers looking for collision repairs after a collision will assume that your business is run with the same ethos as your website. This will quickly direct what would have been your customers straight to the competition. In short, a small business’s website can serve as a digital storefront that’s open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, ready to answer any questions a potential customer may have about the services your collision repair shop offers people who have tempted fate and walked away from a collision.

Rather than lose out on business, make sure your bases are covered and invest in a website that looks good, functions intuitively and clearly advertises the services offered at your collision repair shop. Of course, this is typically where collision repair shop owners say to themselves, “Well, I would love to get my business online but I don’t know how.” And that’s ok. We don’t know anything about paint-less dent repair or other collision repair techniques, which is why we would come to you for all our post-collision repair needs. Sometimes, when you want a job done right, there is no shame in letting it be handled by the professionals, which is why you should contact LinkNow Media today is you are ready to invest in a website that can grow your business.

When you are ready to make a positive first impression on new customers in your area actively looking for the services your shop offers, contact LinkNow Media because the web is waiting for you!

Repairing Your Dented Website Design

If your shop that specializes in collision repair doesn’t already have a website, then there’s no question that you stand to benefit from getting a LinkNow Media website. If you already have a website, then you should absolutely let LinkNow Media’s professional web designers work their magic and improve how your website looks.

As we have already mentioned, first impressions are everything, especially online. In a study on how website design impacts user behavior, the main reasons people gave up on a website were because there was either too much going on or the navigation was too difficult to figure out. It’s very common for first-time web designers to make a website that makes sense to them, but it’s difficult to digest unless you were the one to design it. Incoherence really deters people from listening to what your website has to say, which is exactly what a LinkNow Media website prevents.

When you let LinkNow Media design your website, you don’t have to worry about choosing an unintuitive or out of date template that won’t make customer think they are on a collision course with disaster when they bring their cars in for collision repairs. Our designers have perfected building sleek, intuitive and reliable websites for all kinds of small businesses across the United States and Canada.

With clear typography, excellent spacing, intuitive navigation and overall usability, a LinkNow Media website is just what you need to let people in your area searching for collision repairs that you are the shop for the job thanks to the clarity and professionalism your site conveys. Plus, every single one of our websites is responsive, which means that the site will scale to fit any size of screen. Considering people will be looking on their phones for collision repair services in the area as soon as they see that everyone’s ok, this is particularly useful for the line of work you’re in.

If you are operating a cluttered or painful outdated website, let LinkNow Media fix that for you right away. If you don’t have a website at all, let’s build your brand something beautiful right out of the gate and impress the clientele you have been missing out on all this time.

Driving Traffic to Your Collision Repair Shop Website

Approximately 80 percent of consumers use the internet to search for products and services before they make a purchase. No one wants to waste money or make a bad investment, which is why so many people do their due diligence to make sure your business is credible. Obviously, a website is one way to show that your shop is the right place to get their collision repairs done because you can populate it with compelling copy, but that’s not always enough to attract customers.

Only in very rare instances is a website on its own a useful marketing tool. It is the foundation of your online marketing where people will review until they are at the bottom of the sales funnel, but you have to get them at the top of the funnel in the first place.

One of the most common and effective ways of turning your website into an effective marketing tool is to make sure it has been properly optimized for search engines to find it. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo goes through approximately 30 trillion web pages a day so you can understand how it’s easy for certain sites to get lost in the fold.

Now, 30 trillion web pages a day is a huge number but don’t let it discourage you. These search engines are able to crawl and index so many web pages per day because they use a specific algorithm and when you understand what the algorithm is looking for, there are plenty of things that can be done to make your site more attractive to said algorithm. These things that can be done is known within the web marketing industry as search engine optimization (SEO for short).

LinkNow Media offers several different website marketing packages to improve your site’s rankings for relevant searches like dent removal, auto insurance claims, engine repair, transmission repair, etc. Click here to review the different packages we offer and below you can find a brief description of what is offered in our SEO services can do for your business’s new site.


Citations are in essence your digital signature online and a key component to making your site rank well on relevant searches. The primary goal of a search engine is to provide its users with factual and useful information. If search engines consistently delivered irrelevant and inaccurate information to people’s queries, they would cease to be so useful.

To make sure that they are successfully providing realistic options to people in your area searching “collision repair near me,” they need to be confident that you are who you say you are. When your shop’s name, address and contact information is consistent over credible databases and directories, search engines will confidently list you as a result for local searches.


Once again, your website’s credibility is measured by search engines. Citations are a big factor in the way they evaluate your credibility, but even more importantly they look at backlinks. A backlink is any link that appears on another domain or website that directs their users to your website. When a search engine sees several quality websites linking back to yours, it’s clear that your website has a lot to offer and you should see your rankings improve as more quality backlinks are added.

Keyword Seeded and Geo-Targeted Content

While citations and backlinks are hugely important, neither will be able to improve your site’s rankings without content. Content is ultimately what will determine how your website is indexed. If you have nothing but images on your web pages, search engines will have a harder time figuring out what it is your business and its site is all about. By including important keywords like dent removal, collision repair and other important services offered at your shop will allow people to find your pages when they search for the corresponding services.

While it is important to have your entire website populated with keyword seeded content, creating landing pages for specific services and areas you service is another thing we can provide your website with. A landing page is a standalone website only available through search to capture leads and warm up potential customers to a service you offer. Ultimately, you can’t trust that people will take the time to find what they are looking for when they land on your homepage. People will return to their search results quicker than they will explore your site. By creating specific landing pages, you have a higher probability of retaining these users because you have provided them with exactly what they are looking for without making them do any work.

Beyond these three things we do at the core of our SEO marketing packages, we would also like to note that every single one of our sites are built with SEO in mind. From the get-go, our sites have clearly structured data and ease to read permalink structure so that search engines aren’t struggling to index your site.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what Suzanne Drakes of Tony D’s Auto Repair Shop had to say: “I don't think I thanked you for the great work that you have done for us. The website is perfect and you are a genius.” Suzanne loves the website, and she’s also thrilled that it’s ranking in the number one spot for several important keywords for searchers in their city.

The Web is Waiting for Your Collision Shop Website

The world has changed significantly since the rise of the internet. And nowadays, we simply don’t know how any business expects to survive if they aren’t online. If you want to make sure that you are not losing business to the competition that’s embraced these new ways of marketing and raising brand awareness, then get in touch with us today. LinkNow Media’s web designers are eagerly waiting to build you a beautiful website and our SEO team will work their magic to make sure it gets found. So, call us today about your new collision repair website or Click the huge orange button below, and we’ll get started right away!