The Best Ways to Get Leads for Plumbers


When a home or business owner needs plumbing services, how do you make sure they need your plumbing services?

If you want to keep your phone ringing and email inbox full of strong leads, you need an innovative marketing strategy. We put together a list of the best lead generating tactics for plumbers that will help you bring in more clients and grow your business!

Read on to learn how to get leads for your plumbing company.

1. Create Leads with an SEO Plumbing Website

A few weeks ago, we put together a blog post that explained everything you need to know about plumber's SEO:

  • • What makes an excellent plumbing website
  • • Why you need a mobile-friendly website
  • • How to pick the right keywords for your content

The main take-away is that an SEO website that’s specially designed for your plumbing business will generate leads for you. Your plumbing website should be built to achieve three goals:

  1. Increase visibility in Google searches
  2. Get people interested in your services and brand
  3. Turn casual browsers into paying customers

If your SEO website can do those three things, you’ll have a great foundation for generating leads online.

2. Generate Leads with Reviews

A 2019 study from BrightLocal, showed that 95% of consumers aged 18-34 read reviews for local businesses before making a purchase. When all age groups were taken into account, that number was only slightly lower at 86%. What can we learn from this?

Reviews are an amazing lead generation tool!

If consumers are reading reviews before reaching out to a business (in person, online, or by phone), then you need to make sure you’re getting a lot of very good reviews. In fact, the same study showed three more important facts:

  • • 57% of consumers only buy from businesses with 4-star ratings and up
  • • 39% more people click on businesses with 5-star ratings than 1-star ratings
  • • Improving your rating by 1.5 stars could help you generate up to 13,000 more leads

In addition to getting good reviews, it’s crucial to get a lot of reviews. Ask your clients—especially those that are happy with your work—to leave a review. It all adds up: 70% of consumers asked to leave a review actually do.

Encourage them to leave lots of details too. Consumers are more likely to trust detailed reviews because they communicate an experience.


Excited to get leads from amazing reviews!


3. Bring in Local Leads with Local SEO

As a plumber, your target market lives in your local area. The best tool for connecting with those local consumers is Google My Business (GMB).

When consumers are looking for plumbing services, they either turn to Google Maps or the Google search engine to find a local plumber. Your GMB profile literally puts you on the map—on Google Maps, to be precise.

GMB provides consumers will all the necessary information they need to see before checking out your site, calling your phone, or visiting your office, including:

  • • Business name
  • • Address
  • • Hours of operation
  • • Phone number
  • • Link to your website
  • • Pictures of your work
  • • Reviews

Making your GMB profile into a lead generating machine is easy if you follow one simple instruction:

Keep your name, address, and phone number up-to-date on your GMB.

And, don’t forget that Google cross-checks all the information that appears online. Make sure your name, address, and phone number are consistent on every platform. Double-check your information on:

  • • Facebook
  • • Yelp
  • • Yellow Pages
  • • Super Pages
  • • Bing
  • • Other online business directories

4. Use Social Media to Connect with Potential Leads

Social media is much more than a place to share inspirational quotes and funny memes. It’s a place to connect with your clients—to form relationships and build trust. It’s all about knowing your audience and finding ways to communicate with them.

To understand social media as an all-around tool for generating reviews, you need to understand the buyer’s journey. There are three stages in the buyer’s journey:

1. The Awareness Stage: the consumer has a problem with their plumbing system. At this stage, they may not know what services they need, but they’re on the lookout for a professional and trustworthy plumbing company. This is where social media can make an impact.

2. The Consideration Stage: the consumer understands what services they need and is searching for the plumbing company to do the job. Here, they will be looking at your website and your GMB profile.

3. The Decision Stage: the consumer is reading reviews, assessing the pros and cons, and making a final decision on who to call. This is also known as the conversion stage.

Social media generates leads by getting into people’s heads in the Awareness Stage. For example, let’s say you make a post on Facebook that gets shared. When people see that shared post, they’ll think of your business. And next time they need plumbing services, you’ll be the first name that pops into their head.

Social media is also a great way to start conversations, to respond to genuine concerns, and to show your true personality. Consumers want to hire real people they can relate to. Authenticity during the awareness stage is key. Be polite, respectful, and most of all, be yourself!

Do You Need Help Generating Leads for Your Plumbing Company?

The important thing is to use every tool at your disposal to generate leads. Diversifying your marketing strategy is the only way to stay competitive online.

If you need help generating leads for your plumbing business, LinkNow Media can help. With a team of seasoned SEO professionals, we are always staying up to date with the latest changes to online marketing. Our lead generating strategies are not only well-researched, but they are also field-tested, results-driven, and proven to work.

LinkNow can get you the leads you need to keep that phone ringing year-round. Leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you fast. Or, give us a call at 1-888-667-7186!

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