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Pest Control Websites


When someone’s home is infested with insects, rodents, or pests, they’ll want to get help right away.

Your prospective clients will search on Google for the best pest control services they can find. You’re vying for their attention, and so too is every other pest control company in your local area. How do you set yourself apart and snag the lead? With a professional website.

LinkNow Media is your best bet for professional website design. We create masterful websites defined by quality, beauty, and innovation, allowing you to send a strong message about your capabilities. We also offer the most cost-effective online marketing solutions available.

Consider us the company to call when you’re looking to broaden your reach with a cutting-edge website. Discover the value of our services for yourself. Visit your free demo website today.


Your website is the first thing prospective clients see about your business. It needs to be easy to find, easy to use, and have a clear call to action. What’s more, it should have a detailed description of the services you provide.

At LinkNow Media, we build our websites to be informative, attractive, and impressive. They’re as captivating as they are compelling, drawing in new visitors and not letting them go. Fueled by high-quality content, our sites provide a rich user experience that sends a powerful message about your value as a service provider.

Do you want to drive new leads toward your doors? A website from us is a sure way to do it.

Additional benefits of having a website include:

  • Credibility:If your business can’t be found online, you don’t have much in the way of credibility. When someone’s just discovered they have termites, they won’t hire the company without search results. If they know your name to search, they’ll soon forget it, and if they don’t already know your name, they won’t even know to look.
  • Reviews:Any industry that involves entering clients’ homes or businesses relies heavily on reviews. Display yours on your website, and build them on Google to boost your ranking.
  • Cost-Effective:Save on other expensive marketing when you have a website. Take out ads on the internet and put your money into boosting SEO to get a better return on investment.
  • Reach:Think about the population of your city, and then think about how many of these people are likely to use the internet. A website will give you better reach so everyone can find you.


In your years of business, you’ve developed your skills and your business’s unique personality. You likely have loyal customers who feel comfortable with your work and know you’re the best. What if you could show all your future clients what that vibe is all about? With good website design, you can.

When we work on your website, the design and content are customized to fit your business. Our writers extensively research your field and specialization to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information using high-volume keywords.

At LinkNow Media, we believe that only the best will do for our clients—and we’re committed to delivering it.


Our websites are loaded with innovative features, including:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • User-oriented interface
  • HTTPS secure
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Search engine optimized (SEO)


The worldwide web is a massive buzzing hive of activity. The best way to navigate this and ensure you stand out from the rest is to employ a professional website and marketing company like LinkNow. We curate our website packages to give you the best of the web in an easy-to-understand grouping of services and add-ons.

Choose from three packages designed to help you make the most of your budget:

  • Ready to Go: Get started and attract new customers with our Ready to Go. This basic website package includes content, five web pages, professional design, search engine submission, a contact form, and a domain name, and it can grow along with your business.
  • Everything You Need: The highly flexible Everything You Need package will allow almost any business to develop a professional, polished web presence at lightning speed. Get everything from the Ready to Go package and more. Ten web pages, standard logo integration, a photo gallery with picture modifications, webmaster consultation, and video integration: It truly is everything you need.
  • All You Want: All You Want is the way to go for those who want all the bells and whistles. It’s the Cadillac of website design, with everything included in our Everything You Need package, plus plenty more. Get more than twice the number of web pages, premium logo integration, and five pages of custom copywritten content. With the All You Want, you’ll have the robust web presence you need to conquer your local area.

Whether you’re looking for just the basics or to go all out, we have you covered with the most competitive rates available. If at any time you want to upgrade or downgrade your site, call your account executive or website designer to discuss the process.

See what our client, Steve Christensen, says about his experience working with our talented team:

My experience with LinkNow Media has been extremely positive. They had my website up and running in a reasonable amount of time and anytime I have changes to make, they take care of it immediately. We are also pleased with our rankings in the search engines.

— Steve Christensen, client since 2010


As your web designer personalizes your pest control website to your liking, our behind-the-scenes team will take charge to ensure it gets noticed. After all, a website that looks great isn’t doing much good unless your potential clients actually see it. We offer value-driven website add-ons that help you customize your site as much as you like, and we have service plans that help you boost traffic.

Our add-on features include:

  • Custom photo gallery
  • YouTube video integration
  • Logo design and integration
  • Mobile site add-on
  • Landing page configuration
  • Testimonials plugin
  • Content writing
  • Stax payment integration
  • …and more

Discover More Available Add-On Features

When it comes to boosting traffic, we take a comprehensive approach to make sure your business is seen, found, and heard. We offer a range of monthly marketing plans designed to raise your visibility and convert clicks to calls. Optimized landing pages, backlink building, and citation creation are just a few ways we can expand your customer base.

Here’s how we do it:

  • SEO landing pages: We’ll create high-quality landing pages designed to rank well on Google and convince customers to choose your company. Specially developed to target your desired audience within a confined geographical area, these pages drive relevant traffic to your site based on local search terms, helping connect you with the people who need your pest control expertise.
  • Authority-building backlinks: Backlinks are any link from a third-party site to your site. Search engines like Google view them as a benchmark for how trustworthy a website is. The more people are linking back to you, the more reputable you become. At LinkNow Media, we pursue ambitious link-building campaigns to get you quality backlinks from relevant web domains. We help you prove yourself an authority in your industry, expanding your web presence so Google is more inclined to recommend your business over your competitors.
  • Citations: A citation is any mention of your business in an online business directory. They’re the Yellow Pages of the internet. A shout-out that displays your information to the world. LinkNow Media will help you by creating new citations for your business. We’ll also correct any inaccurate information in existing citations, making sure you send a clear, consistent message about your business.

Compare Our Marketing Service Plans


LinkNow Media is proud to boast a full team of in-house copywriters. Our experienced marketing agents work closely with you to tailor your site, define your brand, and showcase the value of your services. We’ll help you find your unique selling proposition so that you know what sets your business apart.

While some clients like to write their own content, we recommend working with our writers. On the internet, content is king. It’s what defines your web presence and sets you up for success.

By using our experienced copywriters to draft the content for your website, you’ll have a strong start to internet success. We know how to write high-value content about your pest control services using accurate information and tried-and-true keywords. Our copywriters have worked with countless pest control companies, and they’ve all been pleased with the results. We know you will be, too.


LinkNow Media is putting power back into the hands of business owners.

Our trailblazing website development process makes it easier, simpler, and more affordable for businesses like yours to get a professional website without going in the red. What once cost a small fortune we’ve turned into an incredibly cost-effective product with a high rate of return. What’s our secret?

We use a streamlined web development process to reduce costs and maximize efficiency. It all starts with our framework website design. We’ll show a baseline website; from there, we’ll cut, add, and alter it as you see fit.

We don’t have to start from square one since we already have a head start with the initial design. This saves us time, and it saves you money. Over 10,000 clients have already reaped the rewards from our web designs and expert marketing solutions. They’ve all profited from our skill and expertise, and we want you to be next.

The marketing revolution is upon us. Join it.


You’ve built your business with hard work from the ground up. Let us help you showcase it. Hire the team at LinkNow Media today and see your business soar.

The internet is your biggest asset—and your biggest source of competition. If your business doesn’t have a solid online presence, you’re guaranteed to miss out on a wealth of new customers. Let us make the internet work for you.

Let’s make it your number-one sales rep and prime source for new leads and customers. Get in touch with LinkNow Media, and we’ll create a foundation that will keep your business thriving for years to come.

To visit your free demo website, contact us today.


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We’re your source for a website with several SEO services built right in. Our sites are optimized to help your business target clients in your local area. They’re the powerhouse your business needs to outrank your competitors in all major search engines.

Additional SEO services may be required when you operate in a highly competitive market. Talk to our team to explore your options with a well-established web development company that puts your satisfaction first.

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