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Limousine Web Design


LinkNow Media is a limo company’s best friend. As North America’s premier web designer, we create powerful platforms that let you build your brand, connect with clients, and find the leads you need to grow your business. Best of all, we specialize in web design for limo and transportation companies.

We develop personalized solutions that capture the spirit of your business, all while enhancing your visibility online. Join over 10,000 companies who’ve chosen LinkNow Media as their web designer of choice. Call us at 1-888-667-7186 to schedule a free consultation.


Get more out of your marketing with LinkNow Media. We provide full-service solutions for all your digital needs. From personalized web design to Google Ads and search engine optimization (SEO), we have services that tick all the boxes.

With our help, you’ll maintain a strong web presence that nets you more clicks and more calls.


Do you want to maximize your business’s reach and connect with new customers searching for your services online?

Use our web services to:

  • Grow your web presence
  • Expand your customer base
  • Save time and money
  • Gain Google’s trust
  • Maximize profit and growth

Thanks to our streamlined approach, we give you the services you deserve at a price you can afford. We maintain a lean business model that allows us to reduce costs and keep our prices to a minimum. We stretch every dollar that goes into our work and help leverage your money so that you can see the highest rate of return on it. Saving you time, money, and effort: That’s LinkNow’s specialty.

What are our clients saying about us?

Here’s what Paul Keleher wrote about his experience working with our web development team:

A diligent and responsive company that has consistently given me excellent service over several years. This is the main reason why I stick with LinkNow Media when there are so many others out there soliciting my business.

—Paul Keleher, client since 2010


You need a website that showcases the very best of your business, and LinkNow is the team to build it. Our websites are as captivating as they are innovating, boasting a sleek front face that helps bring in the leads. Enjoy unparalleled performance with our feature-rich designs, robust content, and cutting-edge interfaces.

Best of all, your website is tailored to meet your business’s goals. Working closely with you, our designers will adjust your website’s color, layout, and content to suit your preferences. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your site reflects your vision.


  • Mobile-ready design: Mobile search now represents over half of all internet search traffic. It’s important to capture the majority of users’ attention—and with one of our sites, you can. All our websites are designed with a responsive, mobile-friendly design that scales to the size of the device being used. Smartphones, laptops, tablets: take your pick. No matter which device you and your visitors use, your site will always look stellar.
  • Search engine optimized: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone of modern web design. It ensures clients can find your business through Google, Bing, and other search engines. SEO helps raise your visibility so your business can be seen and found in search results. At LinkNow, we build our websites optimized for search engine use. They come frontloaded with high-quality content for greater searchability and a clean XML site map for easy crawlability.
  • Rapid page load time: Our websites boast optimal load speeds to enhance customer engagement. Built lean and efficient, they offer a superb user experience, allowing visitors to navigate your site with speed and ease. With one of our lightning-fast websites, your users will no doubt have a hard time clicking away.
  • HTTPS secured: HTTPS is a security protocol that protects your and your users’ information. These days, it’s a must-have. However, you’d be surprised how many websites still don’t have it. LinkNow is proud to include HTTPS on all websites hosted on our servers. You can conduct your affairs in confidence, and so can your customers.

Here’s what our client, Dwayne Sollenberger, had to say about the quality of our web development services:

The website is looking super. And this is because you guys give every indication of having a great team and process in place. I very much appreciate your business model for getting this done. It is a superior model.

—Dwayne Sollenberger, client since 2015


Choose from three affordable website packages. Each offers a range of features that outmatch anything else at its price point. Teeming with content and customization options, they provide the perfect backdrop to broadcast your business, build trust with clients, and rise to the top of Google.

Our website packages for limousine companies include the following:

  • The Ready to Go:Our entry-level option, the Ready to Go, is a stellar choice for anyone on a tight budget. Enjoy five pages of content and a professional design that helps your business gain a sturdy foothold on the internet. In terms of elegance, simplicity, and affordability, the Ready to Go is the way to go.
  • The Everything You Need:The Everything You Need is what we most often recommend—and not for no reason. As our mid-tier package, it achieves the perfect balance between price and performance, giving you the most robust web presence available while staying under $1000. Enjoy all the features of the Ready to Go, plus double the content, video integration, a custom photo gallery, and oodles of other features.
  • The All You Want:The All You Want is our top-end package and a deal you won’t want to miss out on. With double the content of the Everything You Need, it gives you a titan of a web presence and an expansive digital footprint for maximum online visibility. It comes with five pages of custom content designed in-house by our experienced copywriters, who’ll work with you to define your brand and show off your services. For a website like no other, the All You Want is the choice for you.

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Our skilled web design specialists work closely with our SEO professionals, content writers, and customer care team to deliver a service that won’t be beaten for price, style, or convenience. Throw in our very affordable prices and logo design expertise, and it’s clear to see why we have more than 10,000 satisfied clients.

It’s our passion for what we do that separates us from many of our competitors in this industry. This is why we’ve been fortunate enough to be nominated for several prestigious industry-level awards.


At LinkNow Media, we take what we do very seriously and work diligently every day to strive for web design, SEO, and marketing excellence. One aspect of our business that we always work very hard to maintain and improve is our customer care service. Our client’s happiness and satisfaction will always be our number one priority and the primary reason we work daily to improve our web design service.

When we receive positive and reaffirming reviews from our long list of clients, it truly does make our day.


Clients across North America have already made the switch, saving time and money with our services. We’ve helped them grow their businesses and expand their customer bases. They’ve all appreciated our personalized solutions and cost-effective marketing strategies. Now, you can too.

Why wait? Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation.


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When you’re ready to bring your business online with cutting-edge website design and our proven SEO services, you can also count on us to keep your site live and ready to use 99.9 percent of the time. Explore the benefits of choosing our affordable hosting solutions. Connect with our team to schedule a zero-obligation initial consultation and learn more about what makes us the best choice for the job.


LinkNow is well-known for supporting limousine companies with a wide range of search engine optimization solutions built right into each of our web products. We’re your source for the advanced techniques and services you need for your business to gain traction in search results. We know how to get your website ranking favourably in all major search engines.

Now, we’re ready to put our skills to work for you. Are you doing business in a competitive market? We have everything you need to help your company stand out from the rest. Ask us about our advanced SEO service package options.

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