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Cleaning Business Website Design

Cleaning businesses can depend on LinkNow Media’s website design services. We’re one of North America’s leading digital marketing firms, developing cost-effective solutions to help small business owners connect with customers, maximize revenue, and achieve their business goals. With one of our world-class websites, you’ll have a ready-built platform to connect with customers, broaden your reach, and grow your business.

Join the over 10,000 clients who’ve signed up for our services—and see your business soar. Discover the value of our services. Contact us to view a free demo website today.


Many people think of a website as just a pretty backdrop for their business. It’s a lot more than that. Your website is the central hub for your business’s life online, allowing you to communicate with customers and better address their needs. It’s your billboard, megaphone, and 24-hour sales rep, working day and night to connect you with prospects and gain new customers.

What’s the bottom line? Your website is the most powerful tool you have in your marketing arsenal. LinkNow Media wants to see you get the most out of your website possible.

We develop each with care, quality, and a passion for our craft. We provide a personalized service experience, tailoring your website until it meets your specifications. Rich with content, our websites help you capture the spirit of your business, showcasing the value of your services to all who need them.


You can leverage our site-building services to:

  • Build your brand
  • Establish authority online
  • Build trust with your clients
  • Improve your credibility
  • Satisfy key stakeholders
  • Maximize revenue

Our client, Gary House, had this to say about our services.

Just looked over my site, perfect! All I asked about is done…Very nice job—thanks!

–Gary House, GH Cleaning Services LLC


We build cleaning websites packed with essential features that give users the best experience.

Here’s what you can expect a site built by us to deliver:

  • Mobile-friendly: Over half of all internet searches go through a mobile device. For your business to be seen and found, having a website that caters to those mobile users is more important than ever. That’s why LinkNow Media builds all our websites with a responsive, mobile-friendly design. The layout scales according to the device’s screen size, so whether your visitor is on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, they’ll have an easy time navigating your site.
  • Speedy load speeds: Slow load speed is one of the biggest reasons a user leaves a site prematurely. To mitigate this problem, we develop our websites to be lean and efficient. We make them lightning-fast, helping you grab your audience’s attention and never letting go. Rest assured that when you choose LinkNow Media, you’ll never have to worry about a potential customer clicking away out of impatience.
  • Robust designs: Our websites may be lean, but they pack a punch. Teeming with high-quality content, they give you an extensive digital footprint for an expansive presence on the Net. By frontloading our websites with a vast supply of informative web pages, we give your clients all the details they need to feel confident in your services. Best of all? Your clients aren’t the only ones who’ll appreciate that content. Google will, too. You’ll see your website perform better in search results in turn.
  • HTTPS security protocols: HTTPS is a security protocol that protects your and your clients’ online information. At LinkNow Media, we include HTTPS on all websites hosted on our servers. Build trust with your clients, and conduct your affairs with confidence. With HTTPS protection from LinkNow Media, you can do both.

Here’s what one of our long-time cleaning clients has to say about their experience working with our team.

You are wonderful. It looks great. I must say, I always receive the best customer service whenever I contact Linknow Media… so polite, professional, and more than willing to help…Thank you

 –Edward Asante, Bubu Cleaning Services Inc.


We offer the most cost-effective websites available. Our web packages are a testament to that fact, giving you a complete range of utility features at a fraction of the cost you’d expect. With three web packages to choose from, we have something for everyone, from new businesses on a tight budget to local leaders looking to conquer the competition.

Whatever your budget—no matter your goals—our prices are sure to please.

Choose one of our three web packages:

  • Ready to Go:Our entry-level package, Ready to Go, comes with all the essentials to start your online journey. Enjoy a fully functional website, complete with a contact form, a sharp-looking layout, and five pages of pre-written content. With our available add-on features, you can tailor your site to your precise liking, altering it until it matches your vision for your business. Getting a ready-built website has never been simpler—or more affordable.
  • Everything You Need:The Everything You Need is our most recommended package, and for good reason. As our middle-ground option, it strikes the perfect balance between price and performance, giving you all the features your site needs to help your business gain new leads without going over budget. Enjoy everything from our Ready to Go package, plus five more webpages, a custom photo gallery, logo video integration, and Stax payment integration. For the 21st-century cleaning company, it truly has everything you need.
  • All You Want:The All You Want is our biggest package and our biggest deal. With double the content of our Everything You Need, the All You Want is a titan of a website, giving you a robust 75-page digital footprint to maximize your online visibility. The All You Want includes five pages of custom content. These are five pages designed in-house by our experienced copywriters, who work with you to define your brand and showcase what makes you special. When you’re looking to set your business apart, the All You Want is a surefire way to do it.

Find Your Web Package


Here at LinkNow, we know that choice matters. That’s why we want to give you more of it. Our web packages suit the needs of the majority of our clients, but in case they don’t fulfill all your goals, we also offer a complete range of à la carte add-on features.

Whether you need more bandwidth, extra content, or a custom logo, we have you covered. Bundle as many features as you like with your web package of choice, and you’ll have a website you can truly call your own.

Our add-on features include:

  • Testimonial plug-ins
  • Custom content
  • Custom logo design
  • Social media creation
  • Virtual phone systems
  • …and more

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Your website needs to be seen for you to be heard. That’s why we offer a full range of monthly marketing services. You can grow your online presence, expand your reach, and connect with the clients who need your services.

Sign onto one of our monthly marketing packages, and each month, we’ll add new, value-driven content to your site. By continually updating your website, we’ll show that you’re an active business that’s contributing to Google’s information ecosystem. Google will then see you as the authority that you are, giving your business the recognition it deserves. Gradually but gracefully, you’ll climb the search results, growing your customer base along the way.

Our marketing solutions are tested, trusted, and proven to work.  That’s because we follow the latest principles of search engine optimization (SEO). We use content-driven tactics to produce real results, giving you just what you need to maximize your return on investment.

Our marketing packages include the following services:

  • Citation creation: Citations are listings that include your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) around the internet. We’ll create additional citations and clean up any existing ones should there be inconsistencies. An accurate NAP is an essential component of any internet marketing strategy.
  • Landing page optimization: We’ll create optimized landing pages that help you capture your key audience. By targeting specific services within specific areas, we help you expand your website’s keyword profile, raising your web presence so that your business is easier to find and easier to search. If you’re looking to climb to the top of Google, our landing page strategy is one of the surest ways to do it.
  • Authority-building backlink campaigns: Backlinks—links from one website back to yours—are vital in how search engines rank your website. They’re what Google uses to determine your authority. LinkNow Media will pursue ambitious link-building campaigns to help you prove that authority. We leverage our global connections to find linking opportunities between you and relevant web domains. Gain trust with Google and grow your web presence. With quality backlinks, you can do both.
  • Social media management: Social media is a powerful tool that lets you speak directly to your customers. It enables you to communicate with them in new, meaningful ways, helping you showcase what makes you different. LinkNow Media will help you manage your social media by curating regular posts for them. We’ll help you maximize user engagement by broadcasting your work to the world.

Learn More About Our Monthly Marketing Packages


Experienced, dependable, and professional, LinkNow Media is a leader in affordable website design. Cleaning companies across North America come to us because they know the value of our services. They know we provide robust solutions, proven results, and the most cost-effective services available. They’ve come to love and trust our services.

We know you will, too.

With our services, you can look forward to:

  • Complete customer support
  • Personalized design services
  • Online marketing consulting
  • The most cost-effective solutions available

Click here to learn what to Look for in a web designer—and what sets us apart


When you work with a web designer at LinkNow Media, you can express whatever you like through design and content. Every site we create has engaging content and imagery to captivate your potential clients. Most small businesses have a cluster of reliable long-term clients, and these clients are with you for a reason: They’re satisfied with the work you perform.

The best way to give a future client the loyal customer treatment before they even phone or email you is to express that through your website. Invite them in, show them great offers, and tell them what they’ll miss out on if they don’t hire you.

You want the homeowners and business owners of your city to immediately think of your cleaning company when they need a job done. Be proactive. Make it happen by setting up your first chat with a representative at LinkNow Media.

You know you need a Web development company that gets you results without a doubt. Employ our dedicated staff and receive an amazing website that looks just the way you want it and generates new business for you every day.


Active since 2009, with well over 10,000 clients, LinkNow Media’s website designers, SEO experts, and content creators are at the top of their game.

By establishing your presence online, your business can be open to the world 24/7, 365 days a year. Working closely with a talented web designer, you’ll create a powerful online presence for your current and prospective clients to access. Present a professional image, generate valuable leads, and provide customers who are on the go with the instant gratification they desire.

A leader in website design, search engine optimization, and strong original content, LinkNow Media supplies you with endless opportunities and acts as your gateway to the internet, your untapped source for new business.


Are you trying to decide if a website is the marketing tool your business requires to gain more traction with potential customers? Allow us to build you a demo website free of charge.

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LinkNow Media offers affordable site hosting options to keep your website up and running 99.9 percent of the time.


We optimize your website by following proven search engine optimization services. It’s built right into our valuable site-building and service packages. Our work ensures your site is ready to be found in all major search engines, with landing pages that target clients in your location.

You may need to invest in a more aggressive SEO package when you operate in a niche or highly competitive industry. Talk to our team to learn more about the benefits of working with our SEO specialists.

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