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Dry Cleaning Website Design

When you want to be a successful dry cleaning business, you need a website. In such a competitive environment, you need to stand out from the crowd. Having a professionally designed and highly optimized website will help your dry cleaning business diversify, attract new customers, and ensure your existing clientele has all the information they need to move forward with using your services.

Call LinkNow Media today and allow our skilled team of web design specialists to get to work on creating a winning website for your dry cleaning company.


You want a website that sets your business apart. The team at LinkNow is confident we’re the right people to build it. We create powerful platforms that help you build your brand, connect with customers, and bring business to your doors. Whether you’re a new business or have been in the industry for years, you count on us for web development solutions tailored to your goals and budget.

Our websites combine stunning visuals, captivating content, and a professional design to give you a strong digital presence. That’s not all. Our websites are also incredibly affordable.

We maintain a slim margin, driving down costs where we can so that we can offer the most cost-effective website design services available. By using lean business practices and an economies-of-scale service model, we give you more features, superior service, and a better-built website, all at a lesser cost.


When you want your business to stand out from your competitors online, your site will need some key features.

We build the following features into your site:

  • Mobile-friendly: Did you know that over fifty percent of search traffic is conducted via mobile devices? Having a website that’s easy to use on a smartphone has never been more important. Customers expect it, and with LinkNow Media, you can have it. We code all our websites with a responsive design that scales to fit the screen size of any mobile device. Your visitors can search for your dry cleaning services on a phone, tablet, or desktop, and they’ll be pleased with your site layout and its utility.
  • Fast load times: Slow load speed is one of the biggest reasons a visitor leaves a website prematurely. It’s also one of Google’s pet peeves. They tend to rank fast sites above slow ones. LinkNow Media builds all its websites as lean, speedy machines. Our sites boast optimal load speeds, so you never have to worry about customers clicking away because they can get the information they want faster elsewhere.
  • HTTPS security protocols: HTTPS is in place to safeguard your and your visitors’ personal information. It’s essential these days, but you’d be surprised how many websites still don’t include it. At LinkNow, we’re proud to offer HTTPS on all websites hosted on our servers.
  • User-oriented interface: You need a website that’s easy to use and easy to navigate. Not only will your customers appreciate it—but Google will, too. At LinkNow Media, we design your website with your users’ needs in mind. We develop sleek, intuitive interfaces that create excellent user engagement, helping answer your visitors’ questions so they can feel confident in your services.

Here’s what to look for in a web designer—and what makes us different.


Four reasons why a dry cleaning business like yours needs to invest in a website include:

  1. Around-the-Clock Service:Investing in a website means attracting new customers to your business around the clock. By always keeping a portal open with your customers, you can rest assured that you won’t lose any business after you close your doors.
  2. Credibility:The modern customer expects all the businesses they work with to have a strong online presence. Research shows that people are more likely to trust a company they’ve had regular online encounters with.
  3. Sales:Having a website means extending your services to a broader range of people. Simply put, the more people visit your website, the more sales will be generated.
  4. Marketing:The presence of a website allows you to market your business online. This can help increase the number of people aware of your service. At LinkNow Media, we have a long list of proven marketing strategies tailor-made for your specific dry cleaning business.


For us, web design and online marketing strategies are our ultimate passion, and we’ll always do our utmost to ensure optimal results for all the dry cleaners we work with.

If you don’t have a website, but one of your area’s biggest competitors does, you’re operating at a distinct disadvantage. While you may think that a website may be a luxury you can’t afford, the reality is that it’s something you can’t afford to do without.

Here’s what Gary Bennett said about his experience working with us to build a digital platform for his business:

I recently became a new client of LinkNow Media. Probably like most small business owners, my time is and has been quite challenged to do the day-to-day plus find the time to work with LinkNow to take my website to a new level. …[LinkNow took] many steps to make this a very easy process to begin working with their design managers, and in fact helped me a great deal initially in coordinating many changes to the content. Thank you! – Gary Bennett, client since 2015


At LinkNow Media, we take what we do very seriously. It’s this commitment to what we do that separates us from many of our competitors in this sector. To ensure that your dry cleaning business has high visibility on Google, you need an online review acquisition strategy you can trust.

Search engines conveniently provide users with accurate and useful information. Websites with a strong web presence are deemed reliable sources and are placed on the first page of results.

Here are three key strategies LinkNow Media will pursue to make sure your web presence is as strong as possible:

  1. Checking Out the Competition:When you see competitors in your industry attracting positive reviews, you need to do your utmost to do the same.
  2. Know Your Guidelines:Sites like Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Local have developed reputations for being strict on guidelines and algorithms to make sure local businesses aren’t gaming the system. Anything that violates these guidelines won’t be accepted.
  3. Tactful Persistence:Ask for review requests in emails, receipts, and on your website. It’s also important to make sure you identify which platform you’d like your clients to leave this review on.


At LinkNow Media, we specialize in hosting, web design, and search engine optimization (SEO) of websites for small businesses. Taking what we do very seriously means we won’t just build a website and leave it at that. Instead, we’ll make sure that this state-of-the-art website can be found easily by new and potential customers in your local area.

We’ll employ a range of online SEO strategies to achieve optimal results. Sign onto one of our monthly marketing packages, and each month, we’ll grow your web presence with new, value-added content. We’ll help you build trust with your clients and with Google. That trust will pay dividends, helping you rank higher and making your business more visible online.

Our SEO marketing services include the following:

  • Landing page optimization: A landing page is a specialized page designed to rank well on Google and convert visitors into customers. LinkNow Media will create optimized landing pages to help drive traffic to your site. We use relevant, authoritative search terms called keywords to target users within your local area, helping you grow your web presence while ranking higher on Google.
  • Backlink building: A backlink is a link from one website back to yours. They’re a measure of your authority, indicating that other users see your website as something worth sharing. Backlinks show that you’re adding value to the internet’s information ecosystem, which is something Google holds in high regard. LinkNow Media pursues ambitious backlinking campaigns to find you quality backlinks. We’ll leverage our industry-wide contacts to discover new opportunities, helping you gain Google’s trust and making sure your site rises through the ranks in the process.
  • Citation management: A citation is any mention of your business in something called an online business directory. They help circulate your information, distributing it across cyberspace so that you send a clear, consistent message about your business. LinkNow Media will help you manage your citation profile by creating new citations. We’ll submit your business information to prominent business directories to raise your online visibility and correct any citations with out-of-date information.
  • Social media management: Social media is a powerful tool for business owners that allows you to connect with clients in new, meaningful ways. To help you make the most of it, LinkNow Media will manage your social media for you. Each month, we’ll create concise social media posts designed to enhance customer engagement, attract attention, and build your brand. We’ll help you send a strong message about your business and what sets you apart as a dry cleaner.

Our marketing plans include month-to-month services with no contractual obligations. We don’t lock you into anything because we don’t feel the need. Look to us for the most cost-effective marketing solutions available. We know you’ll see their value once you experience our services for yourself.

Pick Your SEO Marketing Plan


Our SEO services offer many benefits to dry cleaning companies like yours.

Here are just a few:

  • Grow your web presence
  • Improve your search results
  • Target high-volume keywords
  • Gain Google’s trust
  • Connect with local customers
  • Generate leads
  • Maximize profitability

Why You Need Online Marketing Services


Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo are the number-one way customers in your area will discover your website. To be the most highly recommended dry cleaner in your area, you must receive as many positive reviews as possible.

Here are three important rules to follow:

  • No Spam:If a review that you receive is full of links, phone numbers, and other promotional material, then it will most likely be removed right away. The same is true for reviews that have been copied and pasted or multiple reviews from the same IP address. Don’t make these mistakes.
  • Don’t Impersonate:Posting reviews on behalf of others is a surefire way of raising eyebrows and trying to gain an unfair advantage. Steer clear of fake reviews to achieve a favorable online standing for your business.
  • Be Honest:No business wants a bad review. Even when you don’t receive a glowing five-star recommendation, you can still reply and create a dialogue to figure out how you could rectify your client’s poor experience. Honesty is the best way to develop a strong relationship with potential customers.


For professional web design, dependable marketing, and affordable pricing, LinkNow Media is the team for you.

We’ve helped thousands of business owners save time and money on their web-related needs. Over 10,000 clients stick with us, month after month because they know our services work. They know we can get the leads they need to succeed while helping them master the web. They’ve come to love our services, and we’re confident you will, too.

Discover the value of our services. Contact us so we can show you a free demo website.


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Take advantage of our hosting services to ensure your site stays live on the web 99.9 percent of the time. From offering the best uptime to keeping your site secure, our hosting service options are your ticket to a hassle-free experience.


LinkNow Media is well-known for building SEO best practices in each dry cleaning website we create. Now, we want to do the same for you. We’ll optimize your site to include all the features that will help your business outrank your competitors in search results for your local area. In competitive markets, additional SEO strategies may be required.

Discuss the details with us and get started on your journey to capturing new leads, more clicks, and more calls.

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