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Carpenter Website Design

Bring business to your doors with a state-of-the-art site from LinkNow Media. We are North America’s leading website designer for carpenters. We create masterful websites that showcase your work, build your brand, and raise your visibility online. Whether you’re looking to build trust with new clients or better connect with old ones, a website from us is sure to meet your needs—and exceed your expectations.

To discover the value of our websites for yourself, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-667-7186. We’ll be happy to give you a free consultation.

Cutting-Edge Website Design

LinkNow Media is at the forefront of modern web design. We create powerful websites that captivate, motivate, and compel your audience to contact you. Combining stunning visuals with an easy-to-use interface, they provide a rich user experience that’s sure to please any prospective customer.

Our websites are designed with two purposes in mind: To rank and convert. To achieve both, we follow the latest principles in smart, intuitive design and search engine optimization (SEO). Each website comes frontloaded with content to build your online authority and turn visitors into customers. They also feature a range of personalization options to capture your brand, helping you set yourself apart—and set yourself up for success.

Key Features of Our Websites

  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Mobile devices now represent more than half of all Internet search traffic. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on that half of potential customers. Here at LinkNow, we code all of our websites to feature a responsive, mobile-friendly design that scales according to the device being used. Whether your visitor is on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, your website will look just as good as it always does.
  • User-Oriented Interface: We follow the latest design principles to create engaging, user-oriented experiences. Our websites feature intuitive layouts that make them easy to read, use, and navigate.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Loading speed is one of the most important factors in how long a user stays on your website. The longer the load speed, the less chance they’ll stay on your site. Here at LinkNow Media, we develop our websites to be lean and efficient, keeping their load speed to a minimum so that your visitors stay on your site.
  • Search Engine Optimized: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of modern web design. LinkNow Media builds robust websites with a strong digital footprint, helping raise your visibility so that more people can find you through online search engines. Our websites also feature a clean XML site map, which allows Google to find and rank your website more easily.
  • HTTPS Secure: Your users need to know they can navigate your site safely. That’s why all websites hosted on our servers include HTTPS protection: So you—and your clients—remain safe and secure online. Instill confidence in your services, and earn your customers’ trust. With our HTTPS-protected websites, you can do both.

LinkNow Media provides outstanding products and services at very reasonable costs. Of course this creates major value. In addition, they are very customer-centric and provide outstanding customer service. I highly recommend their services.

–Chris Gehringer, client since 2013

Why You Need a Website

If you haven’t put your business online, then now is the time. A website is more than just an online business card. It’s the strongest marketing tool you have. It’s a powerful platform that helps you connect with customers, advertise your wares, and expand your reach. It’s a digital storefront that helps you showcase your work and display your years of experience. It’s your billboard. It’s your megaphone. It’s everything you need to succeed in the 21st century.

Three Reasons to Have a Website

  • Accessibility: Your website is a 24/7 sales rep. With a contact form built-in, anyone browsing around the Internet at any hour of the day or night can find the information they need and get in touch with you via email. That way, you can view and respond to their message whenever you’re able.
  • Credibility: A website proves that you are a reputable service provider with all the experience and credentials to carry out your services. It helps you build ongoing trust with clients, allowing them easy access to your qualifications and licensing information.
  • Portfolio: Most important of all, as a carpenter, your portfolio is just as important as previous client testimonials. Let your future clients see all that you’ve accomplished the moment they click on your website.

A strong web presence is essential to your business’ success. Give us a call today to launch yourself online and become the proud owner of one of the best carpentry websites out there!

Why Carpenters Love LinkNow Media

Carpenters love our services for countless reasons. Quality service, transparent advice, best-in-class prices—you name it, we have it. Here at LinkNow Media, we’re committed to making our clients’ lives a little easier. We strive to deliver smart marketing solutions that save you time, save you money, and ensure your success. It’s how we’ve earned the trust of more than 10,000 active clients—and we’re confident it’ll earn us yours, too.

Why choose LinkNow? It’s because we offer:

  • Robust Customer Support: We consider it a privilege to work with small business owners, and our services reflect that fact. We offer robust customer support defined by rapid service, frequent check-ins, and personalized solutions. Our team includes a full range of SEO, marketing, and design specialists, all ready to serve you.
  • Proven Solutions, Tangible Results: We use state-of-the-art metrics and data-driven methods to ensure you’re getting the results you deserve. What’s more, we offer frequent ranking reports to show you where your money is going and how it’s helping your online performance.
  • The Lowest Prices Available: LinkNow Media started as an affordable alternative to the prohibitive costs of modern web design. We remain true to that original mission. We offer the most cost-effective online marketing solutions available, and we consistently find ways to save our clients even more money. Get more. Spend less. Choose LinkNow for all your web-related needs.

What to look for in a web designer—and what sets us apart

Personalized Websites, Tailored to You

Stand Out from the Rest

At LinkNow Media, we’re in the business of making your company stand out from the rest. Not every carpenter has the same focus, and we like to make your specialty stand out.

Your website designer will work with you until you have a unique small business website that will impress your clients.

Every website we create reflects each individual business. Let us help you express what makes you stand out from the rest by showing the world your website.

We’re skilled in building brands. Creating a unique website and driving clients there through strong SEO techniques is the surefire winning combo to making you a leader in your industry.

…Wonderful. It looks great. I must say, I always receive the best customer service whenever I contact LinkNow Media.

–Edward Asante, client since 2013

Three Best-in-Budget Web Packages

We know you want choice. That’s why we’re giving you more of it. With three masterful website packages to suit three different budgets, we have you covered no matter what you’re looking to spend. Each offers best-in-class features for its price range, giving you a stellar bang-for-buck value. Start small with our Ready to Go package, go big with the All You Want, or go for the middle ground with our Everything You Need web package. Whatever your choice, you’re sure to be thrilled with the results.

Learn more below:

  • The Ready to Go: Our most affordable option, the Ready to Go is the perfect companion to a new business with a modest budget. It includes a ready-built website at just a fraction of the cost you’d spend elsewhere. Add to that 5 webpages of pre-written content, as well as a complete suite of optional add-on features, and you’ll be set to start your journey on the Internet.
  • The Everything You Need: True to its name, the Everything You Need has all the features that you’d expect from a cutting-edge website. 10 webpages, testimonial plug-in, 25-photo gallery, and personalized logo integration all come included, along with PayPal invoicing and more. If you’re looking to hit the ground running, this right here is your ticket.
  • The All You Want: The All You Want is our biggest package—and our best deal. With double the content of the Everything You Need, this is the Cadillac of modern web design, coming equipped with all the bells and whistles you could need or want. It’s a titan, a powerful website with a gargantuan digital footprint for greater online visibility. The best part? It includes three pages of custom content. These are specially-developed webpages written in-house by our experienced copywriters, who will work with you to establish your brand and set your website apart.

Shop our website packages

Customize Your Site with Optional Add-Ons

Our web packages suit the needs of the vast majority of our clients. But we know that some people want a few extra features that may not be otherwise included. That’s why we offer a complete range of à la carte add-on features. Whether you want an expanded photo gallery, extra landing pages, or a custom home page, we have you covered. Bundle whatever extra features you’d like with the web package of your choice, and you’ll get everything you crave without pay for more than what you want.

Our add-ons include:

  • Testimonial plug-ins
  • PayPal invoicing
  • Custom logo design
  • Custom webpages
  • Social media creation
  • …and more

With our range of add-ons, you can get a picture-perfect site that matches your vision for your business. The possibilities are near endless.

Explore our website add-ons

Attract New Customers with Online Marketing Services

Your website is nothing if people don’t find it when they search for you. That’s why we offer tactical online marketing services to raise your visibility and improve your search results. We help build your authority, expanding your web presence so that the people who need your services, see your services. We help you build trust with Google so that they’re more likely to recommend you—and so you generate more leads than ever before.

We take a comprehensive approach to get you the results you want. Sign onto one of our monthly marketing packages, and you’ll enjoy a complete range of services, including:

  • Citation creation
  • Content management
  • Conversion-oriented landing pages
  • Authoritative backlink building
  • …and more

Compare our monthly marketing packages

The Web Is Waiting for You—Join It with LinkNow Media

If you’ve been thinking about taking that next step for a while, now is your golden opportunity to work with a web development company that truly understands the carpentry industry.

Over 10,000 clients have already benefitted from our services. They’ve come to appreciate the value of our work and the results we deliver. We know you will, too, once you see them for yourself.

Why wait? Contact us to visit your free demo site today.