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Painting Contractors Websites

Here at LinkNow Media, we are an online marketing company that specializes in web design and online promotion of painting companies like yours. Since 2009, we have helped 1,041 other painting contractors gain exposure and find new customers.

Right now, somewhere near where you live, someone is looking for a painter. For example, in the town of Sarasota, FL (population 53,000) 1,450 people were searching for a painter in February 2016. In Cheyenne, WY (population 62,000) 70 people were searching for a painter in the same month - yes, in the middle of winter. In Lafayette, LA (pop 124,000) another 960 people were on the hunt for a painter in February! We want to introduce you to these people.

You're spending time running a business and who has time to keep up with all the changes and technology involved with running a website too? We do. And we've been doing it for 1,000+ painting companies just like yours since 2009.

Professional painting contractor websites

Just as you would encourage a homeowner to use a professional painting company, you need a professional website designer for your painting contractor website design – someone with the same experience, expertise, and attention to detail that you expect from yourself. At LinkNow Media, we specialize in website design and online marketing for painting contractors. Whether this is your first website or you are looking for an upgrade, we can help!

Painting Contractor Website Design

If you want to ensure your business gets noticed, then a professionally designed website that shows off your talents, knowledge, and abilities while displaying testimonials from satisfied customers will get the job done. By highlighting images of the work you’ve done, you can show the difference between professional work and a homeowner’s DIY project, and why the cost of using a professional could be the best investment they’ve ever made.

How to Make Your Painting Company Website Generate Business

These days, having a website is not enough. You need good SEO. But, what is good SEO, and why do you need it? When people use the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they are usually referring to the strategies that make websites more attractive to search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. These strategies include: link building, social media, keyword-rich content, and citations management. At LinkNow Media, we offer all of these services and more. We can evaluate your business and market, and offer suggestions on website design and SEO strategies that will help move your website up on search engine result pages.

A history of success with painting contractor websites

This stuff works, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Try this: type “commercial painting in Chandler, AZ” into Google (or click here:,+AZ). You will notice that Triple 7 Quality Commercial Painting shows up in the local stack. Go ahead and give it a visit! Responsive, clean logo integration, quick load time, consistent brand identity, informative and engaging content, beautiful photo gallery. We hate to brag, but we’ve done good here! Ron Riecks, of Triple 7 Quality Painting, has a good-looking website, and more importantly, it’s easy to find.

Let’s give credit where credit is due!

Tim Mulqueen is one of the designers here at LinkNow Media. He worked closely with Ron to make this website attractive and easy to find. Ron’s site was finished and online attracting customers less than 20 days after he purchased it, and it didn’t cost him an arm and a leg. When he needs changes, they’re done within 3-7 business days. When you team up with LinkNow Media, you can expect the same level of service.

Want to know more about website design for painting companies?

When the work you do is the best advertisement for your business, the visual impact of a beautifully designed website ensures that with a single click hundreds of eyes will see your skills and clamor for your services. At LinkNow Media, we would love to introduce you to people who need your painting services! For additional information on our website design and SEO services for painting contractors, Click on the huge orange button below. The web is waiting for you!